August 3rd Hartford Fair Update

The following information was sent to all families on August 3, 2020…

Let me begin with THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience, thank you for your grace, as we have moved through the planning process for the 2020 Hartford Fair! The Hartford Fair is blessed with families who value kindness and understanding, and we have really cashed in on those traits in 2020! Although this year has brought us much uncertainty, we continue to move forward, work within the guidelines, and provide the best opportunities possible to our Junior Fair youth (and their families)! Let’s not forget how very fortunate we are to call the Hartford Fair “our” fair!

Although I certainly can’t promise that there will be no additional changes after this update reaches your email inbox, I still want to share with you what I do know at this moment – in hopes that it will be of assistance to many of you! I ask that you read through the details carefully, and maybe review a second time, before you begin to reach out with additional questions. There is still much to be done, and we are working as quickly as we can to ensure that all is ready as your family arrives to the fairgrounds over the next week or so.

As we model for our children, let us stay positive and know that everyone is doing their best, always assume the best intentions, and give everyone an extra amount of grace as we move throughout the next two weeks. This spring and summer have not been easy for most of us, but the Hartford Fair has a great amount of normalcy to offer – if we look for it! Regardless of the facial coverings and social distancing, we’ll still be together with our fair friends, enjoying the opportunity to watch our youth exhibit, eating some fabulous fair foods, and making wonderful memories…. We have much for which to be grateful!

  • What I’m asking of you…
    • Wear your mask / facial covering (if you are medically able to do so).
      • No, it’s not always comfortable, but it surely beats the alternative of not being able to see our youth show at the fair…
      • If you aren’t wearing a facial covering, please step away from the barns, show arena and concessions, where larger numbers of people may gather.
      • Facial coverings are not expected within the show ring, but they continue to be welcome – especially in situations where social distancing is not possible.
      • 4-H members are reminded that while state guidelines do not require facial coverings for those under the age of 10, while 4-H guidelines require facial coverings for all 4-H members during 4-H-related events…
    • Daily symptom assessments: check your temperature, monitor for fevers, watch for a dry cough or trouble breathing, sore throat, headache, body aches, chills, and loss of taste or smell…
      • If you’re not feeling well, or experience the above-listed symptoms, please don’t come to the fairgrounds.
    • Don’t forget to social distance when near others from outside of your family. It’s for everyone’s safety and well-being.
    • Wash or sanitize hands frequently…
    • Remember that the exhibitor (and their family) should have no physical contact with their judge during shows, nor their buyer during sales.
      • Buyer thank you notes and any gifts of appreciation should be sent to the buyer following the fair.
    • Be mindful of what you share on social media – and how it represents our fair – and our 4-H and FFA programs!
      • Early fairs were not successful in using facial coverings and maintaining social distance, and many photos were shared as evidence of disregard for those guidelines. Now we find ourselves impacted by those decisions with additional limitations and guidelines. The fairs that are scheduled to take place after us in August, September and October are hoping to be as fortunate as us – to offer Junior Fair programming. If we don’t choose to do the right things during the Hartford Fair, they may pay the price. When we share photos or make posts online, we need to be sure to have a mask on, and show ourselves being responsible. Hartford is often held up as an example to other fairs across Ohio, let us again be a positive example of how to do what’s right!
    • If you have questions, or don’t understand, be sure to ask! We’re happy to help!
  • Fair Schedule…
    • You can find the fair schedule online at > Schedule. It is in the process of being updated, to remove all of the non-Junior Fair activities and events. The newest version should be posted within a day or so, feel free to check back often! An updated SPECIES SCHEDULE can be found online at
    • No open class events will be held – in any species.
    • Junior Fair llama / alpaca show has been cancelled, due to lack of entries.
    • Some changes have been made to department schedules. Those are listed by department further down in the email message…
    • 4-H Center and FFA Building will be open… Check schedule for hours and plan to drop in to see our 4-H and FFA exhibitor displays.
      • Details regarding set-up of 4-H Club booths was distributed on August 3rd to the lead advisor for each club.
    • 4-H Band will be performing at TARA throughout the week, with concerts on Sunday (3:00 p.m.), Monday (1:30 p.m.), Tuesday (6:00 p.m. in NRA near Pond), Wednesday 8:00 p.m. and Thursday (6:00 p.m.). Be sure to go listen…
  • Admission / Attendance…
    • There are currently no limits on who / how many may attend, but all publicity for the fair has been suspended so as to keep attendance to a manageable level.
    • No admission will be charged at the gate.
    • Junior Fair exhibitors and club/chapter advisors are asked to pick up their IDs on Thursday (1-7 p.m.), Friday (1-7 p.m.) or Saturday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.) in B. Carr Family Arena.
      • IDs will still be used to pick up and cash premium vouchers.
    • By state guidelines, attendance in the sale arena during the sale will be limited to buyers and immediate family of exhibitor selling at that time.
  • The Fairgrounds…
    • The only area of the grounds open to attendees will be from the 4-H Center and Tara on the North, going East around the track to the Swine Barn. All areas to the South and West will be closed. (other than the SFB office)
    • Food vendors will be moved to the livestock barn area, with there being 10-15 vendors available. I’m sure that you’ll find some of your favorites!
    • Campgrounds will be limited to campers of exhibitors, advisors, SFB members, fair vet, etc.
      • If you need details about the campgrounds, be sure to reach our directly to the Fair Office.
  • General Notes…
    • Vouchers will be issued to exhibitors following completion of participation in each show.
    • The Bank will be open to cash vouchers, with hours posted on the Bank and in the Junior Fair Board office.
    • Curfew will be in place with everyone asked to vacate the barn / concession / office areas by 10:00 p.m. (or within 30 minutes of the conclusion of any event that ends after 10:00 p.m.).
  • Valuable Resources…

