Camp Counselor Applications Due Jan 31

  • Teens (age 14 by camp time) are invited to apply for 4-H Camp Counselor positions
  • Teens are needed for all of these camps. You can help with one or all three (based on age)
    • Cloverbud Day Camp at Camp Hervida          June 30            No Charge
    • Beginner Camp at Camp Hervida                     July 1-2           $20 registration fee
    • Junior Camp at Camp Hervida                         July 6-10         $40 registration fee
    • Senior Camp at Camp Hervida                         July 20-24      $40 registration fee
    • Space Adventure Camp at Marietta College   June 9-11         No Charge

Online Application, Reference Link and Interview Signups can be found at this link:

Check out our new camp counselor video!It is posted on Facebook for viewing: