China and Global History — cfp

Call for Contributions
“China and Global History” International Online Workshop
1-3. September 2021

Main organizer: Sebestyén Hompot (Ph.D. Candidate of Sinology at the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria)

Co-organizers: Tanja Kotik (Ph.D. Candidate of Contemporary History, University of Graz, Austria), Sabine Hinrichs (Ph.D. Candidate of Sinology at the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, Austria)

Since the late 20th century, the concept of “Global History” has gained increasing popularity in Western academia. Global History generally denotes a perspective of history which includes various levels of analysis beyond the nation-state-focused mainstream of modern-era historiography. In recent decades, translations of the term and discussions of its relevance have increasingly entered the academic discourse in China as well.

The aim of the present workshop is to support academic networking, exchange, and discussion among young researchers interested in China-related global history and historiography. Participants will be invited to present their research and act as commentators, as well as session chairs. Continue reading

Cui Zi’en workshop

May be an image of Zien Cui, sitting and indoorZoom Workshop on: “Queering What Is Left of Queer: The Work of Cui Zi’en.”
April 14, 8:00–9:30 PM EDT
Featuring: Lisa Rofel, UC Santa Cruz; Petrus Liu, Boston University; and Cui Zi’en, film director, producer, film scholar, screenwriter, novelist, and LGBT activist
Sponsored by the CCK Foundation Inter-University Center for Sinological Studies
Registration required:…/tJYofuuvpjooEtSmEMjFordSbpKC9uep…

Living the Socialist Modern

Dear Students, dear Colleagues, dear Friends!

2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party. What did it mean to “live with the Specter”, to experience what one might call the making of the “Socialist Modern” that found a first point of culmination with the foundation of the CCP in 1921?

You are cordially invited to the digital lecture series Living the Socialist Modern: The Chinese Communist Party at 100—Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives organized by the Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) in Heidelberg, in cooperation with the ERC-funded research project READCHINA: The Politics of Reading in the People’s Republic of China in Freiburg and the European Institute for Chinese Studies (EURICS) in Paris. Continue reading

Jiang Qing’s Last Revolution lecture series

Dear Colleagues: The Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna is pleased to invite you to the virtual lecture series JIANG QING’S LAST REVOLUTION: EXPLORING ALTERNATIVE UNDERSTANDINGS OF CHINA’S PAST (April-June, 2021). Six outstanding international speakers will present their contribution to alternative ways of looking at China’s controversial past.

Presentation abstracts can be found on the Sinology homepage under “Events” (abstracts will be available one week before the corresponding talk).

Looking forward to welcoming you there!

Kind regards

Silvia Salino, BA, MA
Pre-doc assistant
Department of East Asian Studies
University of Vienna

Global Storytelling–cfp

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to announce a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, Global Storytelling: Journal of Digital and Moving Images, founded by Editor-in-Chief Ying Zhu, edited at Hong Kong Baptist University, and published at University of Michigan. The journal invites submissions that engage with the affect (emotional engagement) and effect (social impact) of audiovisual storytelling across all audiovisual platforms and encompasses multiple methodological approaches. For more info see our temporary journal homepage here.

You can find our open call for papers here. Please submit through this web portal (or email

We also invite submissions for a special issue on serial narrative, entitled “Streaming and Seriality”, described here.

If you are interested in being our peer-reviewers, please email your name, a link to a CV or webpage describing your background, and a list of topics you are interested in and qualified to review to

We look forward to hearing from all!

Dorothy Lau, Managing Editor
Jonathan Frome, Associate Managing Editor

2021 Society of Sinophone Studies conference

Event Announcement: 2021 Society of Sinophone Studies Inaugural Conference
Multisensory Dissent and Alliance Building (April 22-24; Zoom)

Inaugural Keynote: Shu-mei Shih, “Major and Minor Commons in Empire”
Friday, April 23, 13:00-14:30 PDT

The conference is free and open to all SSS members. To register for your free membership:

Queer Taiwan and Historical Difference

Event Announcement: At the Edge of the Sea: Queer Taiwan and Historical Difference

Join us for a conversation on new ways of thinking about Taiwan’s past and future. Exploring regional diversity and global connections, four panelists draw on a range of cultural repertoire to diagnose the stakes of queer narration and Taiwan’s historical difference in the world.