 Department Updates / Changes / Reminders: Updated SPECIES SCHEDULE –

(I apologize in advance if I missed a change or a change is made after this message is sent… Stay up to date with the Hartford Fair and Licking County 4-H websites and Facebook pages!)

  • Market Steer / Breeding Beef / Steer Pool
    • Steer Pool Vet Check will take place at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday
    • Steer Pool Barn Meeting will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday in the Kohman Wing.
    • Steer Pool will be released at 9:15 p.m. on Monday, following show. Packer truck arrives at 9:15 p.m. Monday for packer load out.
    • Feeder Calf show will take place at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.
    • Breeding Beef show will take place at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday.
  •  Dairy / Dairy Feeder…
    • Dairy heifer move in will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday, with all heifers being in place by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  Dairy cattle will be released from the grounds after the show on Thursday.  This will allow exhibitors who are bringing dairy feeders to the fair to make one trip if they would like, but will not force the dairy exhibitors to be at the fair any longer than necessary.
    • The Dairy Feeder Steer show on Wednesday starts at 8:30 a.m. with showmanship.  The show itself will then follow immediately after the conclusion of showmanship.
  • FFA Building…
    • Set up: Thursday 9 a.m. (Change!) |  Project arrival : most on Thursday / maybe some on Saturday  |  Judging: Sunday 9 a.m.  |  Removal: Saturday 3 p.m.
  • Market Hogs
    • Market Hogs must be in place by 9:30 p.m. on Saturday.
    • Market Hogs released following show on Tuesday.
  • Rabbit & Poultry Departments…
    • Poster Contest Rules
      • The purpose of the contest is to demonstrate the Junior Fair exhibitor’s project knowledge, to stimulate interest, and to demonstrate to others the diversity of Rabbit and Poultry projects.
        • Each posted must be made by the 4-H / FFA member.
        • Posters must be made using 22”x28” poster board, displayed horizontally, with stiff backing. It is suggested that your posted be covered in plastic.
        • Each poster must be clearly labeled in the lower right-hand corner, in a space no larger than 3”x5” with the exhibitor’s name, club or chapter, and age as of January 1st of the current year.
        • Posted will be judged based upon: Educational Content (50 points) / Neatness & Appearance (30 points), and Originality (20 points).
        • Posters will be displayed during Rabbit & Poultry Shows.
        • Junior Division: ages 9-13 / Senior Division: ages 14-19
        • No entry fee – this is a free class – no premiums will be paid.
        • Rosettes will be awarded for 1st-5th placings.

2020 Hartford Fair Livestock / Equine Forms Due

Members exhibiting LIVESTOCK and HORSES during the 2020 Hartford Fair are asked to carefully review the information found below as well as here. Many species / departments have forms that must be submitted prior to weigh-in / check-in at the fair. Rather than collecting these forms in paper-form, they will be collected only ONLINE in 2020! With this switch, you are being provided with the details as to which forms must be submitted, and where you can find the forms online… Please ensure that ALL FORMS are submitted by the DEADLINE of MIDNIGHT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th!  Please pay careful attention to directions pertaining to if the form is to be completed per animal / exhibitor / department / etc. Respective livestock will not be allowed to check-in / weigh-in at the fairgrounds until forms have been submitted. Don’t wait until the last minute, go ahead and get your forms turned in now…


2020 Hartford Fair Junior Fair Market Animal Sale Photo Schedule

Junior Fair Exhibitors are asked to note the following dates / times that sale photos will be taken. These photos will appear on sale placards that are presented to buyers during the respective sales…

Additional Notes: For those exhibitors who have photos scheduled as a part of weigh-in procedures, please ensure that animal is clean, and that exhibitor is present with project animal for sale photo, and is dressed appropriately (according to show/sale dress code) . For Rabbit & Poultry exhibitors, your photo will be taken with a rabbit or poultry model, but you are not permitted to bring your own project animals for photo. (Exhibitors will only have their photo taken with one animal per department in which they are selling!)

REMINDER: Skillathon Registration Due July 15th

If you plan to compete in the livestock skillathons for 2020, please remember to register for the state level skillathons by Wednesday, July 15th! There will be no skillathon competitions offered at the Hartford Fair for 2020, so competing in the virtual, state-wide livestock skillathons is your only option for this year.

While Skillathon stations will not be offered in person during the Hartford Fair this year, we ask that you register for the State Skillathons – as we will use those contest scores to recognize Hartford Fair exhibitors during the fair! All youth who intend to complete a skillathon must register online by July 15th, with species skillathons being held on the designated dates / times listed below (all will be completed prior to the Hartford Fair)…

Skillathon Dates (pre-registration required by July 15th):

  • Horse Skillathon:               Thursday, 7/23/2020                      10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Goat Skillathon:                 Friday, 7/24/2020                            10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Dairy Skillathon:                Saturday, 7/25/2020                       10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sheep Skillathon:              Wednesday, 7/29/2020                 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Dog Skillathon:                  Monday, 8/3/2020                          10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Poultry Skillathon:            Tuesday, 8/4/2020                          10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Swine Skillathon:               Wednesday, 8/5/2020                   10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Beef Skillathon:                 Thursday, 8/6/2020                        10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Rabbit Skillathon:              Friday, 8/7/2020                               10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

How to Register:

  • Registration is due by JULY 15, 2020.
  • Please register by visiting:
  • Please answer all of the survey prompts.
  • All exhibitors with need an email address specific to that exhibitor that can be used as your log-in credential (this is also where the first-time registration will be).
    • For example, a family with 3 children participating must have a unique email address for each child.
    • School email addresses are discouraged, as we have found that some school email systems block external emails generated by the Scarlet site.
    • If the child completed the 2020 QA Test-Out on Scarlet in May, please feel free to use their same email address, as they will already have an account…
  • If you have any questions, please contact

Skillathon Rules:

  • All Skillathons are open to any Ohio 4-H member, age 8 and in the 3rd grade, or 9 years old and older regardless of grade level, to age 18 as of January 1, 2020, and FFA members.
  • You do not have to exhibit a particular species to participate in that species Skillathon.
  • Any specific rules for an individual species will be outlined on the testing site.
  • Skillathons will be delivered through Scarlet, a university-approved distance learning site. You must have access to a mobile device or computer with ability to access the internet.
  • Even though the Skillathons are online this year, each Skillathon must be taken by the youth only without assistance from family or friends.
  • There will be 4 stations in each Skillathon that will make up 4 separate, timed modules. Each station will have a time limit (typically 5 minutes per station).
  • If your child requires any testing accommodations, please contact us in advance at and we will work with you to make accommodation arrangements.
  • Results will be posted for each age category, age division, and overall after the Skillathon is completed. Participants will receive an email with a link to view the results.

Rabbit and Poultry Drive-thru Registration at Gate D1 and the Beef Barn

Date: July 11, 2020

Time: 8:00am -3:00pm on a first come first serve basis.

Please DO NOT line up prior to 7:30 AM.


  1. Enter the Fairgrounds from Croton Road at Gate D.
  2. Traffic will be one way from the Gate D parking lot entering the fairgrounds through Gate D1.
  3. Rabbit registration/tattooing and Poultry Banding will be drive-thru at Gate D1 and Beef Barn driveways.
  4. Please follow signage to keep traffic flow traveling and stay in your vehicle. Select and follow the line to your designated area.
  5. We will not have any walk-up tattoo/banding or registration areas.
  6. Only the exhibitor and up to two assistants allowed out of the vehicle to help with animals. Everyone else please stay in the vehicle.
  7. Face coverings (masks or shields) are strongly encouraged, but not required.
  8. Please use hand sanitizers prior to working with volunteers assisting with banding/registration.
  9. When you are done, please reload your animals and exit the area.
  10. If you must exit your vehicle for any reason, please practice social distancing as appropriate.

Poultry Drive thru Banding and Registration:

  • Poultry Banding Cost is $1.00 per entry, maximum cost of $6.00. CASH ONLY!
  • Poultry exhibitors and assistants will remain in their vehicles until it is their turn.
  • Enter at Gate D1 traveling one way into the fairgrounds on the driveway to line up. Please stay in line!
  • Each vehicle will be assigned a number to be placed on the windshield.
  • A bander and clerk will come to the vehicles in numeric order to record and band birds.
  • Only the exhibitor and 2 assistants out of the vehicle at time of banding.
  • Once your birds have been banded and recorded, the clerk will take payment to the cashier. Please have exact change. No cards accepted!
  • Once payment transaction complete please exit the line in a one way fashion.

  Drive thru Rabbit Registration and Tattooing:

  • Enter at Gate D1, when entering the Beef Barn select the proper drive-thru lane based on the information below:
    • Registration Only (for exhibitors with ALL rabbits already tattooed)
      • Example: All your rabbits have a tattoo in the left ear: Select Registration Only line.
      • Even if the rabbit has a tattoo and previously exhibited at The Hartford Fair, you are still required to register the rabbit each year.
    • Needs Tattooed (for exhibitors with ANY rabbits that need tattooed)
      • Example: You have 1 rabbit already tattooed and 1 rabbit that is not, select the Needs Tattooed line.
      • Example: None of my rabbits have been tattooed, select the Needs Tattooed line.
      • All Market Rabbits to be tattooed will be assigned a tattoo.
      • Breeding rabbits that need tattooed, please be prepared with your tattoo info.
      • Tattoos are $1.00 per rabbit, CASH ONLY!
    • Only the exhibitor and 2 assistants to be out of the vehicle when handling rabbits.
    • Exhibitors bring your completed rabbit registration form to keep transactions moving. Rabbit Registration Form can  be found here.
      • If you forget your registration form we will have some available day of registration.
    • Once your rabbits have been tattooed, the clerk will take payment to the cashier. Please have exact change. No cards accepted!
    • Once payment transaction or registration is complete please exit the line in a one way fashion through the fairgrounds.

Pre-Fair Updates and Reminders:

Buyer Thank You Signs 2020 Guidelines:

  • Buyer Thank You Signs are permitted to be constructed on a half poster board sheet (14”X 22”).
  • No wooden, metal, vinyl, or full poster board size signs permitted to be hung in the barn.
  • No club decorations permitted in the barn.
  • Exhibitors will turn in Buyer Thank You Signs to the Fair Board during the show (Poultry on Sunday or Rabbits on Monday).
  • The Fair Board will hang ALL signs after the show and dispose of signs after the fair. Buyer Thank You Signs will NOT be returned to the exhibitors.


  • No stalling for 2020. All shows are haul-in for rabbits and poultry.
  • There will NOT be cages available on day of show for use.
  • Market exhibitors will take their project home after the show.

There will NOT be a packer truck this year for rabbits or poultry.

Hartford Fair Livestock Sale Update


Junior Fair Livestock Sales will be held on their traditional day, and at their traditional times. Hog Sale will begin on Thursday, August 13th at 11:30 a.m.. The Large Animal Sale (Dairy Feeder | Gallon of Milk | Steer Pool | Market Steer & Heifer | Market Lamb) will be held on Saturday, August 15th at 11:00 a.m. in Grubb Arena, and the Small Animal Sale (Rabbit | Goat | Poultry) will begin on Saturday, August 15th at 12:00 p.m.


What will be most noticeably different is that the market animals will not be present in the sale ring. Rather, the member will be in the sale ring during the sale, and all market livestock will already have left the grounds. The member is welcome to hold their awards, a photo of their animal, or any other item to symbolize their project work.


Exhibitors will not be permitted to have physical contact with their buyers, for the safety of both parties, and are encouraged to present any items of appreciation following the fair. We would encourage members to remember that physical distancing will be important during the sale process. Asking that exhibitors not walk through the crowd to approach their buyer will cut down on a great deal of interactions, and help to ensure the well-being of all involved. Sale placards will be presented to buyers, with exhibitor / animal photos being taken at a designated place and time for each department.


The traditional sale placard, complete with photo of the exhibitor, will still be given to buyers. Exhibitor photos will be taken ahead of the sale, at times designated by the species. In some cases it may be while waiting in line to sell, in others the photo may be taken at weigh-in. Additional details will be coming soon!


When the member goes through the sale, the amount bid by the buyer is considered to be the premium – that’s not different from previous years, however… What will be different is that the buyer does not have the ability to purchase the animal, nor to send it to a processor for harvest. The animals will already have either gone home with the exhibitor, or been sent to the designated packer. Additional “bidders” will also have the ability to “add-on” to your premium (just as in years past). The total premium received for an exhibitor will be mailed to the exhibitor, in the form of a check, approximately 30 days following the fair. That check will come from the Fair Office.


All market animal exhibitors will have the option to take their animals home following exhibition this year – only in 2020! Once home, the member has the option to send the market animal to harvest, sell the animal, or retain that animal for future breeding purposes. Knowing that some members will not want to take their animals home, many departments will have the opportunity for the exhibitor to place their animal on a “packer” truck. In this case, the exhibitor is selling their animal at market price, with the price being offered to be determined much closer to the fair (or during the fair). This amount would be paid to each exhibitor, in addition to their premium from the sale. This packer option will be offered to all market species, other than rabbits and poultry. Should the exhibitor chose to sell their animal to the packer, they are still eligible to go through the sale and receive their respective premium.


Should you wish to sell your animal to the packer prior to leaving the fairgrounds, please know that you will need to complete an additional form. Details about this sale option will be explained during the respective barn meetings. It will be the exhibitor’s responsibility to complete the form, and have the animal at the designated collection point on time. Once the packer truck has collected animals from the grounds, the only option to exhibitors will be to take their animals home upon release from the grounds.


Sale checks will be mailed from the Fair Office 30 days following the sale, as we need to allow time for the buyers to make payment. Every effort will be made to send one check, combining both the premium and packer payment, in the case that the exhibitor consigned an animal to the packer. If not possible to combine, the exhibitor will simply receive two separate checks.