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African and Asian Studies

The journal presents a scholarly account of studies of individuals and societies in Africa and Asia. Its scope is to publish original research by social scientists in the area of anthropology, sociology, history, political science and related social sciences about African and Asian societies and cultures and their relationships. The journal focuses on problems and possibilities, past and future. Where possible, comparisons are made between countries and continents.

The American Asian Review (St. John’s University)

General theme of modernization of East Asian; has published articles on literature; stopped publishing in 2003]

The American Journal of Chinese Studies

The official publication of the American Association for Chinese Studies. Published twice a year (in April and October), the Journal invites the submission of original articles on Taiwan and mainland China in all disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. All articles are refereed for acceptance. Literature reviews are invited. General focus: political science,sometimes literature and culture]

ASIANetwork Exchange: A Journal for Asian Studies in the Liberal Arts

The ASIANetwork Exchange is a peer-reviewed publication, catering primarily to faculty appointed in liberal arts institutions with programs in Asian Studies. The ASIANetwork Exchange seeks to publish current research, as well as high-quality pedagogical essays written by specialists and non-specialists alike. We are particularly interested in publishing articles, book and media reviews that address the needs of the undergraduate classroom.

Asian Anthropology (Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2002-)

Seeks to bring interesting and exciting new anthropological research on Asia to a global audience. Until now, anthropologists writing on a range of Asian topics in English but seeking a global audience have had to depend largely on Western-based journals to publish their works. Given the increasing number of indigenous anthropologists and anthropologists based in Asia, it seems a very appropriate time to establish a new anthropology journal that is refereed on a global basis but that is editorially Asian-based. ASIAN ANTHROPOLOGY is editorially based in Hong Kong, but welcomes contributions from anthropologists and anthropology-related scholars throughout the world with an interest in Asia, especially East and Southeast Asia. While the language of the journal is English, we also seek original works translated into English, which will facilitate greater participation and scholarly exchange. The journal will provide a forum for anthropologists working on Asia, in the broadest sense of the term “Asia.”]

Asian Culture (The Singapore Society of Asian Studies, Singapore)

The official journal of the Singapore Society of Asian Studies, was first published in February 1983. It had since been published two issues every year until 1990 when it has become an annual journal. From 1983 to 2007, a total of 31 issues were published.

Asian Journal of Social Sciences

Published continuously since it was launched in 1973, the Asian Journal of Social Science provides a forum for exploring issues in Southeast Asian societies. Contributions are from anthropology, economics, geography, history, language and literature, political science, psychology and sociology. The Asian Journal of Social Science is unique in three ways: (i) It is the only Asia-wide journal of the social sciences. All other journals dealing with Asia tend to be area studies journals and focus on a particular discipline or part of Asia. The Asian Journal of Social Science, however, covers the Asian region and has a social science focusing on theoretical issues of the social sciences in the context of Asian empirical realities; (ii) The Asian Journal of Social Science does not restrict itself to coverage of Asian topics. Articles written by people from the region are also accepted. (iii) The journal publishes book reviews and review essays of works published in the various languages of Asia as well as other languages in which there is social scientific literature on Asian topics.

Asian Highlands Perspectives

Asian Highlands Perspectives is a trans-disciplinary journal focusing on the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding regions, including the Southeast Asian Massif, Himalayan Massif, the Extended Eastern Himalayas, the Mongolian Plateau, and other contiguous areas. The editors believe that cross-regional commonalities in history, culture, language, and socio-political context invite investigations of an interdisciplinary nature not served by current academic forums. The journal will be of relevance to scholars with regional interests – Sinologists, Tibetologists, South and Southeast Asianists – and those interested in grounded theory, interdisciplinary studies, and collaborative scholarship.

Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society

Asian Journal of Literature, Culture and Society is a peer-reviewed international journal published biannually in April and October as an organ of the Graduate School of English at Assumption University of Thailand. It seeks to foster the discussion and dissemination of research and creative writing in the Arts and Humanities that offer new ways of perceiving and representing the place of Asia in the world of letters and the links between societies and cultures through the medium of literature. It also welcomes studies that focus on the role of education in the Humanities so as to develop a wider understanding of current issues in the world of letters.

Asian Libraries: The Library and Information Management Journal for Asia and the Pacific

Asian Survey (East Asian Studies, University of California)

The only academic journal of its kind produced in the United States, Asian Survey provides a comprehensive retrospective of contemporary international relations within South, Southeast, and East Asian nations. As the Asian community’s matrix of activities becomes increasingly complex, it is essential to have a sourcebook for sound analysis of current events, governmental policies, socio-economic development, and financial institutions. In Asian Survey you’ll find that sourcebook.

Asian Studies Review (Asian Studies Association of Australia)

Adopts a contemporary approach to critical studies of Asia and welcomes new research in related disciplines. Areas covered include recent academic explorations in cultural studies, film and media studies, popular and youth cultures, queer studies, diasporic studies, transnational and globalisation studies, health sciences, and the environment. The journal is multidisciplinary and welcomes contributions in the fields anthropology, history, economics, politics, sociology, language and literature, philosophy, religion, human geography, international relations, gender and sexuality studies. Asian Studies Review also includes review articles and book reviews. Asian Studies Review is associated with the Asian Studies Association of Australia (, a professional organisation with over 500 members devoted to the study of all aspects of Asia.

British Columbia Asian Review

A refereed annual journal primarily for graduate research, Department of Asian Studies, Asian Centre, University of British Columbia. Has, since 2006, “temporarily” suspended publication

Beijing Spring (北京之春)

A monthly Chinese-language magazine dedicated to the promotion of human rights, democracy and social justice in China, has been in continuous publication since June 1993. Published in the US.

Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars [see Critical Asian Studies, below]

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London)

The leading interdisciplinary journal on Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. It carries unparalleled coverage of the languages, cultures and civilisations of these regions from ancient times to the present. Publishing articles, review articles, notes and communications of the highest academic standard, it also features an extensive and influential reviews section and an annual index.

China: An International Journal (Singapore) [Project Muse journal]

Based outside China, America and Europe, CIJ aims to present diverse international perceptions and frames of reference on contemporary China, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. We hope to help China scholars keep abreast of developments in a wide range of fields pertaining to China Studies. We welcome cutting edge research articles (10,000 words), comments and notes related mainly to policy formulation and implementation (5,000 words), and review articles (10,000-word reviews of 3 or more books on the same topic). The unique final section of this journal offers a chronology and listing of key documents pertaining to developments in relations between China and the 10 ASEAN member-states.

China Brief (The Jamestown Foundation)

China Brief is a primary source of timely information and cutting-edge analysis for policy-makers, intelligence and military personnel, academics, journalists, and business leaders. It is published under the direction of Dr. Arthur Waldron at the University of Pennsylvania and is edited by L.C. Russell Hsiao. In addition to its audience in the United States, China Brief is widely-read in East Asia, where articles are regularly translated and reprinted in leading newspapers, journals, and websites. Through the use of indigenous sources and detailed and objective analysis, China Brief keeps U.S. public and private sector decision-makers alike informed of developments and trends in China. Writers include Senior Fellow Willy Wo-Lap Lam, Drew Thompson, Wenran Jiang, and other experts, many of whom are based in Asia.

China Heritage (New Zealand)

China Heritage is a continuation and expansion of the China Heritage Project established by Geremie R. Barmé in 2005 and the e-journal China Heritage Quarterly which appeared under the auspices of that project from 2005 until 2012. China Heritage is also the online home of the Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology 白水書院, conceived by John Minford and Geremie R. Barmé, and its projects. The Academy is based in the Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand. Its other web sites, A New Sinology ReaderChina Heritage Annual and The Story of the Stone site, will be launched during the course of 2017: (1) China Heritage Annual is a New Series that revives China Heritage Quarterly, which went into abeyance in 2012. The first issue of the Annual, guest edited with Yayun Zhu 朱亞運 and William Sima, focusses on Nanking 南京. Future issues will cover such topics as: ‘Hong Kong, The Best China’, ‘Translated China’, ‘Fakes, Phonies, Forgeries, Facsimiles and Follies’, ‘Chinese Food: A World in Five Flavours’ and the city of Changchun 長春. (2) A New Sinology Reader develops the ideas first proposed by Geremie R. Barmé with the founding of the China Heritage Project, and which informed the creation of the Australian Centre on China in the World. The Reader will feature guided readings in New Sinology. (3) The Story of the Stone site, edited by John Minford, will offer a historically informed guide to China’s most famous novel, also known as The Dream of the Red Chamber 紅樓夢.

China Information: A Journal on Contemporary China Studies (Leiden, The Netherlands)

China Information presents timely and in-depth analyses of major developments in contemporary China and overseas Chinese communities in the areas of politics, economics, law, ecology, culture, and society, including literature and the arts. China Information pays special attention to views and areas that do not receive sufficient attention in the mainstream discourse on contemporary China. It encourages discussion and debate between different academic traditions, offers a platform to express controversial and dissenting opinions, and promotes research that is historically sensitive and contemporarily relevant. The journal’s mission to promote exchanges between different academic traditions is reflected in its awareness of the important contributions made by scholars outside the Anglo-Saxon world. It actively seeks to reflect the diversity of scholarships and research agendas in America, Europe, Japan, and China. The journal includes book reviews that cover publications from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, France, and the German-speaking areas. In addition, China Information transcends the conventional boundaries between social sciences and humanities and encourages cross-fertilization between disciplines.

The China Journal (formerly, The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs, Canberra)

The China Journal is a refereed, scholarly publication that focuses on topics relating to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan since 1949, plus studies of the major issues that contribute to understanding of Communist Party history and contemporary events. For more than two decades the Journal has provided informed and insightful commentary from China scholars world-wide. It enjoys a substantial international readership and, as shown by their comments, is regarded by many academics as well as persons involved in business and government as the most interesting journal in the field. In addition to a wide range of articles, the Journal also carries book reviews of all the important books published on modern China. The Journal is published twice yearly — in January and July — by the Contemporary China Centre at the Australian National University.

China Left Review

A bilingual web-journal brought to you by the China Study Group. Our purpose is to stimulate discussion and collaboration between left-leaning scholars and activists in Chinese and English-speaking worlds. We seek to do this by compiling, translating, and commenting on a variety of works related to controversial and pressing social issues. Our focus is on China, including both the struggles of China’s subordinated classes in today’s capitalist context, as well as the lessons, positive and negative, that yesterday’s socialist experiments provide for those struggles. But we hope also to explore how such struggles and lessons relate to the struggles of people everywhere oppressed by capitalism, patriarchy, and racism, and to contribute to the global circulation of struggles toward building a more just, sustainable, and inclusive world.

China Perspectives (Centre d’Etudes Francais sur la Chine contemporaine, HK)

China Perspectives was launched in 1995 by Michel Bonnin (Chief Editor from 1995 to 1998), Jean-Philippe Béja and Raphaël Jacquet. It is the sister publication of Perspectives chinoises, French-language academic journal created in 1992. Interdisciplinary in orientation, China Perspectives provides in-depth analyses of current changes and perspectives in the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. China Perspectives is an academic journal based on anonymous peer review. Its editorial board is made up of scholars from renowned international institutions. Contributions typically present first-hand research on developments in the field, while contextualizing it within the larger intellectual trends that shape the understanding of China today. A serious yet readable journal, China Perspectives has already proven essential for sinologists and Asia analysts, but its wide-ranging perspectives and highly informative articles will be of interest to anyone keen on furthering their knowledge about Greater China.

The China Quarterly (SOAS, University of London)

The China Quarterly is the leading scholarly journal in its field, covering all aspects of contemporary China including Taiwan. Its interdisciplinary approach covers a range of subjects including anthropology/sociology, literature and the arts, business/economics, geography, history, international affairs, law, and politics. Edited to rigorous standards by scholars of the highest repute, the journal publishes high-quality, authoritative research, keeping readers up to date with events in China. International in scholarship, The China Quarterly provides readers with historical perspectives, in-depth analyses, and a deeper understanding of China and Chinese culture. In addition to major articles and research reports, each issue contains a comprehensive Book Review section, and also a Quarterly Chronicle, which keeps readers informed of events in and affecting China.

The China Review (Hong Kong)

The China Review is a continuation of China Review, an annual publication of The Chinese University Press since 1990. The new journal will be published twice a year in March and September; like its predecessor,it is a scholarly journal covering various disciplines of study on Greater China and its people, namely, domestic politics and international relations; society, business and economic development; modern history, the arts and cultural studies. Teachers, scholars, researchers, journalists and students interested in the developments of China will find this publication a comprehensive and indispensable tool.

China Review International (University of Hawaii) [PROJECT MUSE LINK]

A Journal of Reviews of Scholarly Literature in Chinese Studies. Soon to be four times a year, China Review International presents timely, English-language reviews of recently published China-related books and monographs from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, the U.S., and elsewhere. Its multidisciplinary scope and international coverage make it an indispensable tool for all those interested in Chinese culture and civilization, and enable the sinologist to keep abreast of cutting-edge scholarship in Chinese studies.

Chinese Cross Currents (神州交流) [journal of the Macau Ricci Institute; began publication in 2004]

Established in 1999 at the time of the Macau handover to direct Chinese administration, the Macau Ricci Institute, faithful to the purpose of its foundation, has decided to start the publication of a bilingual Chinese-English quarterly: Chinese Cross Currents. The crossing of cultural currents between China and the West originated in Macau at the time of the European Renaissance. Yet, these contacts and exchanges between various European countries and China have faced many and well-known impediments. The language barrier, although overcome by some brilliant personalities early on, was not the only one. Different worldviews and understandings of the meaning of human life were at stake, which to all appearances made mutual comprehension and, above all, appreciation all the more difficult. In the twentieth century, the end of Imperial China was followed by an unstable Republican era, and ultimately the chaos of civil war and World War II. Overshadowed by the Cold War power game, the revolutionary birth of contemporary China did not put an end to confrontation in domestic and world affairs. With the policies and principles of reform and opening to the outside world advocated by Deng Xiaoping, things have been changing gradually for the past 25 years, mostly for the better and at a more rapid pace at the turn of the century. The accession of China to the World Trade Organization bears witness to the intensification of exchanges between China and the rest of the world. But exchanges are not exclusively commercial, and more often than not lack the communicational dimension that information per se is unable to foster. Chinese Cross Currents wishes to contribute to these exchanges and to offer a new platform where contemporary currents of thought in the various fields of today’s Chinese society and culture express themselves and are presented, in the Chinese world and abroad, to a wide readership.

The Chinese Historical Review (formerly Chinese Historians, journal of the Chinese Historians in the United States)

The Chinese Historical Review (ISSN 1547-402X) is a fully refereed and vigorously edited transnational journal of history with issues appearing in March and November each year. The journal publishes original research on the history of China in every period, China’s historical relations with the world, the historical experiences of the overseas Chinese, as well as comparative studies of history. Its Forum section features interviews with leading historians and discussion of issues concerning the profession of teaching and writing history. Its Book Reviews section introduces recent historical scholarship, especially those published in Chinese generally unavailable to the English speaking world. The journal is published by The Chinese Historians in the United States, Inc. (CHUS), which, first established in 1987 as a professional organization for Chinese students and scholars studying history in the United States, is an affiliated society of The American Historical Association and The Association of Asian Studies. The journal began its publication in 1987 under the title Historian. In 1989 it was registered with the Library of Congress and began its publication as a referred journal of history under the title Chinese Historians (ISSN 1043-643X) until 2000. It adopted the current title when it resumed regular publication in 2004. The publication of the journal has been sponsored by the CHUS Membership Fund, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the Henry Luce Foundation, State University of New York-Geneseo, Lake Forest College, and various institutional and individual subscribers.

Columbia East Asian Review (Columbia University; New York)

CEAR is an undergraduate scholarly journal of East Asian Studies based at Columbia University in the City of New York. CEAR is published completely by undergraduates, for undergraduates. We are dedicated to promoting research and fostering idea exchange in the field of East Asian Studies, as well as educating undergraduates in the peer-review and publication process. The Editorial Board of CEAR is composed of students from the four undergraduate schools of Columbia University. We accept submissions in any academic discipline related to East or Southeast Asia from undergraduates of educational institutions worldwide.

The Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies (Department of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen)

CJAS is a leading international academic journal. It focuses on the economic, the political, the managerial and the socio-cultural transformations of contemporary Asia.

Critical Asian Studies (formerly, Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars; University of Colorado, Boulder)

Critical Asian Studies (launched in 1968 as the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and other materials that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding the Asia and Pacific regions, the world, and ourselves.

Cross Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review (e-journal and print journal) (University of California, Berkeley)

Offers its readers up-to-date research findings, emerging trends, and cutting-edge perspectives concerning East Asian history and culture from scholars in both English-speaking and Asian language-speaking academic communities. A joint enterprise of the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea University (RIKS) and the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of California at Berkeley (IEAS), Cross-Currents seeks to balance issues traditionally addressed by Western humanities and social science journals with issues of immediate concern to scholars in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. This English-language journal includes scholarship on material from the 16th century to the present day that has significant implications for current models of understanding East Asian history and culture. Embedded in a web-based platform with functions for collaboration, discussion, and an innovative editing and publishing process, the journal uses new technologies to facilitate a dialogue among East Asia scholars around the world that is enhanced by audio-visual and multilingual capabilities. The semi-annual print issues of Cross-Currents feature articles, reviews, and essays that have been selected from its peer-reviewed, quarterly online counterpart for their scholarly excellence and relevance to the journal’s mission. An editorial board consisting of established scholars in Asia and North America provides oversight of the journal, in collaboration with two faculty co-editors (one each at Korea University and UC Berkeley).

Crossroads–Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World

The journal is designed as an international forum for contributions related to the history of exchange relations in the East Asian world. The “East Asian World” in this context comprises geographically speaking the regions of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan (core region) and their neighbours or regions that were considered their “peripheries” (such as for example Mongolia, Tibet, Vietnam etc.), including relevant predecessors (such as the Ryukyus, Bohai or Manchuria). Exchange relations and interaction with countries and regions beyond this East Asian world, like India, Russia and all the countries on the Eurasian continent, continental and insular Southeast Asia, regions around the Persian Gulf and generally the macro-region of what is designated as the “Oriental world” – in contrast to “Occidental Europe” – as well as interaction with for example the American or African continent are also part of the focus, as long as there existed important and/or sustainable contacts to the mentioned regions in East Asia. East Asia is thus treated as an entity made up of different countries and regions with similarities, but also with distinctive differences, concentrating on their interconnectedness and exchange relations, while emphasizing its relations to the macro-regions of Asia, Eurasia and the Orient, but also cross-Pacific interchange.

E-ASPAC: Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (e-journal of ASPAC, the official west coast branch of AAS)

E-AsPac is the open-access electronic journal of AsPac (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast), the Pacific regional association of the Association of Asian Studies. E-AsPac is a fully peer-reviewed annual electronic journal in Asian Studies.

East Asian History (Australia) [publishes much on social history]

The International Journal East Asian History is published twice a year, and is a compilation of articles on subjects of historical significance in the East Asian area, as well as on issues of contemporary concern or neglected aspects and sub-regions of Asia, Articles on art and architecture, technology and the environment, and the history of ideas, emotions and subjective experience are also welcomed. Contributions are invited from scholars working towards degrees as well as from those already well-established. Manuscripts will be read by at least two referees and under conditions of anonymity as far as possible.

East Asia Forum (University of Toronto) [forum for the publication of Canadian graduate students]

The East Asia Forum was born ten years ago out of a conviction that graduate students very frequently produce scholarship of publishable quality, but find few outlets to display it in a landscape crowded with the work of better established academics. Along with several colleagues in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, I hit upon the idea of producing an annual journal, which would feature the best papers of our own graduate students.

East Asian Library Journal (formerly Gest Library Journal)

A semi-annual, scholarly journal published by the Trustees of Princeton University and is an integral part of the East Asian Studies Program at Princeton.The goal of this juried journal is to provide a lively forum for discussion of book culture and printing history in East Asia and to encourage expansion of this understudied field of inquiry. The journal presents studies on East Asian book and publishing history, manuscripts on book collecting and book collectors, articles on technical and artistic aspects of traditional Asian book production and conservation, reports on new archival finds or innovative approaches to gathering information in seldom used archives of Asian materials, and papers on the transmission of Asian culture through the medium of books. It also includes reports on Asian-book conferences and exhibits, on continuing bibliographic projects, and on new publications on the history of the book in East Asia. Several recent numbers of our journal have been made up, to a large part, of articles related to China. This lack of balance in coverage of the history of the book in East Asia is not by design but rather represents the predominance of the material submitted to the East Asian Library Journal. The journal is actively seeking manuscripts from scholars who write about the history of the book and printing in Japan and Korea.

Education About Asia (Association for Asian Studies)

EAA is a unique and innovative magazine—a practical teaching resource for secondary school, college, and university instructors, as well as an invaluable source of information for students, scholars, libraries, and those who have an interest in Asia. Teachers and students from a wide range of disciplines—anthropology, Asian studies, business and economics, education, geography, government, history, language and literature, political science, religion, and sociology, among others

European Journal of East Asian Studies

European Journal of East Asian Studies is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to East Asia, one of the most varied, complex, and rapidly changing parts of the world. Published in Europe by European specialists, the journal is open to new ideas and findings from wherever they may come. We welcome the submission of manuscripts in social sciences such as political science, economics, sociology and cultural studies (including but not limited to political economy, development economics, business studies, international relations,…). Articles can address the wider East Asian region (China, Japan, Korean Peninsula, Japan, Mongolia), including Southeast Asia (ASEAN countries but not Oceania/South Pacific), or inter-regional relations involving the Asian region or sub-regions and countries (such as Asia-Europe relations for instance). The journal covers both 20th and 21st centuries with a clear contemporary focus. The journal is based at the Graduate Institute of Development and International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, associated with the East Asia Institute, University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies (University of Auckland)

The Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that showcases the original work of graduate students. Taking advantage of online publishing, GJAPS aims to be at once dynamic, interdisciplinary and innovative. GJAPS will publish thought-provoking interdisciplinary articles, reviews, commentary and visual works that engage critical issues, themes and debates related to the Asia-Pacific region and its peoples.

Harvard China Review (Harvard University)

Harvard China Review (HCR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting academic, economic, and cultural exchange between China and the international community. HCR was founded in 1998 by a group of students and professionals in the greater Boston area. In the ten years since its inception, HCR has established a deep-rooted reputation in actively promoting a better understanding of China’s progression and international status through HCR’s namesake magazine, annual conference, and seminars. It publishes Harvard China Review Magazine.

Harvard Asia Pacific Review (Harvard University)

The Harvard Asia Pacific Review is a semi-annual academic journal devoted to capturing the vital pulse of the Asia Pacific Region. We bring together a multitude of perspectives on recent events and trends, attracting world leaders, renowned scholars, and leading professionals worldwide as contributors to our journal.

Historiography East and West

Historiography East and West takes the writing of history as its subject, not history. It deepens our understanding of representations of “history” by comparing Asian practice with Western historio-gra-phi-cal traditions, thus integrating the research on Asian historiography into the ongoing debate on general issues of historiography. At the beginning of the 21st century, the writing of history has regained its central position in the discourse on the future of humankind; scholarly interest in the history and theory of history writing has grown and gone beyond the much-debated Western tradition. It is under these circumstances that Historiography East and West has been initiated as a truly comparative and multi-lin-gual on-line journal. It makes full use of the advanced publication facilities of the Internet. Historiography East and West hopes to contribute to raising the level of sophistication in the field of comparative historiography by focusing on questions of historiographical theory, methodology and narrativity as well as on the role of indigenous historiographical traditions in comparison to exogenous influences in the process of the modernization of history writing. One of the underlying aims is to contribute to a culture of understanding based on mutual respect. Historiography East and West is a multi-lingual online journal with Chinese and English as main publication languages. French, German, and Japanese are used as secondary publication languages.

IAFOR [International Academic Forum] Journal of Asian Studies (2014-2018)

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) was founded in Nagoya, Japan, in 2009 as a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange, principally through educational interaction and academic research. By creating opportunities for dialogue between academics and thought leaders, IAFOR has become a pioneer in providing the research avenues and visionary development solutions that are necessary in our rapidly emerging globalised world. This information exchange takes place through IAFOR’s academic events in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. IAFOR’s interdisciplinary conferences are diverse and inclusive network hubs, where academics come from all over the world to generate, share and nurture new knowledge and ideas. IAFOR makes much of the content generated freely available to the world through its Open Access publications and audiovisual media repositories.

IIAS Newsletter (newsletter of the International Institute for Asian Studies

The International Institute for Asian Studies publishes the IIAS Newsletter four times a year. With a worldwide circulation of 24,000 institutes and individuals in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, the IIASN is a forum for scholars to share commentary and opinion; short research essays; book, journal and website reviews; artwork and fiction; and announcements of events, projects and conferences with colleagues in academia and beyond.

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (Taiwan)

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, also known as the Movements project, is a transborder collective undertaking to confront Inter-Asia cultural politics. . . Inter-Asia Cultural Studies will serve as a link between critical intellectual groupings; we are actively building connections with journals and groups in different locales. The journal welcomes and encourages submissions in all Asian languages. And the journal will try its best to translate accepted non-English essays to facilitate re-translation by our affiliating journals. In addition to full-length essays, the journal will publish discussions, responses, polemics, and reviews of critical practices, projects and events, creative and artworks, especially from marginalized sites, to further transformative works within and between Inter-Asia and other parts of the world.

International Journal of Asian Studies (Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo)

IJAS is an interdisciplinary, English-language forum for research in the social sciences and humanities. IJAS examines Asia on a regional basis, emphasising patterns and tendencies that go beyond the borders of individual countries. It is particularly interested in locating contemporary changes within a historical framework, especially using interdisciplinary approaches, and so promotes comparative studies involving the various regions of Asia. As well as encouraging contributions from western scholars, IJAS focuses attention on the work of Asian scholars, in order to encourage multi-directional communication across the international Asian studies community. It includes both themed and general issues.

International Journal of Taiwan Studies (Ed. Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley)

The International Journal of Taiwan Studies, cosponsored by Academia Sinica and the European Association of Taiwan Studies, is a principal outlet for the dissemination of cutting-edge research on Taiwan. Its editorial office is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and is hosted by the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University. IJTS is the first internationally collaborative, multidisciplinary, and peer-reviewed academic research journal in English dedicated to all aspects of Taiwan Studies, including social sciences, arts and humanities, and topics which are interdisciplinary in nature. This publication on Taiwan Studies, a rapidly growing field with an increasingly critical influence, aims to reach academics and policy makers of different cultural backgrounds, disciplinary perspectives and methodological approaches.

Journal of Asian and African Studies

The Journal of Asian and African Studies (JAAS) was founded in 1965 to further research and study on Asia and Africa. JAAS is a peer reviewed journal of area studies recognised for consistent scholarly contributions to cutting-edge issues and debates. The journal welcomes articles, research communications, and book reviews that focus on the dynamics of global change and development of Asian and African nations, societies, cultures, and the global community.

Journal of Asian American Studies [Project Muse journal]

The official publication of the Association for Asian American Studies, the Journal of Asian American Studies (JAAS) explores all aspects of Asian American experiences. The Journal publishes original works of scholarly interest to the field, including new theoretical developments, research results, methodological innovations, public policy concerns, pedagogical issues, and book, media, and exhibition reviews. As a much-needed outlet for the increasing volume of scholarship in the field, JAAS provides an avenue for a quick and lively exchange of ideas.

The Journal of Asian Studies (Association for Asian Studies)

For 56 years, JAS has been recognized as the most authoritative and prestigious publication in the field of Asian Studies. This quarterly has been published regularly since November 1941, offering Asianists a wealth of information unavailable elsewhere. Each issue contains four to five feature articles on topics involving the history, arts, social sciences, philosophy, and contemporary issues of East, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as a large book review section.

Journal Asiatique

The Journal Asiatique, started in 1822, is the oldest orientalist journal published in France and the official organ of the Société Asiatique de Paris. Since its inception, it has been devoted to the publication of highly erudite articles presenting the results of new and achieved researches. Initially mostly devoted to orientalist philology and history, it has come to cover all the disciplines of both the humanities and the social sciences for an area stretching from the Near East to Japan. Besides French, the languages accepted for publication are English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Journal of the British Association for Chinese Studies

JBCAS is a peer-reviewed e-journal publishing articles and reviews in the discipline areas covered by BACS: Arts / Humanities and Social Sciences on traditional and modern China. This is a service provided by BACS for the benefit of the academic community: there are no charges to readers or contributors. The journal is available to view in pdf format – please click on the relevant item below.

Journal of Chinese Philosophy (University of Hawaii)

Since its foundation Journal of Chinese Philosophy has established itself at the forefront of contemporary scholarly understanding of Chinese thought and Philosophy, presenting the comparative studies of scholars in East and West on Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism, Daoism and Neo-Daoism, Chinese Buddhism, Yijing Philosophy, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy of Language, Logic and Science, Chinese Social and Political Philosophy, and Chinese Aesthetics.

Journal of Chinese Political Science (Association of Chinese Political Studies)

Journal of Chinese Political Science (JCPS) is a refereed academic journal that publishes theoretical, policy, and empirical research articles on Chinese politics across the whole spectrum of political science, with emphasis on Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy in comparative perspectives. However, JCPS also welcomes manuscripts on different aspects of contemporary China when these relate closely to Chinese politics, political economy, political culture, reform and opening, development, the military, law and legal system, foreign relations, and other important issues of political significance.

Journal of Contemporary China

Journal of Contemporary China is the only English language journal edited in North America that provides exclusive information about contemporary Chinese affairs for scholars, businessmen and government policy-makers. It publishes articles of theoretical and policy research and research notes, as well as book reviews. The journal’s fields of interest include economics, political science, law, culture, literature, business, history, international relations, sociology and other social sciences and humanities.

Journal of Contemporary East Asian Studies

Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studiesis an open access journal offering in-depth studies of contemporary East Asia. It is the official journal of the Waseda Institute of Contemporary Chinese Studies based out of Waseda University in Japan. The primary aim of the journal is to foster diverse perspectives on the major sub-areas of contemporary East Asia through the publication of both local and international authors. Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies publishes research that covers political, economic, and social developments in contemporary East Asia including but not limited to: Domestic politics throughout East Asia; International relations, foreign policy and trade; Economic development; Migration and demographics; Climate change and environmental policy; China as a major power. The journal publishes original research articles and operates a single-blind peer review policy.

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (German Institute of Global and Area Studies/National Institute of Chinese Studies)

JCCA is an internationally refereed academic journal jointly published by the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies, Hamburg and the National Institute of Chinese Studies, White Rose East Asia Centre, United Kingdom. The quarterly journal focuses on current developments in Greater China. It is simultaneously published online as an Open Access journal and as a printed version with a circulation of 1,000 copies, making it one of the world’s most widely read periodicals on Asian affairs.

Journal of East Asian Studies (Editor, Steven Haggard)

Experts from around the globe come together in this important peer-reviewed forum to present compelling social science research on the entire East Asia region. Topics include democratic governance, military security, political culture, economic cooperation, human rights, and environmental concerns. Thought-provoking book reviews enhance each issue.

