Licking County 4-H Update: March 27, 2020

You can find the most recent updates for the Licking County 4-H Program here. Yes, we realize that it has only been TWO DAYS since the last update, but that’s just how quickly things can change, or new information becomes available… These tidbits also come to you as a result of some great discussion had with 4-H Club Advisors, during two Zoom sessions held Thursday to address any questions or concerns that they might have during this programming interruption. The adult 4-H volunteers that we have here in Licking County are among the very best, and they are genuinely interested in helping youth throughout the county connect with 4-H clubs and continue with a meaningful experience in 2020! During our discussion, they asked questions, offered ideas, and indicated their strong desire to keep moving forward… and that’s just exactly what we are doing!

The details found in the link above address a number of areas, everything from moving forward with enrollment, to changes that we will see at this year’s Hartford Fair. I ask that all families review the details closely, just to be sure that something doesn’t get missed. As questions arise, please be sure to let us know! We are anxious to get back to the fun and busy of 4-H in Licking County, but for now, we want all of our 4-H families to stay home, and stay safe! Know that we are thinking of you and looking forward to the opportunity to see all of you very soon!

As for the next update, it will more than likely come next week, as we hope to know more details about the opportunity for you to continue purchasing 4-H project books. And it’s entirely possible that as soon as this is posted, we will think of something that we forgot to tell you! Until then… BE WELL!

Updated Royalty Information: Horse, Poultry & Rabbit

Updated royalty applications are now available for Horse and Rabbit…

Licking County 4-H Horse & Pony Council Queen/King & Princess/Prince Royalty Rules & Application -Please refer to the application for list of dates and rules/requirements. – Additional Resources (made available during the Informational Meeting). Please check back for updated version.

Licking County Poultry Royalty Contest Application – Check Back for Updated Information – Entry Deadline: Friday, May 22, 2020.  Mail application to: Sarah Henry 11413 Blue Jay Road, Newark, OH 43056

Licking County Rabbit Royalty Contest Application – Check Back for Updated Information – Entry Deadline: Wednesday, May 27, 2020.  Mail applications to: Sonia Tilley, 10630 Baker Road, St. Louisville, OH  43071.


Resources Available on the Licking County 4-H Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook account, please be sure to follow the Licking County 4-H Facebook page. We are trying to share all kinds of information and resources from the Ohio 4-H Program, other county 4-H programs, as well as outside groups that we think may beneficial to our 4-H families. There are opportunities for virtual field trips, helpful project videos, as well as other resources that you can use to help with your 4-H experience from home. We hope that these resources, videos, and opportunities will be beneficial to you and your family. We will continue to share anything that we think your family may appreciate.

2020 Hartford Fair Rabbit Bred and Raised Form

Any Hartford Fair Junior Fair exhibitor wishing to enter the Rabbit Bred and Raised classes for Market Rabbit must complete the Bred and Raised form found here. Completed forms, along with required pictures must be submitted by May 2, 2020 in order to be eligible for these classes. Please review the requirements on the form to ensure your entries will be eligible.

Sewing Face Masks for Medical Professionals

Looking for a great way for your youth (or you!) to practice your sewing skills? There has been a recent call for home sewists to make face masks for our medical professionals who may be running low on supplies. There are many videos and options out there. A video for a great and easy design that allows the wearer to insert a liner can be found here. There is another style of mask shown below. Sewing face masks would be a great community service project and you can include it as a citizenship/leadership activity in your project book! You can pass these masks along to any medical professional or EMT you know.

You can also mail them to the following address for distribution to Central Ohio hospitals and facilities:

Jennifer Andrade

PO Box 141415

Columbus, OH 43214

Check out more information on Facebook in the group “Operation Face Mask” for more videos, patterns, as well as local specific mask needs.

Special Note: Many of the patterns call for thin elastic to complete the masks. We know that isn’t something that everyone will have on hand for this project. We do NOT want you to go out shopping for this project. If you do not have elastic, you could make the mask that has a casing for the elastic so that elastic could be added later OR you could also make masks with fabric ties. Please continue to stay safe and healthy!

No photo description available.

Licking County 4-H Update: March 18, 2020

With this communication, I want to provide you with an update on programming for the month of April. At this time, all events previously scheduled to be held during April are either postponed or cancelled, with the hope that May might bring a bit of normalcy, and allow us to return to our usual hustle and bustle. Not knowing the timeframe for this interruption, there are a few items that I want to point out – but ask that you fully review the March 18th Update, which is included here.


Enrollment will continue… We have extended the Licking County 4-H Enrollment Deadline to MAY 1st. We ask that all advisors continue their work to reach out to new families, and to follow-up with those who might have made contact to request information. Assure them that the year will continue, at the very soonest opportunity. We need to keep them connected… Consider finding a way to hold virtual meetings, even if it’s a conference call! Try to assist returning members as needed, encouraging them to move forward with enrollment. For the time being, we will continue to send updates to ALL families, but we will slowly transition to communicating to those who are enrolled in specific projects. As you have enrollment questions, be sure to reach out to Adrienne at We can also provide assistance in setting up virtual meetings, if you ask!

