A Word From Our State 4-H Leader: April 7, 2020

Dear Ohio 4-H members, families, volunteers and supporters,

It is with a heavy heart that I share this news with you. Due to ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to cancel all Ohio State University Extension in-person programming through July 6. This includes all 4-H programs, activities, and events. Additionally, we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel all 4-H camps thru August 31. Although in-person programming is cancelled, we will continue to offer virtual 4-H experiences.

We know this is an incredible disappointment and recognize how much everyone looks forward to our cherished 4-H summer events. As 4-H professionals committed to providing positive youth development programming, we share your sense of loss.

Given available information, we anticipate the next few weeks and months will continue to be critical times for stemming the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is our duty to keep ourselves and those we serve safe through the education we provide and the modeling of safety-conscious behaviors. We do not want to get to the other side of this pandemic and wish that we had done more to keep our future generation of leaders safe and healthy.

While we are making decisions regarding the youth events we organize and manage (such as camps and 4-H project judging), we are deferring to local decision-makers and Governor DeWine’s administration on the events owned by others, such as county fairs. Our decision to cancel in-person 4-H activities and events through July 6 and summer camps, should not automatically imply that local county fairs are also canceled at this time. Please keep in mind that 4-H and our FFA colleagues support the education and development of youth, but the decision about whether fairs will occur is in the hands of others. This continues to be an evolving situation that will require some negotiation and monitoring depending on decisions. We will be ready should fairs move forward and to pivot if they are cancelled.

As we work through the impact of these decisions for 4-H activities and events in the weeks ahead, county OSU Extension 4-H professionals will share important updates and information with you as we develop and provide new online opportunities. We know the experiences will be different than we had hoped, yet we remain committed to working together to grow future generations of true leaders.

Yours in service to 4-H,


Kirk Bloir, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, 4-H Youth Development

College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Ohio State University Extension

Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, 2201 Fred Taylor Drive, Columbus, OH 43210

614-247-8168 Office
bloir.1@osu.edu  |  ohio4h.org  |  extension.osu.edu

Weekly Kids in the Kitchen Facebook Live

Join Emily Marrison and her children, ages 10 and 12, every Thursday in April at 11 a.m. for Kids in the Kitchen – Facebook Live. The Coshocton County Kids in the Kitchen program provides a great opportunity for you and your children to learn how to make kid-friendly recipes, together.

Time conflict? No worries, you can also watch and download the recorded programs and recipes from Ohio State University Extension’s Coshocton County Facebook page at facebook.com. Recipes thus far have included Carrot Cake Pancakes with Maple Cream Cheese Topping, Creamy Peanut Butter Dip, White Chicken Chili, Double Corn Bread, Microwaveable Omelet in a Mug and Chocolate Mug Cake.

Like all of us, school-aged children have been experiencing tremendous change over the past few weeks. Establishing and sticking to a routine is challenging for any family juggling school and possibly working from home. This virtual program could be just the thing to give your children more confidence in the kitchen and get some new healthy snack and meal ideas.

We hope you’ll join us live! Again, programs are every Thursday in April (2, 9, 16, 23 and 30). Check coshocton.osu.edu to view recorded programs.


Emily Marrison


Backyard Poultry Resources

Looking for resources on raising backyard poultry? Franklin County ANR Educator, Tim McDermott, has put together a list of resources available for those needing more information. He is also offering a webinar on Backyard Poultry Production on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at noon. Details on the webinar along with the recording of his previous webinar and list of resources can be found here.

Licking County 4-H Enrollment Deadline – May 1, 2020

The Licking County 4-H Enrollment Deadline was moved to May 1, 2020. Please be sure to complete your youth’s online enrollment by 11:59pm on Friday, May 1, 2020. Please see the information below if you still need to complete enrollments for 2020.

The enrollment system can be found at: www.4honline.com.

Important Information:

All youth who were enrolled in 4-H in Ohio since 2014 will have a profile already made for them in 4HOnline. Even if you took off a year, even if  you moved from one county or another, you will already have a family profile in the system. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE! Only families that are completely new to 4-H should create a new profile.

Logging In for Existing Families:

  • To log in, you will need to use the email address you used the last time you enrolled. Postcards with family email addresses were given to club advisors to pass out to families to remind you which email address to use. Check with your 4-H Advisor if you are not sure which email address to use.
  • If your email address has changed, please email Adrienne (anderson.1410@osu.edu) so she can change your family email address to your current one.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the “I Forgot My Password” option to have a temporary password sent to your email address. The system will then prompt you to create a new password.
  • Occasionally, you may receive a message that says the county is not accepting enrollments at this time. That is a glitch in the system. Try using a different browser or type the URL into the address bar instead of following a link. This tends to fix the problem. If you are still having trouble, contact Adrienne.
  • If your family has participated in 4-H in another county and you are now wanting to enroll in Licking County 4-H, DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE. Please contact Adrienne with the names of the youth and the county where you were previously enrolled so that she can request your profile be moved to Licking County.

Creating a Profile for NEW Families:

  • Use the “I Need to Create a Profile” option to create your family’s profile. The email address that you use will be the one you will need to use to log in each time.
  • Once you have created your profile, you will need to “Add a Family Member” in the top right corner. All 4-H members should be added as a “youth”.

Enrolling a Youth:

  • In your family profile, select the “edit” button next to the name of the youth that you wish to enroll.
  • Scroll down and select “Enroll for 2019-2020”.
  • Ensure all contact and demographic information is correct. Make any updates needed.
  • Complete the authorizations page.
  • The club(s) you were enrolled in for 2019 will already be in the enrollment. If you are adding another club, add the club to your profile. If you are switching clubs, add the new club and then delete the old club.
  • Any projects you were enrolled in for 2019 will already be in the enrollment. If you are not taking a project in 2020 that you enrolled in for 2019, please delete that project (edit>delete). Having accurate project enrollment helps us better plan the number of judges we need for project judging.
  • When adding new projects, select the project from the drop-down menu and then click “Add Project”. Forgetting to click “Add Project” means your project will not be added to your enrollment. This step is very easy to miss when enrolling through a mobile device.
  • If your child is moving from Cloverbud to project member enrollment, you DO NOT need to create a new profile. Just delete the Cloverbud project in which they are enrolled and add the new projects they wish to take.
  • When the enrollment is complete, please hit the “Submit” button. Please only submit your enrollment if it is complete. If you are not sure which projects that child is taking, please just hit the “Continue” button but not the submit button. The system saves your enrollment progress each time you hit the continue button. Once you click the “Submit” button, that means your enrollment is complete and ready for Adrienne to approve. You can help save her time by waiting to click “Submit” until you know the enrollment is complete.

Helpful Tips and Resources

  • Help sheets, instructions, and a video can be found on the How to Join 4-H page.
  • Member Enrollment Worksheet: If you want to organize your youth’s enrollment before you go into the system, Adrienne has developed a worksheet that you can fill out to help you organize your youth’s projects. This one-page sheet may be especially helpful for families with multiple children, children who are in multiple clubs, or children who like to take several projects. The worksheet is NOT required and DOES NOT count as enrollment. It’s just a resource to help you organize your child’s enrollment and to make sure you signed them up for all of their projects. Use it as much as you like or not at all.
  • After your child’s enrollment has been approved by the county (you should get a form email from 4HOnline), please go back into the profile to check and make sure the projects are correct. You can do this by selecting the “Edit” button next to their name. Then click “Participation” at the top of the page and then select the “Projects” tab. You can make changes until April 1 when the system closes. After that, please contact Adrienne if there is a mistake that needs corrected.
  • If you have a child who is 18-years-old, the system will ask you if you want to enroll them as a youth or adult. Make sure you select “YOUTH”. If you enroll them as an adult, they system thinks they are an advisor. If you accidentally do this, please email Adrienne so she can fix it.
  • Cloverbuds should be enrolled in one of the Cloverbud Projects (710, 711, 715). It doesn’t matter which one you select, however, your advisor may have a preference so check with them.
  • All Licking County 4-H Band members should be enrolled in project “COP-Arts 1900 Performing Arts – 4-H Band”. This project is down towards the bottom of the list in the County Only Projects (COP).

If you have questions, please let Adrienne Anderson (anderson.1410@osu.edu) or Lisa McCutcheon (mccutcheon.46@osu.edu) know.

We look forward to having you involved in Licking County 4-H for 2020!

April 1st Livestock Update

In an effort to keep timely information coming to you and to help you stay on top of livestock deadlines, information, and care, we have compiled some of the species specific information that is usual shared at the Quality Assurance Training and Horse Safety and Ethics Programs. Please review these species highlights to ensure that you have the information you need. Please also check in with your advisors with your questions and needs as they arise.

April 1 Livestock Update

2020 Quality Assurance Training Livestock Species Packets

*NEW* The following packets are given out to attendees of species sessions at the Quality Assurance Trainings. If you were able to attend the Quality Assurance Training on March 11th at Ohio State Newark, you would have received one of these packets. These materials will also be shared at any Quality Assurance Trainings we hold once we are able to do so. The packets listed below have been updated to reflect dates/events as they are currently (as of April 1st) listed. Please keep in touch with your advisors as you have questions or need help with your livestock projects.








2020 Horse Safety & Ethics Packet

*NEW* 2020 Horse Safety & Ethics Packet – This packet was given out at the Horse Safety & Ethics Program. If you were able to attend the Horse Safety & Ethics Program on March 11 at Ohio State Newark, you would have received this packet. This packet has been updated with current (as of April 1, 2020) events/dates. This packet will be passed out at any Horse Safety & Ethics Program we will hold when we are able to do so.

Updated Horse Forms

The following forms have been updated to reflect new dates.

LC Horse & Pony Council 2020 Supplement – Updated – This supplement should be attached to the Current 2019 4-H Circular #179 “Uniform rules for 4-H Horse Shows” which including the following changes, shall constitute the rules under which all Licking County 4-H Horse Shows shall be conducted in Licking County.

Horse Ohio State Fair Representative – Updated – (Licking County 4-H PAS form) – Due with Horse ID paper.