Journal of Modern Chinese History (Wang Jianlang, Institute of Modern History, CASS, Beijing)

In recent years, the main force for research into modern Chinese history has been Chinese scholars, who up until this point have not had a Western outlet for their scholarship. The Institute of Modern History of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences seeks to re-dress this with its international publication, the Journal of Modern Chinese History: a new platform for Chinese and foreign scholars to exchange ideas directly. Fully refereed and published twice a year, the journal focuses on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It aims to promote research on modern Chinese history by encouraging discussion of political, economic, ideological, cultural and military history. The journal also encourages discussion on the history of society, foreign affairs, and gender as well as regional research and historiography. The Journal of Modern Chinese History welcomes all original research including research articles, review articles and research notes, especially those reflecting recent developments in scholarship.

Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia

The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (JOSA) has been published continuously from 1960. It is the oldest journal on Asia currently published in Australia. In 2002, with volume 34, an index of the journal contents covering the 42 year history of the journal was published. That index lists 254 articles: 133 on China, 58 on Japan, 30 on South East Asia, 22 on South Asia, 3 on Korea, 3 on Mongolia, 2 on Tibet, and 1 each on Burma, Cambodia, the Middle East and Sri Lanka. The journal distribution covers 85 academic institutions worldwide. During the 42 year history of JOSA there have been three editors. The first and founding editor was the late Professor A. R. Davis, formerly Professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Sydney which has provided a safe home for the journal during its history. Every year the Oriental Society of Australia honours the memory of its founder by sponsoring an A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture which is printed in the journal.

Ling Lung Women’s Magazine

Ling long Women’s Magazine, published in Shanghai from 1931 to 1937, was popular during a time of dramatic material, social, and political change in China. Today, the magazine offers researchers a unique glimpse into women’s lives in Republican-era (1911-49) Shanghai. This site features Columbia University’s collection of Ling long magazine, one of the most complete holdings outside China.

Minima Sinica (University of Bonn)

Minima sinica beschäftigt sich mit der Geistesgeschichte in China. Sie beleuchtet die Übergänge im Denken und kreativen Schaffen, die China vom Feudalismus in die Moderne, von der Vergangenheit in die Gegenwart, vom Osten zum Westen getragen haben. Gleichzeitig wird umgekehrt die Wirkungsgeschichte Chinas im Abendland reflektiert. Gegenseitige Nähe und Ferne werden deutlich. Minima sinica erscheint zweimal jährlich im Buchformat. Verschiedene Aufsätze beleuchten aktuelle Themen im chinesischen Geistesleben, Übersetzungen von Sachabhandlungen und literarischen Texten machen die Beiträge chinesischer Autoren einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich. Ein Schwerpunktthema ist zum Beispiel die Literatur der Republikzeit (1912–1949). In jedem Heft gibt das Breviarium Sinicum einen Überblick über wichtige Texte, die in chinesischen Zeitschriften erschienen sind.

Modern Asian Studies

Modern Asian Studies publishes on a wide range of subjects of Southeast and East Asia, with emphasison social sciences.

Modern China (UCLA) [JSTOR link modern Chinese politics; occasionalarticles on relation between politics and literature]

Published for over thirty years, Modern China has been an indispensable source of scholarship in history and the social sciences on late-imperial, twentieth-century, and present-day China. It presents scholarship based on new research or research that is devoted to new interpretations, new questions, and new answers to old questions. Spanning the full sweep of Chinese studies of six centuries, Modern China encourages scholarship that crosses over the old “premodern/modern” and “modern/contemporary” divides. In addition to research articles, Modern China presents periodic symposia on important topics in Chinese studies, critical essays on the state of Chinese studies, in-depth review articles on particular areas of scholarship, and reviews of books of unusual quality and significance.

Monumenta Serica (Germany)

Monumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies is dedicated to the study of Chinese culture and to the publication of academic contributions in the field. It promotes intercultural communication in cooperation and dialogue with Chinese and Western scholars. The institute testifies to the vivid interest of the Society of the Divine Word (S.V.D.) in the Chinese people, their language, culture, and religion. The sponsoring body of the Monumenta Serica Institute is the S.V.D. German Province. The institute is located at Sankt Augustin near Bonn in Germany. It comprises an editorial office and a reference library. The contributions published in the journal, the monographs, and the other publications cover all relevant fields of Sinology, including: Chinese history, language, literature, philosophy, history of religions, mission history, art, etc. They may be published either in English, German, French, or Chinese.

Nan nu: Men, Women, and Gender in Early and Imperial China (Leiden)

NAN NÜ is an interdisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed journal featuring original studies related to men, women, and gender in the fields of Chinese history, literature, linguistics and language, anthropology, archeology, art and music, law, philosophy, medicine/science, and religion. The journal discusses the subject to China today. Furthermore NAN NÜ contains a book review section on recent publications in women’s and gender studies. The journal occasionally features review articles and reports about important developments in gender studies. To best reach a wide spectrum of researchers, NAN NÜ is written in English.

New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies (fromerly New Zealand Journal of East Asian Studies, official journal of the New Zealand Asian Studies Society)

The New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies has been published since June 1999, when it became the official journal of the New Zealand Asian Studies Society (NZASIA). The journal is published twice a year, in June and December, and contains a mixture of academic articles and reviews, from contributors both within and outside New Zealand. All submitted articles are refereed.

Oriens Extremus (Hamburg)

Oriens Extremus has been appearing since 1954. Its contributions and reviews written in German and English are mainly concentrating on the history of cultural and intellectual history of Premodern China and on the relations between China and the cultures of Japan, Korea and the countries of South-East Asia. Major fields of interest are history, literature and philosophy. Oriens Extremus is a refereed journal. Articles appearing in this journal are abstracted and indexed in “Historical Abstracts” and “America: History and Life.”

Pacific Affairs (University of British Columbia)

Pacific Affairs is a peer-reviewed, independent, and interdisciplinary scholarly journal focussing on important current political, economic and social issues throughout Asia and the Pacific. Each issue contains approximately five new articles and 40-50 book reviews. Published continuously as a quarterly since 1928 under the same name, it is the oldest English-language journal with a focus on Asia and the Pacific. It enjoys an international reputation based on the high quality of articles, and its extensive book reviews section. Pacific Affairs has been located on the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, since 1961. The journal is an important component of the Institute of Asian Research, and is committed to providing the scholarly community and the world at large high quality research on Asia and the Pacific that takes readers beyond the headlines and across multiple disciplines.

Peking Review (北京周报) (

PDFs of all issues of the magazine from 1958-2006.

Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie (EHESS, Paris)

La Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie présente un choix des dernières parutions en langues occidentales, en chinois, en japonais et en coréen dans les domaines de l’histoire et des sciences sociales, de l’archéologie, des arts, du langage, de la littérature, de la philosophie, des religions, des sciences et des techniques. Elle constitue un instrument important à l’usage de spécialistes de sciences humaines désirant suivre l’actualité des études chinoises à travers le monde dans des disciplines très variées. Le dernier numéro est daté en 2003 et publié en 2006.

Sino-Japanese Studies (Joshua Fogel, editor)

The idea for Sino-Japanese Studies (SJS) came to its editor, Joshua A. Fogel, in 1987 or 1988, and he called together a small group of five or six people who met in a hotel room at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies in 1988. Later that year the first issue of SJS appeared. At first, it was envisioned as a Newsletter and bore that word in its title, but it soon became apparent that this was no merely ephemeral newsletter, and from issue number two it has been SJS. From the start, SJS was conceived as a journal devoted to studies of China and Japan together, irrespective of discipline or time period. For many that would take the form of comparative Sino-Japanese research, while for others that meant actual Sino-Japanese interactions. Everyone involved has been committed to fostering this sub-field which at once covers both the China and the Japan fields while, at the same time, examines where these two meet. Essays in SJScome from many different disciplines—literature, history, contemporary politics, art history, and the like—and will continue to do so, as long as contributions are received by the editor. Similarly, in-depth reviews are strongly encouraged from potential contributors, especially of books in Chinese and Japanese.

Southeast Review of Asian Studies

The Southeast Review of Asian Studies (SERAS, formerly called the Annals) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published annually since 1979 by the Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (SEC/AAS). We welcome submissions of articles, scholarly notes, and book reviews that relate to the regions of Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, or Southeast Asia from perspectives within such diverse fields as anthropology, art history, cinema studies, cultural studies, economics, education, ethnomusicology, gender studies, history, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, religious studies, and sociology. All authors should take care to address the interests of our broad, multidisciplinary readership by raising larger questions that reach beyond individual research specialties.

Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs

SJEAA accepts original articles from all academic disciplines pertaining to China/Hong Kong/Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Studia Orientalia Slovaca (Bratislava)

SOS is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal published twice a year for the Department of East Asian Studies, Comenius University in Bratislava. It is welcoming empirical and multidisciplinary studies elaborated covering the area between the Bosporus and Hawai’i, and between the Barents Sea and Indonesia, as well as their interaction with other areas of the world, taking into consideration source material in the respective areas’ language, and spanning the arts, linguistics, literature, history, the social sciences and cultural studies. All contributions undergo a double-blind peer-reviewing process. SOS is published in English, with the exception of research articles dealing with translation problems or editing hitherto unpublished source material into or in, respectively, Slovak or Czech—with a maximum of one article in one of these languages per issue. As one of the aims of SOS is to make known research achievements from Central and Eastern European countries to an English-reading scholarly audience, the book review section has an emphasis on publications in the respective languages.

Studies on Asia (e-journal sponsored by Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs)

Studies on Asia — a new electronic journal sponsored by the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs and published by the Asian Studies Center at Michigan State University. Studies on Asia welcomes manuscripts on any and all aspects of Asia, past and present, and including translations, poetry, prose, and pedagogy. Studies on Asia will be published bianually in May/June and December/ January. Back issues will remain online for three years, after which they will be archived electronically.

Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies (Seoul)

The Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies (SJEAS), published since the year 2001 by Academy of East Asian Studies (AEAS) at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea, is a referred multidisciplinary journal dedicated to East Asian Studies. With original contributions from all parts of the world, the SJEAS enjoys thriving reputation and increasing readership in its field. The SJEAS is published biannually in April and October and has been selected for coverage in Thomson Reuter’s Current Contents/Arts & Humanities as well as the Arts & Humanities Citation Index.

Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies (National Taiwan Normal University)

Taiwan Journal of East Asian Studies (TJEAS) is a biannual academic journal and has published regularly since June, 2004. This journal is based on Humanities and Social Sciences as the context of the researches. It aims to establish a base for dialogues between East Asian civilizations and other civilizations that allows for a better understanding of the core values of East Asian civilizations. This biannual publication is open to the public, and papers from diverse fields and specializations are welcomed.

