Barlow Tag-in – July 13

Required Tag‐in for Market Dairy Goats and Feeder Calves will be Saturday, July 13 at the Barlow Fairgrounds
8 am to 10 am.

Market Dairy Goats (does & wethers) must have a Scrapie tag in place by tag-in on July 13.


Trash Can Painting Contest

Trash cans should include your group’s name and the year 2024. Trash cans will be judged on creativity, neatness, and overall appearance. This contest is open to all 4-H Clubs, FFA and Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops.

Washington County Fair:  Go to Washington County Fair Grounds and pick up a trash can to paint. When the can is completed, please make sure you bring it, along with a completed entry form, to the Junior Fair Office by 9:00pm, Thursday, August 29

Barlow Independent Fair:  Go to the Barlow Fairgrounds and pick up a trash can.  Painted cans should be dropped off at the Lad & Lassie Building on Tuesday, September 24 by 8:00 pm with the completed entry form.

Forms can be printed here: County & Barlow Trash Can Contest form

Washington County Fair Pumpkin Growing Contest – SEEDS AVAILABLE


  1.     Open to all youth who are residents of Washington County or are members of an FFA Chapter, 4–H Club or school program in Washington County.
  2.     Entry may be made in one or both classes by age division: Classes (different pumpkin must be used for each class)-Largest Pumpkin by weight-Best decorated by scar drawing.
  3.     Age Divisions:           2-5 yrs    6-10  yrs    11-19 yrs
  4.     Judging will be held at 5:00 pm on Friday in the Home Arts Building.
  5.     Seeds are furnished by Tim Glover. Only the variety of seed distributed can be used in the contest.  Contact the Extension Office at 740-376-7431 for the seed packets or stop at their office 1115 Gilman Ave
  6.     Name of the exhibitor and age must be scared into each pumpkin entered.
  7.     All entries must be brought to the fairgrounds on Thursday in the Home Arts Building.
  8.     Limit one pumpkin per class.
  9.     Open class entries are the responsibility of the exhibitor.


Breeding Animal Leases – Due June 1

If you are enrolled in a breeding animal or dairy project, you are being mailed a letter with the following information.  If you do not own the breeding animal you are planning to show, then a lease must be completed and returned the OSU Extension Office by June 1, 2024.

Read the rules here: Ohio Youth Livestock Exhibition Rules 4.17.23

If you need to complete a lease, all leases are due to OSU Extension by June 1:

Just to clarify, leases are not needed for market animals as ALL market animals must be fully owned by the exhibitor or household. This leasing information is only for members that do not own their breeding animals.

June 1 – Market Goat, Market Lamb, Dairy Feeder Steer Tag-in

Required Tag-in for Market Lambs, Market Goats, Dairy Feeder Steers will be Saturday, June 1 from 7—9:00 am at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Watch for road signs to indicate lineup locations.

Time: 7-9 am

All Market Goats & Market Lambs must have a Scrapie Tag in the ear by the June 1 tag-in. The Scrapie Tag should be put in by the breeder or where you purchased your animals.

Blue Breed Verification Cards Required for Dairy Feeder Steers – due June 1 – must be signed by dairy farmer where purchased in Ohio and include the ODA Producer number. Cards are available from the OSU Extension Office, your advisor or printed here: Dairy Feeder Breed Verification Blue Card 2024

Dehorning and castration must be done prior to tag-in. The Fair Vet – Dr Lowe will be checking animals during tag-in but WILL NOT be castrating or dehorning animals at tag-in. If this is not done to the Vet’s satisfaction, the animal will not be tagged.

Photographer Bids – County Fair Livestock Committee

The Washington County Livestock Committee is looking for photographers for the 2024 Washington County Fair Market Livestock Projects. List below is some information on what is expected of the photographer as well as a bid sheet.

Once you have had a chance to review the information please fill out the bid sheet; then mail it back as soon as possible but no later than July 1, 2024.   Mail to OSU Extension Office, c/o Washington County 4-H Livestock Committee, 1115 Gilman Ave. Marietta, OH 45750.

The committee will review the bid letters in July  with the Livestock committee meeting, and contact those that express an interest by July 31, 2024.

2024 Picture Contract Forms

Market Turkey Pickup – May 8

The market turkeys are scheduled to ship from the hatchery next week. We are expecting them to arrive on Wednesday, May 8 in the afternoon. If the turkeys arrive as scheduled we will hold pick up at Heritage Cooperative at 219 S. Third Street in Marietta from 3 to 5 pm. You might want to call the Extension Office to make sure they have arrived before traveling.

Be prepared for them to arrive early or arrive another day. Unfortunately we have no control over when they might arrive.

If you have additional questions please call the Extension Office at 740-376-7431 or email

Hog Tag Announcement for Advisors

4-H or FFA advisors can stop by the OSU Extension Office and pickup the number of tags needed for their club members. Only advisors can pick-up tags between April 15 and May 31

  • Hogs must be tagged by June 1 – Deadline to tag hogs
  • Please insert the tag with the number on the back of ear to make it easier to read (see picture)
  • Exhibitors must submit pictures via email to
  • Advisors will submit a Hog Tag Record Sheet identifying the exhibitors and tagged hogs

A note about family spares:

  • All spares tagged in after primary animals can be shared only by brothers and sisters. Animals at tag in are assigned to exhibitors and only the spare may be shared by brothers or sisters. Animals assigned to exhibitors at tag in may not be switched at fair weigh in. Spare animals are in case a project animal dies or does not make fair weight. This allows exhibitors to have a back up project animal. Spares are a cost savings option for families.