Unclaimed Items from the Junior Fair Board Office and 4-H Center

There were several projects, books, and awards that were not claimed from the Junior Fair Board Office or the 4-H Center during fair. If you did not pick up your 4-H project from the miscellaneous booth in the 4-H Center, or your livestock project book or award from the Junior Fair Board Office during fair, those items have been taken to the Licking County OSU Extension Office. They can be picked up Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Any general lost and founds items were taken to the Senior Fair Board Office. You can call the fair office at 740.893.4881 if you’ve found that you have missing items to see if they were turned in there.

Lamb Cookoff and Shepherds Lead Contest

There are two great contests in the sheep department that you can participate in during the week of the fair. Both contests are open to both youth and adults!

The Lamb Cook-off will be held on Monday, August 5, 2019 at 4:00pm in Baird Arena. Rules and entry information can be found here.

The Shepherds Lead Contest will be held on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 in Grubb Arena at 4:00pm. Rules and entry information can be found here.

Local Food Cook-Offs at the Hartford Fair in the Natural Resources Area

Wednesday, August 7th at 3 pm

Win bragging rights and cool prizes!
Awards are given in each category per competition:

  • Best Tasting
  • Best Use of Local Ingredients


  • Pre-registration starts 30 minutes prior to competition.
  • Prepare recipe at home or in the campground.  Bring a copy with you to include with Registration Form.
  • Wild Game:  Recipe must include wild game or fish.
  • Sweets & Greens:  Sweets recipe must  include a sweet (such as fruit, honey); Greens recipe must include a green (such as lettuces, collards)
  • All items must be legally harvested, gathered, or purchased.
  • The HFNRA reserves the right to use the recipes for publication and recognition.
  • All ages welcome.
  •  One recipe/person/category; 3 categories are ‘Wild Game,’ ‘Sweets,’ and ‘Greens’
  •  HFNRA is not responsible for lost or broken cookware and recipes.
  • After judging, all entries must be made available for tasting by the audience.

Questions? Contact Licking Soil & Water at 740-670-5330 or Information@LickingSWCD.com.

2019 Hartford Fair Livestock Sales Brochure

Now is the perfect time for members who are planning to sell their livestock projects during the sales at the 2019 Hartford Fair to send out letters to potential buyers. A helpful item to include with your letters is the 2019 Hartford Fair Livestock Sales Brochure. The Sale Brochure gives the dates, times, and locations of the three sales that will occur throughout the week. It also gives information on how the sales work and what to expect as a buyer. This information can be helpful to potential buyers, especially if it is their first time participating in the sales.

2019 Hartford Fair 4-H & FFA Project Skillathon & Interview Judging Schedule

The 2019 Hartford Fair 4-H and FFA project skillathon and interview judging schedule can be found here. Please check this schedule for correct dates, times and locations as not all of the information on skillathons in the Hartford Fair Premium book are correct. Please make sure that you know the correct skillathon schedule so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to participate.

Hartford Fair Verification Forms

Verification forms for all Hartford Fair Entries should be mailed out by July 13th. Please watch for your verification forms to arrive in the mail. When you receive your forms, please review them to ensure that they are correct. It is helpful to compare them with the Official Hartford Fair Premium Book to ensure that you entered the classes and lots that you intended to. If you find a mistake, contact the Hartford Fair Office immediately to have it fixed. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER JULY 20TH. If you do not receive a verification form within a reasonable time period, please contact the fair office to check about your entries.

If your address has changed since you submitted your 4-H enrollment in the spring, please let us know as soon as possible by calling our office at 740-670-5315 so we can update your information and to update it with the fair as well so all correspondences, including your verification forms, will arrive at the correct address.

Rabbit and Poultry Project Upcoming Registration Reminder

Are you exhibiting in the Junior Breeding Rabbit or Market Rabbit or Poultry at the 2019 Hartford Fair?

If your answer is yes, we can’t wait to see you July 13, 2019!

All junior breeding rabbit or market poultry and rabbit projects to be eligible for the 2019 Hartford must be brought to registration on July 13, 2019 in the rabbit and poultry barn 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The rabbit or poultry project must be brought to the fairgrounds and checked in by an exhibitor or someone representing the exhibitor to be eligible. Rabbit exhibitors please fill out the registration form and bring with your rabbit to registration to help speed up the process.

All rabbits are required to be tattooed and poultry projects must be banded. There will be tattooing and banding offered by the Rabbit and Poultry Committee at registration, tattooing is $1.00 per rabbit or poultry entry. All rabbits to be exhibited

Junior breeding rabbits are those under 6 months of age at the 2019 fair.

If an exhibitor or a representative for them is UNABLE to bring their project to registration the fair board must be notified by end of day on July 12, 2019. If notice is not received, the project is not eligible to for the 2019 Hartford Fair.

Notice is to be sent to rabbitpoultry@hartfordfair.com. The email notice should include the following:
Exhibitors name, phone number, 4-H Club, and project information (ex breed of rabbit or market and tattoo).

If you have any questions please send an email to rabbitpoultry@hartfordfair.com.

Hartford Fair Entries Due Soon

All 2019 Hartford Fair entries are due by 5:00pm on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Entry blanks can be found in the Official Hartford Fair Premium Book or on the Hartford Fair Website.

Please remember that all Junior Fair Entries must be signed by your club advisor. If the entry is for a livestock project, the advisor signing the entry form must have attended an approved Quality Assurance training by the June 1 deadline. Should you need information on the number of animals that you can exhibit for each species, please refer to the Livestock Requirements Summary. This document also has important dates such as taggings, weigh-ins, and possession dates.

Non-livestock projects that are to be displayed in the 4-H Center should be entered on the Junior Fair Still Project Entry Form. If your club will have a booth to display projects, your entry form should be given to your advisor so that your advisor can turn all of the club’s entries for the club booth in together. Advisors should fill out the club booth entry form and turn in the club’s entries in an alphabetized stack with the club booth entry form on top of the stack.

An example of a Junior Fair Still Project Entry Form for those displaying their project(s) in their club’s booth…

If your club will not have a booth and you would like to display your still project in the Miscellaneous Booth in the 4-H Center, please fill out and turn in the Junior Fair Still Project Entry Form.

An example of a Junior Fair Still Project Entry Form for those displaying their project(s) in the Miscellaneous Booth…

If you do not turn in your fair entries by the June 29, 2019 deadline, late entries can still be turned in up to July 13, 2019 with a $10 late fee per entry.