Forum speakers include Eno Chen (National Chengchi University), Fan-Ting Cheng (National Taiwan University), Ta-wei Chi (National Chengchi University), and Wen Liu (Academia Sinica).

Forum discussants include Amy Brainer (University of Michigan-Dearborn) and Ying-Chao Kao (Virginia Commonwealth University).

Event Organizer & Contact: Howard Chiang (

Time: April 28, 2021 6pm in Pacific Time
Zoom Registration Link

A Conference in Honor of Wang Zheng

Gender in Chinese Studies: A Conference in Honor of Wang Zheng

Join us as we celebrate the career and contributions of Wang Zheng, pioneering feminist and scholar, beloved teacher, and esteemed colleague!

This conference features papers by her former students as well as current graduate students, and a keynote address by Gail Hershatter (Distinguished Professor of History, UC Santa Cruz). We will reflect on the development of Chinese gender studies, past and present, and explore future directions for research. This conference is sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Department and the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan.

Schedule overview (times in EDT):

9:30 am–Welcome
10:00 am–Panel #1 (“Archives and History”)
12 noon–Keynote address, Gail Hershatter
2:00 pm–Panel #2 (“Scholarship and Activism”)

10:00 am–UM graduate student panel (“Future Directions”)
11:10 am–Lunch and mingle
1:00 pm–Panel #3 (“Interspecies, Affects, and Boundary Pushing”)
2:45–Closing remarks by Wang Zheng

NOTE: Advance registration is required for this free Zoom event. Visit this link to register.

For the most up-to-date details on participants, papers, and abstracts, please see our Google Doc schedule.

Between Mobility and Place-making (1)

“Between Mobility and Place-making: The Worlds of Southeast Asia in Modern Chinese Literature”
A virtual workshop in three sessions, beginning on March 19 8-10 PM EDT (March 20 8:10 AM SST), held over Zoom (registration required)

Zoom registration link:

March 19 (Fri.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 20 8-10 AM SST)]

David Der-wei Wang (Harvard), “Of Wind, Soil, and Water: The Mesology of Sinophone Southeast Asian Literature ”

Shuang Shen (PSU), “Mahua and Sinhua Literature as Inter-imperial Formation”

March 25 (Thu.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 26 8-10 AM SST)]

Kien Ket Lim (NCTU), “Deconstructing the Sinophone”

Khor Boon Eng (UTAR), “Counter-discourse: The Strategy of the Minorities Representation in Sinophone Malaysian Literature”

March 26 (Fri.), 8-10PM EDT [(March 27 8-10 AM SST)]

Brian Bernards (USC), “The Iridescent Corner: Sinophone Flash Fiction in Singapore”

Carlos Rojas (Duke), “Becoming Semi-wild: Chang Kuei-hsing’s Monkey Cup”

PAMLA 2021 Asian lit and culture session–cfp

The 118th Annual Conference of PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association) will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada between Thursday, November 11 and Sunday, November 14, 2021 at the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and Virtually (Online). The Asian Literature and Culture session welcomes proposals on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Asian literature and culture, with particular consideration granted to papers that engage with the conference theme of “City of God, City of Destruction.” Other topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:

  • Asian urbanities
  • cyberpunk
  • ecocriticism
  • geopolitics of storytelling
  • memory, trauma, nostalgia
  • place-making and identity (re)formation
  • spaces of encounter
  • urbanization, migration, and displacement
  • utopias and dystopias
  • new readings of classical literature

Submissions may be made at the following URL by April 15:

For more information about the conference, please visit

Ying Bao

Taiwan Lit–cfp

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Taiwan Lit!

We are excited to circulate Calls for Submissions for two new series in our journal’s Special Topic section. These series are guest-edited by Laura Jo-Han Wen and Mao-shan Huang, respectively, on the following themes: “Taiwan in Visual Culture and Transmedia Representations” and 「《侯孝賢的凝視:抒情傳統、文本互涉與文化政治》書評論壇」.

