2020 4-H Camp Dates Announced

Counselor’s Camp                  June 3-4

Cloverbud Day Camp            June 30

Beginner Camp                      July 1-2

Junior Camp                          July 6-10

Senior Camp                          July 20-24

All camps will be held at Camp Hervida

4-H Alumni Award: Johnna Seevers

Johnna Seevers is a 4-H alumnus of Washington County where she was a member of the Salem Liberty Homemakers 4-H Club.  Johnna also served on the Junior Fair Board.  We are honoring Johnna tonight for her commitment and dedication to the youth in our 4-H Program.  Johnna has served on the royalty committee for over 10 years, organizing the crowing event, judging, scheduling the court once they are chosen, and serving as the liaison for 3 parades for our fairs in Washington County.  Johnna has helped many Queens, Kings, Prince and princesses throughout her tenure.

Johnna is also a supporter of the county fair.  Her love of Junior fair board continues to show as she is still helping the JFB members especially during the dairy show.  Johnna organizes the show, collects the open class paperwork and works along side the JFB members to ensure the show runs smoothly.  Her knowledge and dedication sets the example for the young members in our program.  Johnna- thank you again for your commitment to our program in Washington County.

Business Friend of 4-H Award: Darlene’s Ceramics

Darlene Phillips has been a part of the Washington County 4-H camping program for over 2 decades. She has supplied the ceramics for camps, including Beginner, Junior, and Senior camps for Washington county 4-H youth and Women’s camp. Every year she delivers the ceramics then teaches 1-3 classes a day, for three days, with the campers. Not only does she volunteer her time with the three youth camps, she also helps the campers complete their projects throughout the week. She works with the kids to make sure they achieve their best result and often will assist in finishing the projects by painting beautiful eyes or designs onto the ceramics.

She goes above and beyond by always asking what the camp theme will be and bringing pieces that could fit within that theme. She is always kind to the campers, counselors, and staff. By supplying the ceramics and helping the campers paint, she is offering an activity that most of these kids would otherwise not have the opportunity to do. She creates amazing pieces and always offers a wide variety of paints and brushes as well as painting techniques to encourage the campers to create a unique piece. Darlene, thank you for your many years of dedication to the camping program.

Friend of 4-H Award: Maryanne Burns

Maryanne is an advisor for Warren Wranglers and has been a 4-H volunteer for 32 years.  Maryanne’s passion for the program is with the Cloverbuds.  She has volunteered to put up the Cloverbud fair booth at all 3 fairs, works during Cloverbud Day camp, and organizes crafts and activities for events like 4-H open house and Cloverbud day at the county fair.

Maryanne attends a variety of 4-H events and serves on the 4-H advisory committee.  We are appreciative of all the support Maryanne provides the 4-H Program.

Friend of 4-H Award: Ohio State Highway Patrol – Marietta Post

CARTEENS was established in 2003 for 4-H teen leaders to teach youth traffic offenders in the county about the safety and rules of the road.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol has partnered with our teens to ensure that first time teen traffic offenders create better driving habits.  Each month the Marietta Post sends a trooper to our CARTEEN session and present on such topics as speeding, texting and driving, curfew, as well as answer any questions about the laws in the State of Ohio.  There have been many troopers who attend the sessions to speak to our participants.  These troopers work along side our CARTEEN presenters and even share personal stories with each group to make an impact on teen drivers.

Teens that have completed the classes have commented on the troopers with statements like: “I liked talking with the trooper the most”, and “The thing I liked most was the trooper was cool and laid back, he didn’t lecture us”, and “The trooper was funny, yet serious”.  Troopers: Thank you for providing the positive attitude and leadership for our CARTEENS programs.

10,000 Dogs Needed for Aging Canine Study

Check out this article on this new research project where 500 canines will take part in a study and swallow an anti aging pill.  If you are interested read the article and follow the link to get more information on this unique research.  https://www.statnews.com/2019/11/14/old-dogs-new-tricks-10000-pets-needed-for-canine-aging-study/?utm_source=STAT+Newsletters&utm_campaign=c62e18a8fc-MR_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8cab1d7961-c62e18a8fc-151519485

Teen report on 2019 Senior Shooting Sports Camp

Taylor Haines was awarded the Senior Shooting Camp trip for the summer of 2019.  She reports back with this thank you…. “I had so much fun spending the week there.  I love meeting new friends everywhere I go.  In the evenings we participated in team building activities, shot different types of guns, and lethal impact (shooting old fruit to see the impact).  My favorite part was shooting a 50 caliber rifle.  It’s the largest rifle a civilian can own.  The boom was really loud, they even let me keep my casing.  The rifle was equipped with large springs to absorb the recoil.  The stand was part of the rifle as it too heavy to stand and hold.  That was the most exciting part of camp.  I highly recommend this camp to others.  There is never a dull moment, we are busy from sunrise until sunset has passed.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend shooting camp.”