Lemon-shake Thank You

Thank you to everyone that helped to work a lemon-shake shift or donate items for the Hervida Lemon-shake Stand at the recent Sternwheel Festival. The camp board has reported a profit of over $6000 to apply toward Hervida’s Camp operating budget.


Waterford Fair Checks available for pick up Saturday

The Waterford Community Fair announced the Hog Sale checks will be available for pick up on Saturday September 23, 2023 from 9:30am- 12noon.  Hog Exhibitors will need to visit the Athletic Boosters vendor both to sign for their check.  If you are unable to make the Saturday time, then checks will be mailed out on Monday.

County Fair Sale Check Pickup

Washington County Fair Livestock Sale Checks can be picked up October 7 & 8, 2023 between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm at the Senior Fair Board Office, 922 Front St, Marietta.

A W-9 must be completed and on file at the Sr Fairboard Office when the sale check is picked up. Printed forms are available at the Sr Fairboard Office for new exhibitors. If exhibitors already completed a form in 2022, then another form is not needed. New exhibitors can pick up, complete, and turn in a W-9 at the Sr Fairboard Office.

The W-9 can be printed from here as well: IRS W-9 From

Bull’s Eye 4-H Shooting Sports Club – Fall Session

Have fun while safely learning the basic skills of a shooting sports discipline!
Advance Registration:
· Youth must be 9 years old as of January 1, 2024 and not older than 19 by December 31, 2024.
· Signup Genius, an online software tool, is used for registration. Link is https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040F48AAA722A3FE3-bullseye
· The link to access the signup will be posted on the county’s 4-H Blog at: https://u.osu.edu/washington4h/
and on the Bull’s Eye 4-H Club Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/235865860279115
· The link will be posted in the morning and go live at 6:00 am. on September 14, 2023. It will close on September 30 at 6 pm.
· Archery: all skill levels shoot together, maximum of 20 in class
· Air Rifle: all skill levels shoot together, maximum of 12 in class
· Pistol .22: all skill levels shoot together, maximum of 15 in class. We use .22 caliber semiautomatic and revolver pistols that have more recoil (kick) than rifles and cocking them requires hand strength. Participants are expected to able to control recoil and cock the pistols by themselves.
Meeting Dates & Location:
· Sundays on Oct. 8, Oct. 15, Oct. 22, Oct. 29, Nov. 5, and Nov. 12.
· Hervida 4-H Camp, 1260 Camp Hervida Road, Waterford OH 45786
· Dress for the weather! You will be outside; no heated buildings; outside toilet.
· $5 with completed enrollment, health, and release forms due by Oct. 15.
· All shooting equipment and supplies provided THANKS to our supporters:
The NRA Foundation, Inc. Whitetails Unlimited Hervida 4-H Camp Inc.
Mid-Ohio Valley Friends of NRA Jim’s Gun Shop LLC Marietta Gun Club
Club Meetings:
· These are held in Hervida’s Craft Hall. Parents/guardians welcome to attend.
Information & Questions:
· For general shooting sports program information, go to: http://go.osu.edu/ssports
· For questions, call Misty Mason at 740-376-2074 or Amanda Warren at 740-336-0183.

Fall Festival at Washington Co Fairgrounds – Asking for Help

The Washington County Fairboard is hosting a Fall Festival on Saturday, October 14. They are asking for help from the community to provide this new event!

Help is needed with:

  • Cookie Decorating
  • Dining Hall/Food Service
  • Gem Mining
  • Parking
  • Pumpkin Painting/Carving
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Wooden Race Car

Here is the link to volunteer: https://signup.com/go/kTvVaBx

Timeline for County 4-H Awards & Trips – Due Oct 11

Members can apply for 2023 Pin Awards and 2024 Trip Awards.

There is one application that does it all and you can choose the application that works best for you. See the options below.

Why Awards?

  • To recognize outstanding work by a 4‐H member at the end of a successful
  • To recognize a history, or an accumulation of successes throughout a 4‐H
  • To provide a career training opportunity for members to learn to complete an
  • To provide a basis for Ohio 4‐H Achievement Awards & College Scholarships

2024 Trip Details

  • Buckeye Leadership Workshop – Recreation Unlimited, Ashley, OH. March. Age 16 or high school sophomore.
  • State 4‐H Leadership Camp – 4‐H Camp Ohio, early Must be age 15 as of Jan 1st.
  • 4‐H Citizenship‐ Washington Focus – National 4‐H Center, Washington June/July. Must be age 14 as of Jan 1
  • 4‐H Forestry Wildlife Camp – Forestry & wildlife education, fishing, hiking, tree climbing. Canter’s Cave 4‐H Camp. Weekend in April. Ages 12‐18
  • 4‐H Sea Camp – Kelley’s Island, July, Must be ages 15‐17
  • Ohio 4‐H Sr. Shooting Education Camp – Canters Cave 4‐H Camp, Jackson, OH. July. Must be ages 12 – 18.
  • Ohio 4‐H Jr. Shooting Education Camp – Canters Cave 4‐H Camp, Jackson, OH. July. Must be age 9 –
  • Space Adventure Camp – Marietta College. June. Youth ages 11‐13 and/or grades 7 – 9.

