IMPORTANT: Licking County 4-H Enrollments Due April 1st!

All Licking County 4-H Enrollments must be submitted in 4hOnline by midnight on Monday, April 1st, 2019. If you plan to enroll in Licking County 4-H for 2019 and have not done so already, please do so as soon as possible.

Some families have reported having trouble logging into 4hOnline. The system has told them that the county is not taking online enrollments at this time. We are not sure why it is doing that, but trying some of the following things has seemed to work for those having issues.

  • Type “” directly into the address bar in the browser instead of following the link from the website.
  • Instead of clicking “Ohio” to go to the Ohio 4hOnline page, use the login to the top right of the page. Select “Registrant” put in your email and password, select “Ohio 4-H Youth Development” from the dropdown list and then “Family” from the second dropdown list.
  • Type in the email and password, don’t copy and paste.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Clear out your web browser’s cookies or hit CTRL and F5 to refresh your browser so it isn’t pulling old info.

If you still have trouble after trying these options, please email Adrienne at

Several enrollments have come through without projects. Please remember to click the “Add Project” button underneath the project dropdown. If you don’t click this button after each project is selected, the system will not add the project. If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you will likely have to scroll down to see the “Add Project” button. You can also check to make sure all of the projects are there by scrolling down as they should populate into a list below as you hit the “Add Project” button.

Help sheets and a video can be found here.

2019 4hOnline Enrollment

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to enroll your children for 2019! Enrollments are due April 1st! For those who were enrolled last year and who are remaining with the same club, your family should receive a bright green postcard that has your login information along with a few helpful hints and reminders. The website to login is Below are some helpful reminds as well as some situations you may fall into and what to do if you are in that situation.

Logging In:

Please take the time NOW to log into the system to make sure you can do so. Please do not wait until the last minute to log in because if you have an issue or don’t remember your password, it will take time to fix. DO NOT CREATE A SECOND FAMILY PROFILE. Anyone who has been enrolled in 4-H at any point from 2014 to present should already have a profile in the system.

If you remember your password from last year: Log in using your email address and then enroll each child who is participating for this year.

If you forgot your password: Use the “I Forgot My Password” option to have a temporary password sent to your email address which will allow you to log in and then set a new password. You can then enroll your children.

If you forgot your password and you no longer have access to the email address you used last year: Please email Adrienne at with the name(s) of your child(ren) and the new email you wish to use and she will change the email address in the system. You will then follow the “I Forgot My Password” option to set a new password.

Joining a Club:

If you’re remaining in the same club as last year: Last year’s club(s) will automatically be in each child’s enrollment.

You’re switching clubs: When you enroll each child, please delete the current club listed and add the new club in the participation section of the enrollment process.

You’re joining a second/third club: Add each additional club under the participation section in each child’s enrollment.

If your children have been enrolled in Licking County 4-H in the past, but were not enrolled last year, your children are likely “archived” in the system. Please contact Adrienne at so that she can reactivate them so that you can enroll them for 2019.

Adding Projects:

Last year’s projects will automatically populate in each child’s enrollment. If your child is taking the same project again this year (i.e. 139 Market Hog), you can leave the project there. If you have a project listed that you took last year but are not taking this year, please delete the project. When adding projects, be sure to click the “Add Project” button after you select each project from the drop down menu.

Moving Out of Licking County or Into Licking County:

If you are moving out of Licking County into a different county program: Please email Adrienne at with your children’s names and which county you are moving to and she can move your profile to that county.

If you are moving into Licking County from another county program: Please contact your current county’s office and ask them to move your profile to Licking County.

Submitting Enrollments:

Please do not submit your child’s enrollment until you are certain it is complete. It will change the status to “pending”. Once the enrollment has been reviewed at our county office, it will either be approved or sent back to you. If it is approved, the status will change to “active”. If it is sent back to you, an email as to why it was sent back (i.e. no projects are listed) will be sent to you so that you can fix the enrollment and resubmit it.

Once an enrollment is submitted and approved, you will no longer be able to add/delete clubs. Any of those changes must be done through our office. You can, however, add/delete projects up until the April 1st deadline. After that, all project changes must be done through our office. No changes will be made after April 30th.

Help Sheets:

Help sheets as well as a video can be found on our How to Join 4-H page.



Choosing Your Goat Project When Exhibiting at the Hartford Fair & Enrolling in 4hOnline

If you need help deciding in which goat project to enroll in order to show at the Hartford Fair, please reference the Licking County 4-H Goat Projects: Choosing Your Project When Exhibiting at the Hartford Fair & Enrolling in 4-H Online fact sheet online. If you still have questions about which goat project you should enroll in, please contact our office before the April 1st enrollment deadline.

Livestock Requirements for Showing in Junior Classes at the Ohio State Fair

If you plan to show livestock in Junior classes at the Ohio State Fair, please be sure to read through the requirements brochure found here.

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: You must be enrolled in the 4-H project for that species in order to be eligible to show it at the Ohio State Fair, regardless of whether you can show that project at the Hartford Fair. Example: There are no breeding swine classes at the Hartford Fair, but if you wish to show in Junior Breeding Swine at the Ohio State Fair, you MUST be enrolled 140 Swine Breeding Project. If you do not enroll in this project, you would only be eligible to show in Open Swine Breeding classes. Please keep this in mind when choosing your projects for enrollment. You must also meet all the county requirements as well (enrolled by April 1st, attend a Quality Assurance Training by June 1st, be a member in good standing, etc).

If you have questions, please check with us prior to the April 1st enrollment deadline.

Welcome to Licking County 4-H for 2018!

Welcome to 4-H for 2018! We are excited to have you as part of our program this year. Something new that we are starting is this blog that you are reading. We will post updates, events, opportunities and other information here so that it will arrive to your inbox once a week. This way, you can know what is going on in 4-H and have the information and updates you need in a timely fashion. We hope that this will be a beneficial addition to the program as a way to keep you up-to-date on everything you or your child needs to know in order to have an excellent year.