2021 Hartford Fair Princess for a Day Program

Purpose: The idea behind this program is to allow 4-H Cloverbuds at the Hartford Fair the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a royalty member and step in to the footsteps of their role models. We hope that this opportunity also gives them a way to flourish as future leaders and 4-H members, much like the Pee Wee showmanship classes!

Who: Girls ages 5 – 8 who are enrolled as 4-H Cloverbuds during the 2021 program year (Kindergarten through 2nd grade) and are eligible for participation in the Hartford Fair.

How are they selected? A Google survey form has been created to obtain key information such as name, age, parents contact information, and days that they are available during the fair. Parents are asked to submit their entry through the online form, with the link being shared through the Hartford Fair Facebook page. Participants will be selected at random after all entries are in which are due August 4th. We plan to select two princesses for each day (Sunday through Friday), in order to keep it manageable this first year. Deadline for applying for this opportunity will be August 4th.

What will they do? Selected youth will be contacted just after the deadline in order to make arrangements to dates and times. Upon arriving to the grounds on their special day, the girls will be given both a sash and tiara to wear on throughout the day. Each Princess will be encouraged to make her way throughout the grounds (with parent supervision), but also have time during the day to shadow the 2021 Hartford Fair King and Queen, and learn more about what they do during a typical day at the fair.

How we will spread the news: In an effort to promote this program, royalty coordinator Morgan McCutcheon will hold a Facebook live segment on the Hartford Fair Facebook page to explain the new program. At that time, the link to the registration survey will also be shared.  Additionally, we plan to distribute details through the weekly 4-H Blog family email.

Potential: With this year being the first year, we will accept only the first twelve registrations. This will allow us to offer the program on a smaller scale in it’s initial year, and determine what changes are needed for future years. There is certainly potential to grow the program to allow more girls to participate – and also to obtain sponsors who would be interested in supporting the program.

For additional information, contact:

Morgan McCutcheon, Royalty Coordinator

mccutcheon.88@buckeyemail.osu | 740.616.0311

2021 Cloverbot Challenge

It’s time for the 2021 4-H Cloverbot Challenge! All clubs with Cloverbuds are encouraged to participate!

This year we’re going to space and the challenge happens on Mars! Cloverbuds will design a place to live on the Red Planet and create a model featuring their method of transportation. The 4-H Cloverbot Challenge will be virtual via Zoom on Monday, July 12 or Thursday, July 22 from 6:30-8 p.m. All teams must register by June 30 and new teams can order a kit to help them get started at a reduced rate thanks to support from the Ohio 4-H Foundation.

Find all the details here and blast-off for your Cloverbot Challenge!

Cloverbuds in the Kitchen

There is a great new article in the Cloverbud Connection about getting your Cloverbuds to help you in the kitchen. Enjoy a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies and discuss the importance of proper nutrition with MyPlate. You can read the entire article here.

4-H Cloverbot Challenge Goes Virtual!

With the new restrictions on programming in June, the Ohio 4-H program has shifted gears and will now be offering the Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge for all Cloverbuds to participate individually instead of as a team/club – no registration required. Individual Cloverbuds can construct their models with LEGO’s or whatever kind of interlocking blocks they have available. Then they can send a picture for display in a virtual gallery on the state 4-H website. A certificate will also be emailed to each participant. The deadline is June 13, 2020. All the details can be found at the website: https://ohio4h.org/families/cloverbuds/cloverbot-challenge

2020 Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge

The Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge gives 4-H Cloverbuds the opportunity to work cooperatively in teams to problem-solve using STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) skills. A new theme is selected each year and teams research a topic, build a working model of their solution to the Challenge issue and create a poster to illustrate their findings. Cloverbuds, team advisors and families come to the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center in the spring, for the Challenge event. Teams present their models and findings to a team of reviewers, learn about other Cloverbuds’ projects, participate in age-appropriate STEM activities and are recognized at a closing celebration.

It’s time to register for the 2020 Ohio 4-H Cloverbot Challenge and this year Cloverbuds will be On the Move! Teams will explore transportation and how people and goods get where they are going. The challenge happens on June 13 at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau Center. Find registration details and information about ordering kits here. Thanks to the Ohio 4-H Foundation for their support of this program.

REMINDER: 2020 Camp Counselor Applications Due!

Applications for Summer Camp and Cloverbud Day Camp Counselors are due on Friday, December 13, 2019. Applications must be dropped off to the Licking County OSU Extension Office by 4:30pm on Friday or if mailed are postmarked by Friday. The application is the same for both Summer and Cloverbud Day Camp Counselors. Please mark the appropriate boxes in the application for the camp(s) in which you are interested in being a counselor. The application does require two reference forms, so please allow time for those to be filled out by your references. Reference forms can be turned in with your application or your references can send them in separately. The application can be found here or you can pick up a copy at the Licking County Extension Office.

2020 4-H Summer Camp and Cloverbud Day Camp Counselor Application

The application for summer camp and Cloverbud day camp counselors is now available. Applications are due to the extension office by Friday, December 13, 2019 at 4:30pm. When completing the application, please mark where appropriate whether you wish to apply to be a summer camp counselor (June 13-17, 2020), Cloverbud day camp counselor (June 6, 2020), or both. All applicants must complete and turn in the applications whether they have served as a counselor in the past or are applying for the first time. New applications, or those who are applying to serve in a different role than before (i.e. applicant has served as a Cloverbud day camp counselor but now wishes to serve as a summer camp counselor) must complete an interview. Interviews will be held on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 between 5:00 and 8:00pm. It is the responsibility of the applicant to schedule his/her interview. Interviews can be scheduled by call in the extension office at 740.670.5315 or the applicant can schedule their interview in-person when they drop off their application.

Before applying, please review the list of counselor responsibilities and training/event dates to ensure that this opportunity fits your expectations and schedule.

The application can be found here.