Award Application for Members to Complete. Choose the format that works best for you!

Club Award Forms & Year End Recognition

  • Charlotte Wagner 4-H Club Community Service Award – due October 11, 2023
  • 2023 Honor Club Application (completed by club)
  • 2023 Scrapbook Application/Score Sheet (completed by club)
  • October 11                   Member’s application due to Extension Office.  Extension Office removes names and adds numbers to applications to provide an anonymous packet for the Awards Selection Committee to review.
  • October 23                      Awards Selection Committee reviews applications and selects Project Pin and Special Pin Award Winners. Trip Committee interviews applicants and selects winners for 4-H Trips and Margaret Meredith award.
  • Early November          Award winners invited to attend the 4-H Year Celebration.
  • November 16                 4-H Year Celebration – Ice Cream Bar at 6:30 PM and program at 7:00 PM. at the Washington County Junior Fair Building. Award Applications are returned to applicants.


Barlow Exhibitor Email & DUNF Link

Dear Barlow Independent Jr Fair Exhibitor:

Welcome to the 152nd Barlow Independent Fair!

 BUYER INVITATIONS: Personally contact buyers and business people in your area. Last year’s buyers are listed in the Junior Fair Guide. For new buyers – call the Extension Office 740-376-7431 with name of business, name of contact person, and mailing address. We will send them a new buyer’s packet.

MARKET ANIMAL ARRIVAL & WEIGH IN: Animals will be weighed at the Barlow Independent Fairgrounds on Wednesday, September 27. Please note the following schedule:

  • 5:00 – 5:30 pm: Market Dairy Goat Weigh-in                                      Cattle Barn
  • 5:30 – 8:00 pm  Feeder Calf Weigh-in                                                   Cattle Barn
  • 4:00 – 6:00 pm: Market Duck Weigh-in (last name A – M)              Poultry Barn
  • 6:00 – 8:00 pm: Market Duck Weigh-in (last name N – Z)                Poultry Barn
    • Duck exhibitors can bring extra ducks, but the extra ducks will not be weighed or banded unless one does not make weight. Exhibitors need to have their ducks picked out and matched for a pen ahead of time.


  • Bred and Owned Award – You will indicate if you have bred and owned your feeder calf at weigh-in.
  • Open Show Only animals are eligible for trailer in. All Jr Fair Animals will stay the entire fair.


Thursday night during Showmanship        Duck Pictures                                                  Poultry Barn

Friday, 3:30 pm                                              Dairy Goat Pictures                                        Show Barn

Saturday, 8:00 am                                         Feeder Calf Pictures                                      Show Barn

The pictures will be available on Saturday prior to the sale for you to pick-up. The feeder calf and goat pictures will be located in the show barn and the duck pictures will be in the poultry barn for you to pick-up. It is recommended that you purchase a frame for the 5 X 7 photo.

 DRUG USE NOTIFICATION FORM (DUNF): This online is NOW AVAILABLE and must be completed by Monday, September 25. NOTE THE DEADLINE!! This is required for Market Dairy Goats and Market Ducks (not required for feeder calves). You will complete a DUNF for each pen you are bringing to the fair! You will get an email confirmation after the DUNF is submitted. https://go.osu.edu/barlow-dunf

 Duck exhibitors – your leg band numbers will be needed to complete the Online DUNF. The legband assignments are listed below at the end of this email.

 EXHIBITOR NUMBERS: will be handed out along with safety pins when you check-in prior to weigh-in. These must be worn during showmanship and market classes.

MEMBERSHIP TICKETS & ADMISSION: $20 membership tickets will be sold at the Senior Fair Board Office and at other dates listed on our Facebook page. Those purchasing a membership ticket can vote in the annual fair election on Saturday, September 30th from 12:00-4:00 pm in the Senior Fair Board Office.

FAIRBOARD OFFICE HOURS: Office hours before the fair will be posted on the fair Facebook page. During the fair the office is open from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm.

 GATE & PARKING: Parking will be in the same designated areas, outside of the gates; handicap parking will be available inside the gates, by entering the State Route 550 gate.

CAMPING: There will be camping available, Contact the Paul Fleming if interested.

BUYERS GIFTS: Rather than providing gifts to buyers, we encourage you visit the buyer’s place of business or mail them a thank you card after the sale. Buyers appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they can be overwhelmed with gifts during the sale and trying to transport them home.