As we continue developing and improving, we have recently added two new pages to the Taiwan Lit website, “Contributors” and “Archive.” You may now access a contributor’s bio either through the navigation panel or by clicking on the author’s name at the top of the posts. The “Archive” stores our past newsletters, in which you can view the tables of contents from all the back issues.

Yours truly,

Taiwan Lit Editorial Team


Taiwan Lit 向讀者問候!

我們很高興在此為Taiwan Lit 的兩個新專輯發佈徵稿啟事。這兩個專輯分別由客座主編溫若含及黃茂善所籌備,主題為:“Taiwan in Visual Culture and Transmedia Representations” 和 「《侯孝賢的凝視:抒情傳統、文本互涉與文化政治》書評論壇」。 Continue reading

Inaugural Conference of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies

Dear Colleagues,

We will kick off the online Inaugural Conference of the Association for Chinese Animation Studies at 9am on March 1 (Monday, Hong Kong time). The conference is open to the public for free. You are cordially invited to attend the conference.

Here is the conference program.

Here is the registration page.

We hope to see you soon on March 1.


Daisy Yan Du
Associate Professor
Division of Humanities
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2021 Newman Symposium featuring Yan Lianke

Dear Friends,

Please register for the 2021 Newman Symposium featuring Yan Lianke 阎连科 that will take place 8:00pm-9:30pm Eastern Time on March 18 (Thursday). We are excited to have four Yan Lianke scholars (Howard Choy, Shelley Chan, Eric Abrahamsen, and Carlos Rojas) to talk about the 7th Newman laureate from different perspectives.

Registration link:

Ping Zhu

Contemporary China Centre events

New Perspectives and Community Voices on British Chinese Heritage
University of Westminster | Difference Festival 2021
Contemporary China Centre
Tuesday 23 February 15:00-16:30

New perspectives and community voices on British Chinese heritage: an afternoon in London’s Chinatown…/new-perspectives-and…

Experience multiple layers of meaning of London’s Chinatown with an introduction to the heritage practice of diasporic Chinese in Europe and around the world, a primer on London’s two Chinese communities and how they developed into Soho’s Chinatown, and hear of heritage and community projects underway to support the area while it’s under significant pandemic pressure. Join academic, practitioner and community voices, organised jointly by China Exchange and HOMELandS, to “visit” the area and hear new perspectives on the ways in which this iconic area of the Capital is fighting for survival and for its heritage to be recorded and recognised.

The event will be facilitated by Cangbai Wang (humanities, University of Westminster) with Giulio Verdini (Architecture and City, University of Westminster), Freya Aitken-Turff (China Exchange) and Xiao Ma (doctoral researcher, Humanities)

Once you book your ticket, the link to the event will be sent closer to the date. Continue reading

5th World Conference of Chinese Studies–cfp

Invitation to participate in the 5th World Conference of Chinese Studies 第五屆世界漢學論壇 (Aug 2021, Witten & Brussels) focusing on literature and humanities as well as on Chinese society in transition

The annual meetings of the World Association for Chinese Studies every August gather 100 to 150 speakers at two places in Europe. One of the two places being Witten/Herdecke University in Germany, the other one this year (August 7-9, 2021) is Brussels in Belgium, after Vienna, Paris and London the years before. The meetings breath a unique spirit, bringing Chinese and international scholars together in discussions, showing different approaches and attitudes like in a magnifying glass. The experience for both, mainland Chinese scholars and international scholars is rewarding. Several young Chinese scholars, reflecting on their participation in recent years, called the variety of critical perspectives life changing.

The idea arose from the desire to save Chinese and American colleagues half the flight distance so that they do not have to spend half a day each time to meet in the USA or China. In addition, such a meeting in the summer in Europe has the very special charm of exploring the old world: Some scholars extend their stay to enjoy a visit to European capitals. Scheduling in August enables US colleagues to combine their participation with a summer vacation and Chinese colleagues to take a deep breath before the start of the semester. Continue reading