Transtext(e)s-Transcultures: Journal of Global Cultural Studies

A tri-lingual research journal created in 2006. It is intended to be a forum transcending disciplinary as well as spatial boundaries for writers and academics throughout the global community. Its ambition is to provide a space for the imagining of new frameworks of accounting for and representing the world, a space in which different approaches and trans-disciplinary methods, may jostle to express the complexity and the diversity of human (hi)stories and societies.

Twentieth Century China (formerly, Republican China) [Project Muse link]

Twentieth-Century China (ISSN 1521-5385) is a refereed semi-annual scholarly journal with issues appearing in November and April. Published by The Ohio State University Press, the journal’s chief editor is James H. Carter of Saint Joseph’s University’s Department of History. The journal is the affiliated publication of the Historical Society of Twentieth-Century China. Under its former title Republican China (ISSN 0893-2344), the journal served for many years as an important venue for the dissemination of high-quality research and professional information of interest to scholars focusing on the history of the 1911-1949 period. Founded in 1983 by Lloyd Eastman, one of the American pioneers of Republican Chinese history, Republican China was successively edited by R. Keith Schoppa, Herman Mast III, Roger B. Jeans, and then, from 1992 to 2004, by Stephen C. Averill. From 2004 to 2009 Twentieth-Century China was edited by Christopher A. Reed at The Ohio State University. Primarily a history journal, but occasionally publishes articles on literature.

Verge: Studies in Global Asias (Editors: Tina Chen and Eric Hayot)

Verge is a new journal (2014-) that includes scholarship from scholars in both Asian and Asian American Studies. These two fields have traditionally defined themselves in opposition to one another, with the former focused on an area-studies, nationally and politically oriented approach, and the latter emphasizing epistemological categories, including ethnicity and citizenship, that drew mainly on the history of the United States. The past decade, however, has seen a series of rapprochements in which, for instance, categories “belonging” to Asian American Studies (ethnicity, race, diaspora) have been applied with increasing success to studies of Asia. For example, Asian Studies has responded to the postnational turn in the humanities and social sciences by becoming increasingly open to rethinking its national and regional insularities, and to work that pushes, often literally, on the boundaries of Asia as both a place and a concept. At the same time, Asian American Studies has become increasingly aware of the ongoing importance of Asia to the Asian American experience, and thus more open to work that is transnational or multilingual, as well as to forms of scholarship that challenge the US-centrism of concepts governing the Asian diaspora. Verge showcases scholarship on “Asian” topics from across the humanities and humanistic social sciences, while recognizing that the changing scope of “Asia” as a concept and method is today an object of vital critical concern. Deeply transnational and transhistorical in scope, Verge emphasizes thematic and conceptual links among the disciplines and regional/area studies formations that address Asia in a variety of particularist (national, subnational, individual) and generalist (national, regional, global) modes. Responding to the ways in which large-scale social, cultural, and economic concepts like the world, the globe, or the universal (not to mention East Asian cousins like tianxia or datong) are reshaping the ways we think about the present, the past and the future, the journal publishes scholarship that occupies and enlarges the proximities among disciplinary and historical fields, from the ancient to the modern periods. The journal emphasizes multidisciplinary engagement–a crossing and dialogue of the disciplines that does not erase disciplinary differences, but uses them to make possible new conversations and new models of critical thought. First issue is tentatively planned for publication November 2014.

The Virginia Review of Asian Studies

VRAS is an annual VCAS publication appearing in the Fall semester designed to promote advanced scholarship on Asia in Virginia and the Southeast. VCAS invites material on any aspect of Asian Studies for editorial review. Because VCAS especially encourages research and study on Asia in the classroom, work from graduate or advanced undergraduate students is very welcome. Faculty are also invited to submit high quality papers by advanced students. Scholars are especially encouraged to submit research or work “in progress” for the sake of eliciting comments from colleagues with the full understanding that improved versions of that work may be published elsewhere later.

Wittenburg East Asian Studies Jouranl (Wittenburg University, Springfield, Ohio)

The journal, which has just completed its 34th consecutive annual edition, is unique. This widely accepted and highly regarded journal is completely written, edited, and published by undergraduate students. The only faculty input is to appoint the editorial staff. The student staff then selects academic articles and creative pieces having to do with East Asia, regardless of whether they are written from a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or integrative perspective. No limitations are placed on the academic area from which works are written, as writings from all disciplines are welcome. Pieces come from undergraduates across the United States as well as from Wittenberg.

Literature and Culture (includes literary journals and e-journals)

Acta Asiatica: Bulletin of the Institute of Eastern Culture (Tokyo: Toho Gakkai)

The journal in English language introducing recent academic fruits by leading Japanese scholars in the field of Asian and Japanese studies. Published semiannually.

Acta Orientalia (Budapest)

Archiv Orientalni (Oriental Institute of the Czech. Academyof Sciences)

The journal contains articles, occasional papers, review articles, book reviews and notes in English, French and German dealing with the civilizations of Asia and Africa in the broad sense. While the journal has traditionally paid particular attention to the classical (philology-oriented) perception of the Oriental studies, we simultaneously publish a variety of articles concerning the history, culture and religions of the relevant regions. Oriental Archive is a refereed academic journal published every quarter. Continuously in print since its founding by the renowned Czech orientalist Bedrich Hrozny in 1929, it provides an important forum for scholars from the EU and other European countries. All articles submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed anonymously.

Asia Major (Academica Sinica, Taiwan)

Asia Major, Third Series (issued semi-annually), is published by the Institute of History and Philology of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. It is a continuation of Asia Major, New Series, published in England from 1949 to 1975. It covers all periods of Chinese history, literature, ideas, and culture in general. Included are the histories and cultures of other East and Central Asian peoples in their relations with China.

Asian and African Studies (Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) [website has PDF versions of all contents from 1995-present]

Edited by Institute of Oriental and African Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak republic. Published twice a year by Slovak Academic Press, Ltd. in English language.

Asian Ethnology (Nanzan University, Japan; formerly Asian Folklore Studies)

Asian Ethnology seeks to deepen understanding and further the pursuit of knowledge about the peoples and cultures of Asia. We wish to facilitate intellectual exchange between Asia and the rest of the world, and particularly welcome submissions from scholars based in Asia. The journal presents formal essays and analyses, research reports, and critical book reviews relating to a wide range of topical categories, including

Asian Journal of Women’s Studies (Korea)

An academic journal published by the Asian Center for Women’s Studies (ACWS) and Ewha Woman’s University Press.

Asian Theater Journal [University of Hawaii; PROJEC MUSE journal]

Asian Theatre Journal is dedicated to the performing arts of Asia, focusing upon both traditional and modern theatrical forms. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international theatrical community for the mutual benefit of all interested scholars and artists. It offers descriptive and analytical articles, original plays and play translations, book and audiovisual reviews, and reports of current theatrical activities in Asia.

Asiatica Venetiana (Department of East Asian Studies, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy).

Asiatische Studien/Etudes Asiatiques (Zurich)

The journal is published four times a year. Issues 2 to 4 are dedicated to a specific geographical region (China, Islamic world, Japan, South Asia and Central Asia). These regions are covered in a fixed order which comprises several volumes. For each region there is a regional editorial board. Issue 1 of each year is dedicated to ‘Asia in general’ or — as a special issue — to particular purposes. In the first issue of each year there is a table of contents of the whole volume of the previous year.


Asymptote is an exciting new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing. We are interested in encounters between languages and the consequences of these encounters. Though a translation may never fully replicate the original in effect (thus our name, “asymptote”: the dotted line on a graph that a mathematical function may tend towards but never reach), it is in itself an act of creation. . . Beyond the eclectic platter of languages offered in each issue, Asymptote seeks to persuade the reader of their sensual pleasures. Not only will we display work in its original language after the English translation, we also encourage translators (especially of poems) to provide audio recordings of the original work so that the reader has access as well to the sounds of that language, via a “Press PLAY” audio option whenever such an MP3 recording is available. Other than the usual categories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama, we will also feature a section for visual art that gives us an entryway into a different culture.

Canadian Review of Comparative Literature

The Canadian Review of Comparative Literature/Revue Canadienne de Littérature Comparée is a journal providing a forum for scholars engaged in the study of literature from both an international and an interdisciplinary point of view. The editors define comparative literature in its broadest sense. The journal publishes articles on the international history of literature, theory of literature, methods of literary scholarship, and the relation of literature with other areas of human expression. In addition, the journal publishes shorter reviews of individual books, particularly those published in Canada or published by scholars working at Canadian universities and, in the section “Notes, Documents and Review Articles,” review articles about important publications. Members of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association and our Canadian and foreign colleagues are invited to submit papers, notes and queries, reviews of scholarship, review articles, and suggestions about possible contributions to the editor.

Cerise Press

An online journal based in the United States and France, builds cross-cultural bridges by featuring artists and writers in English and translations, with an emphasis on French and Francophone works. Co-founded by Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Sally Molini, and Karen Rigby in 2009, Cerise Press hopes to serve as a gathering force where imagination, insight, and conversation express the evolving and shifting forms of human experience.]

Chinese Arts and Letters (中華人文)

Under the co-sponsorship of the International Cultural Exchange Association of Jiangsu Province, the Provincial Writers Association, the Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing & Media Inc., is an all-English journal committed to introducing to the western readership the outstanding achievements in Chinese arts and letters, spreading and publicizing the quintessential humanistic spirit and promoting Sino-western cultural exchanges. The inaugural issue of CAL was launched in London at the 2014 London Book Fair on April 8, 2014, and this effort has been acclaimed as an innovative move to have its first cry heard on a world stage, a voice that is meant to catch the world’s attention and call for a healthy and constructive cultural interflow between China and the west.

Chinese Culture, a Quarterly Review (Taiwan) [general China; frequent articles on literature]

Chinese Literature (Beijing)

Chinese Literature and Culture (Edited by Chu Dongwei, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)

Chinese Literature and Culture, a journal to be published three times a year, is devoted to translations of Chinese texts (works from the past or by contemporary authors), essays of cultural criticism, and original writings — fiction or non-fiction — dealing with the China experience or life in the Chinese communities around the world. The journal embraces the idea of cultural translation as advocated by our editors.

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) [JSTOR journal]

Established in 1978 (first issue in 1979), Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) remains today the only Western-language journal devoted to Chinese literature. CLEAR is published annually with support from the University of Wisconsin. Each issue contains five-seven essays and articles on various aspects of traditional and modern literature and about the same number of detailed reviews, all in English. Scholarly notes and brief notices of books also appear in many issues. One index (v. 1-7) has appeared.