 SALE: The sale will be held on Saturday, September 30 at 5:00 pm in the Show Barn with the Buyer’s Reception at 4:00. Exhibitors will be taking their animals into the ring during the auction. Sale Order: Pies & Cakes, Market Ducks, Market Dairy Goats, Feeder Calf Heifers, Feeder Calf Steers.

SALE CHECKS: Checks will be mailed to you following the fair by November 5 or before.

THANK YOU, POSTER CONTEST: Posters will be judged at the fair and must be in place by the evening of weigh in. Judging is based on originality, neatness & creativity on relaying a “Thank You” message to the buyers. Awards will be 1st $15; 2nd $10; & 3rd $5. Please list exhibitor’s name & age on front of poster. All market project exhibitors are required to display a poster.

BOOTHS: There will be 4-H & FFA booths exhibited in the Lad & Lassie Building. FFA fruits and vegetable will also be exhibited in the Lad & Lassie Building.

  • Setup – Tuesday, Sept 26 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Tear Down – Sunday, Oct 1 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Lad & Lassie Building: In addition to 4-H & FFA Booths there will be the following events.

  • Trash Can Painting Contest – Entries Tuesday, Sept 26 from 4:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Produce for Jr. Fair Wednesday, Sept 27 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Baking Contest – Saturday, Sept. 30 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am

HORSE SHOW: The Open Contest Horse Show on Saturday at 10:00 am and the Open Pleasure Horse Show will be on Sunday at 10:00 am

CURFEW: All barns will be closed by 10:00 pm each evening. The grounds will be closed at 10:00 pm.

It is your responsibility to read and practice the rules for the fair. The Junior Fair Activities Guide and the Barlow fair book have this information. Junior Fair Activity Guides are available at the Ohio State University Extension Office.


Joe Campbell


Barlow Independent Fair Board


Blake Campbell

Fair Director

Barlow Independent Fair Board


Bruce Zimmer

Extension Educator

4-H Youth Development


Maddox Antill 026 029
Maddox Antill 035 037
Mason Antill 036 038
Mason Antill 027 034
Kyndyl Mae Bauerbach 056 058
Kyndyl Mae Bauerbach 062 074
Aiden Boyer 079 075
Aiden Boyer 073 053
Ryace Boyer 064 080
Ryace Boyer 076 052
Parker Burris 047 055
Parker Burris 049 065
Lane Cline 048 050
Lane Cline 046 051
Brenna Cole 041 054
Brenna Cole 045 082
Jude Daly 081 071
Jude Daly 028 060
Clayton Dildine 025 031
Clayton Dildine 033 030
Mason Dildine 032 039
Jaelyn  Erb 072 069
Jaelyn  Erb 063 068
Morgan Gillespie 067 043
Morgan Gillespie 078 042
Austin Greene 086 057
Austin Greene 083 070
Braxten Hofmann 085 077
Braxten Hofmann 059 044
Brystal Hofmann 040 066
Brystal Hofmann 084 061
Carl Hofmann 129 102
Carl Hofmann 119 127
Allison Huck 087 106
Allison Huck 110 097
Ashton Huck 117 122
Ashton Huck 175 133
Kaylynn Huck 094 138
Kaylynn Huck 093 109
Colten Jones 098 128
Colten Jones 155 121
Hayden Jones 092 141
Hayden Jones 153 124
Laykyn Jones 114 154
Devon Mason 088 172
McKensie Mason 105 144
Melina Matics 145 150
Melina Matics 166 111
Paisley Metz 134 139
Peyton Metz 149 108
Landon Nibert 125 136
Landon Nibert 135 158
Adalynn Robinson 147 130
Adalynn Robinson 151 159
Easton Schaad 171 179
Easton Schaad 112 156
Holly Schlarman 148 123
Holly Schlarman 177 184
Kayla Schwendeman 152 181
Kayla Schwendeman 142 167
Madison Starkey 143 185
Madison Starkey 170 176
Chloee Townsend 183 104
Chloee Townsend 162 095
Cole Townsend 146 157
Cole Townsend 118 115
Cooper Townsend 107 187
Cooper Townsend 101 180
Kazden Valentine 160 132
Kazden Valentine 120 137
Zayden Valentine 131 173
Zayden Valentine 113 140
Jaidyn Warren 103 090
Jaidyn Warren 126 174
Landen Warren 186 165
Landen Warren 168 182
Morgan Warren 096 100
Morgan Warren 089 163
Tristen Warren 161 164
Tristen Warren 178 091
Alexis White 197 116
Alexis White 191 199
Alyssa White 192 188
Alyssa White 193 196
Rebecca Williams 189 190
Rebecca Williams 198 099