2021-2022 Licking County 4-H Tractor Clubs

Licking County 4-H members who are interested in learning more about large equipment, small engines or completing the Tractor Operator’s Certification Program will want to check out or Licking County 4-H Tractor Club opportunities! Licking County has two 4-H Tractor Clubs:

Flint Ridge Tractor Club: Meets during the fall/winter months. First meeting will be Monday, October 4th at 7:30pm. Reach out to Kevin or Jerermy Turnbill at (740)763-3347 for more information.

Utica Tractor Club: Will meet January-June in 2022. Reach out to Paul Davidson at (740)366-6365 or Kayla Jones at (740)507-7606 for more information.


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