Chinese Literature Today (Norman, Oklahoma)

Established 2010. The mission of CLT is to provide the finest English translations of fresh critical essays about contemporary Chinese literature and culture. CLT grants the English-speaking world direct access to best-selling Chinese stories, celebrated Chinese poems, stimulating interviews, and illuminating literary essays on all aspects of contemporary Chinese culture. CLT also offers readers exclusive coverage of the biannual Newman Prize for Chinese Literature. An offshoot from the award-winning World Literature Today, this biannual magazine is edited by the University of Oklahoma in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts at Beijing Normal University, a hub of top contemporary Chinese writers and scholars. CLT’s rich text and vibrant art design invite you to explore the figures, places, experiences, memories, thoughts, and emotions in today’s dynamic landscape of Chinese literature and culture, by which we aim to deepen the understanding of humanity and the human condition in a world shared by all of us.

The Taipei Chinese Pen, formerly The Chinese Pen

English translations of Taiwan writers.

Chinoperl: Chinese Oral and Performing Literature

A journal that specializes in the performing arts of China.

Chung’guk Hyondae munhak (The journal of modern Chinese literature).

Official journal of the Korean Modern Chinese Literature Association.

Chung-Wai Literary Monthly (中外文學)

Chinese language journal published by the Foreign Languages Department of National Taiwan University.

Chutzpah (Tiannan): Literary Bimonthly

Chutzpah! was originally Tiannan, a vernacular literary magazine founded by Guangdong Vernacular Artists’ Association, debuted in 1982. In 2005 Modern Media Group purchased the magazine and changed its nature to a book review magazine, renaming it Modern Book Review. In 2011, it was again renamed Chutzpah! and transformed into a new literary bimonthly. Chutzpah, pronounced [‘khutsp?], is a Yiddish word that originally means “insolence” and “impertinence.” It developed the meaning of “audacity” and “utter nerve” after it came to the English world. The modern English usage of the word has taken on a broader meaning, referring to the actions that are innovative and groundbreaking, and is popularized by media, literature and film.Chutzpah! and Tiannan constitute the Chinese and English titles of the magazine, and define the outer image and inner spirit of it. Issues of the English language portion of the magazine, called Peregrine, can be downloaded here from the Paper Republic website.

Cipher Journal

Launched in 2003, Cipher Journal aims to be something new in the domain of online literary journals.We believe in the place of translation to inspire stronger literature; without cross-fertilization, no growth can last. We aim to focus on literary translation in its broadest sense, cracking open this often-neglected field by melding the invisibility of the translator with the identity of the artist.]

CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal (Purdue e-journal)

CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (ISSN 1481-4374), the peer-reviewed quarterly of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences, is published online in full text and in open access by Purdue University Press ©Purdue University at The journal publishes scholarship following the tenets of the disciplines of comparative literature and cultural studies designated as “comparative cultural studies” in a global, international, and intercultural context and with a plurality of methods and approaches. In addition to the publication of articles, the journal publishes review articles of scholarly books and publishes research material in its Library Series.

Comparative Literature (Oregon)

The oldest U.S. journal in its field, Comparative Literature was “founded,” according to the original 1949 masthead, “at a time when the strengthening of good international relations is of paramount importance.” The journal was initially envisioned as a replacement for the Revue de litterature comparée, which had been forced to suspend publication during the Second World War. . . Comparative Literature is currently the official journal of the American Comparative Literature Association and has approximately 2000 subscribers, over 400 of whom reside outside the United States. In 2009, it entered into partnership with Duke University Press. The journal’s editors and editorial board are sympathetic to a broad range of theoretical and critical approaches and are strongly committed to presenting the work of talented young scholars breaking new ground in the field. We welcome essays that explore intersections among national literatures, global literary trends, and theoretical discourse.

Comparative Literature and Culture Bulletin (Chinese University of HK)

Mostly information related to the study of comparative literature in China, but also publishes studies.

Comparative Literature and World Literature

In the form of print as well as online with open access, CLWL is a peer-reviewed, full-text, quarterly academic journal in the field of comparative literature and world literature, whose purpose is to make available in a timely fashion the multi-faceted aspects of the discipline. It publishes articles and book reviews, featuring those that explore disciplinary theories, comparative poetics, world literature and translation studies with particular emphasis on the dialogues of poetics and literatures in the context of globalization. CLWL is sponsored by School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University, Beijing Normal University Press, and the College of Humanities of the University of Arizona. The first issue of our journal is due to be published in April 2016.

Comparative Literature: East and West (Ed. Cao Shunqing, Sichuan University) [biannual publication since 1999).

Comparative Literature Studies (Penn State; Project Muse journal)

Comparative Literature Studies publishes comparative articles in literature and culture, critical theory, and cultural and literary relations within and beyond the Western tradition. It brings you the work of eminent critics, scholars, theorists, and literary historians, whose essays range across the rich traditions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. One of its regular issues every two years concerns East-West literary and cultural relations and is edited in conjunction with members of the College of International Relations at Nihon University. Each issue includes reviews of significant books by prominent comparatists.

Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies (English Department, National Taiwan University)

Concentric is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to offering innovated perspectives on literary/cultural issues and initiating transcultural exchanges. While foregrounding Asian–and particularly Taiwan–points of view, Concentric encourages all perspectives and approaches including comparative and interdisciplinary ones, and welcomes original contribution from diverse national and cultural backgrounds which address any of the many dimensions of literature and culture.

Conjunctions: Web Forum of Innovative Writing (Bard College)

Cowrie (editors, Sun Jingyao and Mark Bender)

English language comparative literature journal published out of Guangxi University in the 1980s; now defunct.

Critical Inquiry (Chicago)

Critical Inquiry has published the best critical thought in the arts and humanities since 1974. Combining a commitment to rigorous scholarship with a vital concern for dialogue and debate, the journal presents articles by eminent critics, scholars, and artists on a wide variety of issues central to contemporary criticism and culture. In CI new ideas and reconsideration of those traditional in criticism and culture are granted a voice. The wide interdisciplinary focus creates surprising juxtapositions and linkages of concepts, offering new grounds for theoretical debate. In CI, authors entertain and challenge while illuminating such issues as improvisations, the life of things, Flaubert, and early modern women’s writing. CI comes full circle with the electrically charged debates between contributors and their critics.

Dangdai (Con-Temporary) [Taiwan cultural studies journal]

Dangdai zuojia pinglun (Contemporary Writers Review)

Delos (University of Maryland) [translations of world literature]

Dimsum: Asia’s Literary Journal

Asian writing in English. Dimsum is an Asian literary journal which appears at irregular intervals. It is written, assembled and edited largely by a community of writers and people in the book business. Most are based in Hong Kong, but some are not, and contribute from as far away as New York. A chunky, physical anthology of fine work appears periodically, and can be purchased online or in some bookshops. The editor is Nury Vittachi and the publisher is Peter Gordon.

Dushu (Reading)

E-Journal on Hong Kong Cultural and Social Studies (University of Hong Kong)

In line with our other Teaching activities, the E-Journal, the first on-line journal that is dedicated to publishing the works of graduate students working on Hong Kong, is designed as a forum for learning, sharing and dialogue. To complement our existing website, Cyber Cultural Express (URL:, this journal is initiated to foster open, analytical and critical conversation among graduate students. We invite students to contribute their work and, at the same time, invite accomplished scholars to comment on them. We hope, together, these works and comments will stimulate lively and serious discussion that will engage young and senior scholars, teachers and students, of Hong Kong studies in meaningful exchange. The Journal is inter-disciplinary, and works on sociology, history, literature, film studies, geography, political science, economics, cultural studies and other areas of the humanities and social sciences are welcome. The aim is to understand Hong Kong in as holistic way as possible.

Ershi yi shiji (Twentieth-first century; 1990-) (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Etudes Chinoises (Bulletin de l’assn. francaise d’etudes Chinoises)

Études chinoises, publié depuis 1982 par l’Association Française d’Études Chinoises, est la seule revue de sinologie généraliste en langue française. Cette revue a pour vocation première la promotion de travaux originaux et inédits de chercheurs français, mais on peut y trouver aussi des articles rédigés en anglais. Elle comprend des articles spécialisés, des articles à orientation bibliographique, des notes de recherche et de nombreux comptes rendus d’ouvrages. La revue, qui paraît une fois par an, est exclusivement financée par les cotisations des adhérents de l’AFEC. Le Centre d’Études sur la Chine Moderne et Contemporaine de l’EHESS apporte une aide matérielle au fonctionnement de l’Association et à l’élaboration de la revue. Pour plus d’informations sur la revue, pour vous abonner, pour soumettre un manuscrit, contacter la rédaction ou consulter les anciens numéros, cliquez sur la rubrique de votre choix dans le menu ci-dessus.

Frontiers of Literary Studies in China [2007-; beginning in 2012 (vol. 6, no. 1), edited by Xudong Zhang]

Frontiers of Literary Studies in China provides a forum for peer-reviewed academic papers in literary studies within and outside of China in order to promote communication and exchanges between scholars working in different institutional settings and along different cultural and intellectual traditions. It seeks to reflect advances in independent research and theoretical thinking in the field of literary analysis and interpretation broadly defined and in dialogue with critical discourses on issues of common and shared intellectual and social concerns of today’s world. It is this publication’s duty to introduce to the world fresh academic achievements from the field of Chinese literary studies. Equal editorial attention and effort will be given to showcasing the productivity and innovativeness in both China and abroad..

Full Tilt

Published every spring, Full Tilt hopes to draw attention to some of the more interesting poets writing in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean today. Each issue will showcase the work of a cutting-edge poet and/or flourishing poetic genre and provide a rich selection of poetry in English translation by new and established poets writing in the major East-Asian languages. We hope you enjoy our journal and would appreciate your sending us a line or two if you do.Editors: Alulu Kuo and Lily Wong)

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (Cambridge, MA.)

Founded in 1936 under the auspices of the Harvard-Yenching Institute, the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (HJAS) has without interruption pursued its mission to disseminate original, outstanding research and book reviews on the humanities in Asia, focusing at present on the areas of China, Japan, Korea, and Inner Asia. As scholarship has evolved, so has this Journal, but always while holding constant its commitment to serve authors and readers alike through the careful selection and editing of its contents. In evaluating manuscripts, the Editor of HJAS is guided by its Editorial Board and acts on the advice of referees worldwide. The Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies is a semi-annual publication, appearing in June and December and has institutional and individual subscribers in roughly forty countries.

