7th World Conference of Chinese Studies–cfp

World Conference of Chinese Studies 7, Aug 25-27, 2023
Poznan, Berlin & Changsha, registration until April 30

Dear colleagues,

In case you have no plans for the end of your summer holiday yet, and if you don’t mind a trip to Europe, I recommend to register for our 7th World Conference of Chinese Studies before the deadline April 30 here: http://bit.ly/WACS_7 .
This year, the conference is hosted by the Institute of Oriental Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. It will take place Aug 25-26 there and the last conference day Aug 27 will take place in Berlin, Media Design University. If your classes will start on Monday Aug 28, you may arrive a few days early to visit the Old City Centre of Poznan and attend only the first conference day(s) in Poznan to make sure you are back in time. There is a conference bus from Poznan to Berlin. We hope to get 100 speakers, conference language is English. Although panel proposals are welcome, in the last years individual papers were the majority and they were grouped into panels by the selection committee, accommodating individual flight schedules. Any topic in Sinology or China/Chinese Studies is welcome. The main idea of these conferences is to save flight time (and carbon emissions) for both, US and Chinese colleagues. There will be a parallel session at Hunan Normal University, Changsha streamed live, for those who cannot leave China. The discussions are lively and rewarding for all sides. Several young Chinese scholars, reflecting on their participation in recent years, called the variety of critical perspectives life changing. Here is the invitation letter in both English and Chinese: http://china-studies.com/wacs/2023_en.pdf

Martin Woesler <martin@woesler.de>

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