  • ADVISORS: If you have families that are new to your club – and have not yet entered the 4honline system, please know that YOU need to send this update to them… We are only able to distribute to those who have logged in to 4honline during 2019 and 2020, as a means of spreading the word as widely as possible! Thank you!


In light of this programming interruption, adjustments have been made to some livestock possession deadlines, as well as guidelines pertaining to Quality Assurance. Please know that Quality Assurance is still required of all members, but the training window has been extended to July 1st. Review the Hartford Fair Update letter very carefully. As questions arise, please be sure to reach out to me via email.

  • OHIO STATE FAIR: Please note that OSF market livestock possession dates do NOT correspond with updated Hartford Fair guidelines. OSF dates fall just prior to our June 1st deadline, and you should adhere to OSF guidelines for any livestock that will be shown within OSF Junior Fair classes.


As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 4:30 p.m., the Licking County Extension Office (as well as all Extension Offices statewide) are closed. All staff are working from home for the coming days, until we are cleared to return to our office facilities. Please know that we will continue to move forward with planning for spring / summer events and activities, and are available to answer your questions! While closed, you will not be able to purchase project books or utilize the livestock skillathon kits. Please know that we apologize for this inconvenience, but appreciate your patience and positive thoughts! We are as anxious to get things back to normal as you are! I promise!

Let’s keep 4-H moving forward, as best we can! Keep connections among your 4-H club families, and help one another move forward with project work over the coming days. This extended time at home may be a blessing to some who already picked up books and are taking advantage of some down time to get things done! …for others, we’ll need to provide additional support as meetings commence and judging grows near. Either way, we can make it happen – as long as help one another!

Hartford Fair Update: March 18, 2020

As we continue our planning and preparations for the 2020 Hartford Fair (August 9-15, 2020), I wanted to provide you with a few critical updates pertaining to Junior Fair exhibitors. I ask that you share this widely, with any and all youth who plan to exhibit junior fair project animals in August. NOTE: These changes apply to Licking County 4-H members, Licking County FFA members (Johnstown / Licking Valley / Northridge / Utica), and any Knox or Delaware County 4-H and FFA members who plan to participate in the 2020 Hartford Fair. Please know that these rules do not pertain to the Knox or Delaware County fairs individually – in both cases, you should reach out to your respective Extension staff members for additional information.

In light of the 4-H | FFA programming interruption that we are currently experiencing, adjustments have been made to some livestock possession deadlines, as well as guidelines pertaining to Quality Assurance. Please know that Quality Assurance is still required of all members, but the training window has been extended to July 1st for HARTFORD FAIR exhibitors. I ask that families pay attention to these updated details, and that advisors share with all families connected to their club or chapter. Extending these deadlines is seen as providing opportunity for those who have not yet met with their 4-H Club (due to forced cancellations), or who are uncertain of their intent to purchase livestock at this time for fair(s) that will take place this summer. NOTE: Be sure to check on Knox and Delaware County policy and rules pertaining to meeting requirement of their exhibitions.

An UPDATED Livestock Requirement Summary can be found here. Some cells within the table are highlighted in yellow, so as to draw your attention to changes.

As you consider your options for completing Quality Assurance training, please pay close attention to the details found here. Online certification is being made available to everyone through the YQCA national curriculum, but there is a cost of $12 per person. While you are welcome to choose that option this year, please know that it is not necessary at this time. We plan to offer additional face-to-face sessions in June, in order to accommodate the large number of individuals who still need to complete training. I just don’t want you to think that you have to pay for training, especially in cases where that would create a financial hardship. It’s only an option… NOTE: Be sure to check on Knox and Delaware County policy and rules pertaining to meeting requirement of their exhibitions.

4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA) Applications Available

  • What: 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA)
  • Who: Individuals age 13-18 (as of January 1 of the year of application) and have at least 1 year prior 4-H experience.
  • Timeframe: Apply by May 15, selection, training, service to OSF, and evaluation.  Complete responsibilities by August 31, 2020.
  • Requirements (in addition to application/selection process):
    • Training-Must attend one of the options for training (July 8 or July 14)
    • Events-Must work a minimum of 3 events at the Ohio State Fair; may work more if desired
  • Program Fee: $25/person for first year members; $10 for 2nd or more year members
  • Teens Receive:
    • 4HEYA Polo & Nametag
    • State Fair admission, parking ticket, and meal ticket(s)
    • Optional State Fair housing in the Rhodes Center (if desired)
    • Experience of working events at the Ohio State Fair
    • Opportunity to enhance leadership skills and be involved in the State 4-H program
  • What about the Teen Leadership Council? YES, these members may apply for 4HEYA AND TLC this year, if desired.  TLC applications will be available in June and will be due the Friday following the Ohio State fair.  Their term is September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021.  Current TLC members are not eligible to apply for 4HEYA, as they are already fulfilling obligations at the Ohio State Fair.
  • Questions? Contact Hannah (, Kayla (, Sarah ( or Frances (

Changes and Updated Events

We have several events that have had to be postponed or moved to a later date. We are continuing to update forms and resources as we have new information. Please continue to check the What’s New page of our website to see the most recent things added and updated to the website. Please see the list of events/forms that have been updated to reflect new dates/times: