Project Judging Workshop

The Licking County 4-H Food and Fashion Board will be hosting a Project Judging Workshop at the Extension Office on Saturday, June 9th from 10:00-11:00 a.m. This is a great opportunity for new members to get an idea what project judging will be like as well as have their questions answered. Members will have project examples available for members to view and will be doing modeling practice for those taking clothing projects. While a large portion of the program will focus on food and clothing judging, there will also be a portion dedicated to special interest projects.

Raise Your Hand for 4-H Winner!

Thank you to everyone who raised their hand for 4-H! Ohio is once again the winner of this national contest, beating out the nearest competitor by over 3,500 votes. As the top finisher, Ohio 4-H has won $20,000 from National 4-H! We appreciate everyone who voted for Ohio and are anxiously waiting to see how well Licking County did within the state.

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Licking County 4-H Calendar and What’s New Page

The Licking County 4-H Calendar is available on our website at:

The calendar is update periodically, so to check if you have the most recent copy, check the date stamp on the calendar to see if it has been updated.


You can also check out the “What’s New” page on our website for timely updates and information:

2018 Cloverbud Pledge, Demonstrations Contests and Health & Safety Speaking Contests

Entries for the Cloverbud Pledge, Demonstrations Contests and Health & Safety Speaking Contests are due to the Licking County OSU Extension Office by Friday, June 1, 2018. If you are interested in these contests, please check with your advisor to enter your member.

Guidelines for the contests can be found on our website at:

Communication Days (Demonstration Contest and Marketing Contest):

Health and Safety Team Talk/Skit Contest Information:

Health and Safety Individual Public Speaking Contest Information:

Last Quality Assurance and Horse Safety and Ethics Training

The final Quality Assurance and Horse Safety and Ethics Training will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at Licking Valley High School.

Hartford Fair ID photos will be taken from 5:30-6:30 p.m.

All members taking livestock projects must complete a Quality Assurance Training by June 1st each year. If you are unable to make this final training, please call our office at 740-670-5315 for options on out of county trainings.

Ohio State Fair Junior Dog Show Changes

CHANGES IN 2018 OHIO STATE FAIR JUNIOR FAIR DOG SHOW FOR AKC TRICK DOG AND AKC CANINE GOOD CITIZEN RULEBOOK! As of June 1, 2018 AKC has changed the requirements to receive an ADVANCED TRICK DOG TITLE from a total of 5 tricks to performing a total of 10 tricks. Therefore, since we follow the AKC Trick Dog rules as 4-H members can earn Trick Dog titles when entered in the Advanced Trick Dog class, we have updated our rules and Tricks Checklist: Advanced, to reflect the changes AKC has made. Also, an updated Trick Dog Evaluator Guide will be posted once AKC has theirs updated and posted. Advanced Trick Dog is the only change in this rule book. Please be aware of this change if entering the Advanced Trick Dog class. Dogs must have their Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles before entering the Advanced Trick Dog class.

The rule book and Tricks Checklist has been updated and reposted at on the Resources page and the State Fair page.