Inter-Asia Cultural Studies

The cultural question is among the most important yet difficult subjects facing inter-Asia today. Throughout the 20th century, worldwide competition over capital, colonial history, and the Cold War has jeopardized interactions among cultures. Globalization of technology, regionalization of economy and the end of the Cold War have opened up a unique opportunity for cultural exchanges to take place. In response to global cultural changes, cultural studies has emerged internationally as an energetic field of scholarship. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies gives a long overdue voice, throughout the global intellectual community, to those concerned with inter-Asia processes. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies includes discussion, reports and analysis from global critical circles, and especially from marginalised sites, with the aim of enhancing the communication and exchange between inter-Asia and other regions of the cultural studies world. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: provides a forum for scholars working in cultural studies in Asia; responds to the re-centering of cultural studies outside the Anglo-American axis and participates in cultural politics at a local level, but with an international agenda; constructs a “critical inter-Asia subjectivity,” drawing on local critical intellectual traditions while making global links with other cultural studies networks; problematizes “Asia” in the context of Asia’s post-war economic and cultural resurgence and its troubled history as colonised and coloniser links cultural studies practices to the new social and cultural movements.

International Communication of Chinese Culture 

ICCC is a cross-disciplinary journal in the areas of China Studies, Communication, and Cultural Studies. The journal is committed to publishing high-quality research on the analysis, communication, perception and representation of Chinese culture within China and in the world. ICCC invites authors to submit original research articles and provide new critical perspectives on what constitutes Chinese culture, how Chinese culture has taken shape in various forms and through different means and media, and its interactions and exchanges with other cultures in both historical and contemporary contexts. Manuscripts on other related areas are also welcomed. ICCC also features cultural critiques, reports, and book reviews. ICCC publishes in English. All articles will be single-blind peer-reviewed. ISSN: 2197-4233 (Print) 2197-4241 (Online)

Intersections: Gender, History, and Culture in the Asian Context [e-journal produced at Australia National University, Australia]

Placed at the junction of historical and contemporary concerns, Intersections will continue to emphasise the paramount importance of research into the multiple historical and cultural, gender and sexuality patterns in Asian and the Pacific—patterns that are crucial for the understanding of contemporary globalised societies, where identities and social relations are constantly being negotiated against the background of dominant narratives. At the same time, Intersections will continue to explore innovative ways of ‘doing’ and publishing research using information technologies. Information Technology, however, is not seen as an end in itself, but as a place where oral, written and visual sources can tangibly cross paths allowing for new connections to be made. Visual materials such as photos, maps, artistic reproductions as well as video clips and sound tracks will be included where indispensable to the argument being developed. Intersections is a peer reviewed journal. We use a double blind referee process where neither the author nor the referee are aware of the other’s identity. As far as possible all papers will be sent to universities other that of the contributor.

Jintian (Today; 今天)

Literary journal first published in the late 1970s in China, then resurrected abroad in the 1990s. Issues from 2003 are available online.

Journal of the American Oriental Society (U. of Michigan)

The Journal of the American Oriental Society, ISSN 0003-0279, is published quarterly in March, June, September and December by the American Oriental Society, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Publishes on East Asia and Middle East, focus on textual studies.

Journal of Asian Culture (UCLA) [annual publication of graduate student papers]

Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association

The Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA) publishes articles and reviews. Articles cover the areas of Chinese language pedagogy, Chinese linguistics and Chinese literature. The Journal has proved to be an increasingly valuable medium for exchange of information and for scholarly discussions of the teaching and learning of Chinese language and literature. Three issues are published each year, with the publication schedule of February, May and October. A new feature added to the Journal, beginning with the May 2004 issue (Volume 39, Number 2), is “Letters to the Editor.” Open letters submitted to the Editor, expressing the writers’ thoughts and perspectives, will be selected by the Editor for publication in the Journal, together with the Editor’s replies.

Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture

Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, jointly sponsored by the International Academy for China Studies of Peking University and the Forum on Chinese Poetic Culture at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, aims to be a principal semiannual publication for scholars of premodern Chinese literature and culture. The journal presents cutting edge research on traditional Chinese poetry and poetics, fiction and prose, drama and vernacular literature, as well as all aspects of the broader literary culture. It also publishes works that study the shaping influence of the traditional literature and culture on modern and contemporary China. It provides a valuable venue for an in-depth dialogue and collaboration among scholars working in China, America, and other parts of the world.

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (Lingnan College, HK) [see also Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature below]

Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC) is a bilingual journal published twice a year by the Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University. This journal provides a forum for discussing issues related to any aspect of modern or contemporary literature in Chinese. It aims to contribute to scholarly discourse on Chinese literature written in and outside of Mainland China. It is hoped that, by placing Chinese and Western scholarship “back-to-back,” the journal will become a channel for fruitful interchange and dialogue among scholars in Asia, Europe and America.

Journal of Oriental Studies (Hongkong)

The Journal of Oriental Studies was founded in 1954. Starting with Volume 38, the Journal is co-published by the School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong and the Center for Chinese Language and Cultural Studies, Stanford University. The Journal is bilingual, with articles and reviews in both Chinese and English. All articles published in the Journal are refereed. The area of coverage of the Journal includes China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia; the subject matter includes both traditional and contemporary issues in history, geography, fine arts, language, literature, philosophy, law, architecture, archaeology, economics, political science, sociology and anthropology.

Korea Journal of Chinese Language and Literature (Hanyang University, Seoul)

This is an international, English-language journal launched in 2011 by the Korea Society of Chinese Language and Literature. KJCLL, aimed specifically at enhancing communication between scholars at home and abroad, has an international editorial board under the general editorship of Prof. Ik-sang Eom (Hanyang University). The journal aims to serve as “a forum to introduce the most advanced research conducted in Korea in the fields of Chinese linguistics, language pedagogy, and Chinese literature to an international English-speaking academic audience. At the same time, this journal also accepts articles from scholars based outside Korea, in the hope of enhancing scholarly understanding and collaboration.”

Literature and Modern China  (文學與現代中國)

Literature and Modern China (LMC) is an open-access, international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to all aspects of Chinese literature and literary culture from roughly 1840 to contemporary times. Its mission is to serve as a bridge between the Chinese-speaking and English-speaking worlds of Chinese literature and literary study. It is sponsored and supported by Sichuan University’s College of Literature and Journalism. Printing and publishing services are provided by Igneus Press. The journal focuses on Chinese literature and culture of the modern and contemporary periods. It is open to all academic approaches to theese topics—including history, criticism, literary theory, translation studies, etc.—and all theoretical perspectives. We welcome work from scholars, critics, translators, graduate students, authors, and all other knowledgeable individuals. If you are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please visit our submissions page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the managing editor.

Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Manoa is a unique, award-winning literary journal that includes American and international fiction, poetry, artwork, and essays of current cultural or literary interest. An outstanding feature of each issue is original translations of contemporary work from Asian and Pacific nations, selected for each issue by a special guest editor. Beautifully produced, Manoa presents traditional alongside contemporary writings from the entire Pacific Rim, one of the world’s most dynamic literary regions.

Ming Qing Studies

Editor Prof. Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome). MING QING STUDIES is an annual periodical publication dedicated primarily to advanced studies concerning Late Imperial China and the geo-cultural area of East Asia in premodern and modern period. This journal provides a forum for scholars from a variety of fields seeking to bridge the gap between ‘oriental’ and western studies. Contributions by young and post-graduated scholars are particularly welcome. Articles may concern any discipline, sociology, literature, psychology, anthropology, history, geography, linguistics, semiotics, political science, and philosophy.

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (The Ohio State University) [formerly Modern Chinese Literature]

A peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to the culture of modern and contemporary China, with China understood not in the narrow, political sense. The journal publishes on literature of all genres, film and television, popular culture, performance and visual art, print and material culture, etc.

Neohelicon (published in cooperation with Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest)

Encourages studies that further a synthetic presentation from a comparative point of view. Neohelicon is a review for studies in comparative and world literature. It particularly welcomes studies which further a synthetic presentation of literary epochs, periods, trends and movements from a comparative point of view. The publishing house of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has established it with the purpose of promoting the project `A Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages’ launched under the auspices of the International Comparative Literature Association.

New Asia Pacific Review

Now defunct; print and on-line; “each quarterly issue of New Asia-Pacific Review contains lively and informative essays and feature articles addressing contemporary and relevetant arts, cultural and policy issues.”

New Literary History (University of Virginia)

New Literary History focuses on questions of theory, method, interpretation, and literary history. Rather than espousing a single ideology or intellectual framework, it canvasses a wide range of scholarly concerns. By examining the bases of criticism, the journal provokes debate on the relations between literary and cultural texts and present needs. A major international forum for scholarly exchange, New Literary History has received six awards from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals.

Pangolin House: An International Journal of Chinese and English-Language Poetry

An international journal of Chinese and English-language poetry, Pangolin House features contemporary work, appearing bilingually with selected art or photography. Our schedule usually includes three issues per year. Based in the U.S. and Hong Kong, Pangolin House seeks to honor aesthetic and literary excellence from both east and west. Pangolin House editors George O’Connell and Diana Shi are deeply grateful to have been honored with a U.S. National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowship in Translation, both for our work with Chinese poetry since 2006, and our current assembly and translation of From Here to Here: New & Selected Poems by the eminent Chinese-language poet Lan Lan.

Pathlight: New Chinese Writing

Pathlight magazine is a new English-language literary magazine produced by Paper Republic and People’s Literature (Renmin wenxue).

Poetry East West (PEW)

A Chinese-English bilingual biannual magazine edited by poets in China, USA and other countries, published in Los Angeles USA and Beijing China, two issues a year since Dec 2010. It includes some German and Swedish poems and welcomes work from other languages as well. It’s the first poetry magazine in China that introduces international poets in an interactive way and promotes contemporary Chinese poets in other countries. Each issue highlights poets translating each other, new poets translated for the first time, new translations of the world’s most distinguished poets, new poetry reviews and interviews, and special topics of current interests in China.

Poetry International Web–China

PIW offers not just excellent poetry from around the world but also articles, interviews and critical appreciations of the poets and their work. ]


Bilingual journal that is a “professional platform for the poetic exchange between Chinese, American and English poets”; edited by Yidan Han, Providence, Rhode Island.

positions: asia critique (Duke University) [Positions on Project Muse]

Crossing boundaries and rethinking the terms of theoretical analysis, positions: east asia cultures critique is the first journal to examine critically the histories and cultures of East Asia and Asian America. Through scholarly articles, commentary, essays, and in-depth book reviews, positions focuses on the profound intellectual, political, and economic transformations that are rapidly reconfiguring East Asia and Asian America.

PMC: Postmodern Culture (e-journal founded in 1990)

Founded in 1990 as an experiment in scholarly publishing on the Internet, Postmodern Culture has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures, publishing the work of such noted authors and critics as Kathy Acker, Charles Bernstein, Bruce Robbins, bell hooks, and Susan Howe. PMC combines high scholarly standards with broad appeal for non-academic readers. As an entirely web-based journal, PMC can publish still images, sound, animation, and full-motion video as well as text. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press with support from the University of California, Irvine, and the University of Virginia.

Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature [Duke University Press]

Prism is a new incarnation of Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (JMLC) founded in 1987 by the Centre for Humanities Research of Lingnan University. Hong Kong’s unique geocultural positioning, an important element of JMLC’s success, continues to be advantage to be fully exploited by Prism. If most major English-language journals of Chinese literature are thousands of miles away from the field of studies, Prism is located right in it, being just a few hours of train or air travel to all major Chinese metropolises. If we more broadly think of modern literature written in Chinese, Prism’s geocultural positioning is even more prominent as Hong Kong is the de facto hub linking three major areas of modern Chinese literary production: China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Prism presents cutting-edge research on modern literary production, dissemination, and reception in as well as outside China. It also publishes works that study the shaping influence of traditional literature and culture on modern and contemporary China. Prism actively promotes scholarly investigations from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, and encourages integration of theoretical inquiry with empirical research. It strives to foster in-depth dialogues between Western and Chinese literary theories in ways that illuminate the unique features of each as well as their shared insights into issues of universal interest.

Public Culture

Public Culture is a reviewed interdisciplinary journal of cultural studies, published three times a year in Fall, Winter, and Spring for the Society for Transnational Cultural Studies by the Duke University Press. In the twenty years of its existence, Public Culture has established itself as a prize-winning, field-defining cultural studies journal. Public Culture seeks a critical understanding of the global cultural flows and the cultural forms of the public sphere which define the late twentieth century. As such, the journal provides a forum for the discussion of the places and occasions where cultural, social, and political differences emerge as public phenomena, manifested in everything from highly particular and localized events in popular or folk culture to global advertising, consumption, and information networks. Artists, activists, and both well-established and younger scholars, from across the humanities and social sciences and around the world, present some of their most innovative and exciting work in the pages of Public Culture

Renditions (Chinese University of Hongkong)

Renditions is the leading international journal of Chinese literature in English translation, covering over 2000 years of Chinese literature from classical works of poetry, prose, and fiction to recently published works by writers representing the rich variety of contemporary Chinese literary expression. Articles on art, Chinese studies and translation studies are frequently included. Each issue is illustrated with complementary art, calligraphy and photographs. Renditions has been published by the Research Centre for Translation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 1973.

Review of Modern Literature in Chinese (Lingan College, HK)

Predecessor to Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese (see above).

Salt Hill [Syracuse University]

Salt Hill is a literary journal publishing outstanding new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and art. Previous contributors have included Denise Duhamel, Edie Fake, Mary Gaistkill, Terrance Hayes, H.L. Hix, Etgar Keret, Phil LaMarche, Dorianne Laux, Patrick Lawler, Maurice Manning, Eugene Marten, K. Silem Mohammad, Patricia Smith, Lynne Tillman, Joe Wenderoth among many others. Now over 10 years old, the magazine is published by writers affiliated with the Creative Writing Program at Syracuse University. Salt Hill is funded in part by the College of Arts & Sciences and the Graduate Student Organization of Syracuse University.

Shinmatsu shosetsu kenkyu (Late Qing fiction studies). Nara: Shinmatsu Shosetsu Kenkyukai, 1977-.

Signs (University of Chicago Press)

Recognized as the leading international journal in women’s studies, Signs has since 1975 been at the forefront of new directions in feminist scholarship. Signs publishes pathbreaking articles of interdisciplinary interest addressing gender, race, culture, class, nation, and/or sexuality either as central focuses or as constitutive analytics; symposia engaging comparative, interdisciplinary perspectives from around the globe to analyze concepts and topics of import to feminist scholarship; retrospectives that track the growth and development of feminist scholarship, note transformations in key concepts and methodologies, and construct genealogies of feminist inquiry; and new directions essays, which provide an overview of the main themes, controversies, and approaches in recent scholarship in particular fields and introduce this work and its theoretical and conceptual innovations to an interdisciplinary audience. Special issue and symposia topics cover a broad range of geopolitical processes, conditions, and effects; cultural and social configurations; and scholarly and theoretical developments.

Standards: The International Journal of Multicultural Studies (e-hournal hosted by University of Colorado, Boulder)

STANDARDS has moved! After a lengthy hiatus, we’re back, with a full version of Volume VIII, Number 1, our most provocatively bare issue to date. Featuring new fiction by Deborah Batterman, Stacy Bierlein, Kim Jensen, and Claine Keily; poetry by Jeffrey Alfier, Annette Hope Billings, Sheryl Luna, EA Lynch, and Christina Ranon; a gallery of works by Scottish artist Dee Rimbaud; fascinating first-person perspectives from Hungarian artist, musician, and author Elizabeth Fischer; and an intimate narrative by beloved Chicana lesbiana writer and activist Gloria Anzaldúa. This year’s Best of the Small Presses Award goes to the venerable and necessary Aunt Lute Press

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series (Tu Kuo-ch’ing,editor; UC Santa Barbara)

Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series introduces English readers voices of Taiwan literature as expressed in recent publications in Taiwanese writers and scholars, with viewpoints on their own literature. This promotes a better understanding and effective knowledge among scholars abroad of the current state and tendencies of literature as it has developed in Taiwan, and it enhances the study of Taiwan literature from international perspectives. Two issues are published year, each with its own focus. The content of each issue is comprised of critiques, fiction, essays, poems, and studies. The selection of articles, translation into English, and publication are carried out by the Forum for the Study of World Literatures in Chinese under the aegis of the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Tamkang Review (Tamkang University, Taiwan)

Tamkang Review is published by the English Department of Tamkang University. It is devoted primarily to comparative studies in Chinese literature in relation to other classical and modern literatures. It also publishes studies of Chinese literature from a critical point of view that places the subject within the context of world literature and studies dealing with the theoretical aspects of East-West comparative literature. It was a biannual from April 1970 to October 1977 and has been a quarterly since fall 1978.

Theater Journal [Project Muse journal]

For over five decades, Theatre Journal‘s broad array of scholarly articles and reviews has earned it an international reputation as one of the most authoritative and useful publications of theatre studies available today. Drawing contributions from noted practitioners and scholars, Theatre Journal features social and historical studies, production reviews, and theoretical inquiries that analyze dramatic texts and production.

Tinfish (University of Hawaii, English Dept) [occasionally publishes contemporary Chinese poetry]

T’oung Pao (Leiden, Holland)

T’oung Pao hardly needs an introduction; over 100 years of publication have made it into the leading journal on all aspects of traditional China. In the course of its existence, T’oung Pao has featured a long range of formative contributions to Sinology by almost all major scholars in this extensive field of ever-increasing importance. Peer-reviewed, under the guidance of its Leiden and Paris main editors, T’oung Pao offers you the opportunity to remain ahead of new and existing scholarship on the fascinating world of China. T’oung Pao features an extensive book review section.

The Tsing Hua Journal of Chinese Studies (Qing Hua xuebao) (Hsinchu, ROC)

Chinese literature and social sciences of all periods; in English and Chinese.

Twenty-First Century Chinese Poetry

21st Century Chinese Poetry was founded with the intention of introducing modern Chinese poetry to readers worldwide. Modern Chinese poetry was born from the broader intellectual movement that took place in China around 1917-1921, known as the May-Fourth Movement; for the first time in history, vernacular Chinese was accepted as a legitimate poetic voice. This poetic movement hasn’t stopped evolving since then but only accelerated recently because of the easy exchange of styles and ideas over cyberspace. This is an eye-opening, exciting and even confounding experience for both the poets and the readers. The editor-and-translator team of 21st Century Chinese Poetry selects some of the best poems written in Chinese by today’s poets from all geographical areas.

Two Lines: A Journal of Translation (San Francisco)

The Center for the Art of Translation promotes international literature and translation through the arts, education, and community outreach. The Center is the parent organization of TWO LINESand Poetry Inside Out. The Center for the Art of Translation evolved out of the internationally acclaimed publication TWO LINES: A Journal of Translation, which was established in 1994. Since its founding, the Center has expanded its Literary Translation Program beyond the publication of TWO LINES to include public readings of international literature as well as symposia and lectures on the art of translation.

Unitas (Lianhe wenxue) [Taiwan literary journal]

Weiming Magazine (An online forum for Chinese arts and literature; in Chinese)

Wei Ming Magazine is a publication on Chinese literature and arts. It is published in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, distributed electronically over the Internet and World Wide Web. The first issue of Wei Ming Magazine appeared in January of 1994. Wei Ming Magazine is dedicated to be a special place for us to appreciate a long lasting cultural, to share joys and sorrows in our life, and to promote understanding among people of different cultures and origins. Currently, Wei Ming Magazine is published only in Chinese. No English translation is available.

The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture

Founded in 1995, The Wenshan* Review of Literature and Culture is a fully open access journal of interdiscinplinary nature indexed in ESCI, SCOPUS, and EBSCOhost. Issued biannually (June and December) both in print and online versions, the journal is based in the Department of English at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan. The main language medium is English but essays written in Chinese are also published.

Wenxue pinglun (Literary Review)

Wenxun (Literary dispatch) [Taiwan journal]

Wenxue ziyou tan (Free forum of literature)

Wenyi bao (Literary gazette)

Wenyi lilun yanjiu

Wenyi lilun yu piping (Theory and criticism of the literaryarts)

Wenyi pinglun (Literature and art criticism)

Wenyi yanjiu (Literary arts research)

Wenyi zhengming (Literary debate)

Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature (Bard College, NY)

Words Without Borders (WWB) opens doors to international exchange through translation, publication, and promotion of the world’s best writing. WWB publishes selected prose and poetry on the web and in print anthologies (the next one to focus on the Islamic world), stages special events that connect foreign writers to the general public and media, develops materials for high school teachers to use foreign literature in classrooms, and continues to build an unparalleled online resource center for contemporary global writing. Our ultimate aim is to introduce exciting international writing to the general public — travelers, teachers, students, publishers, and a new generation of eclectic readers — by presenting international literature not as a static, elite phenomenon, but a portal through which to explore the world. In the richness of cultural information we present, we hope to help foster a “globalization” of cultural engagement and exchange, one that allows many voices in many languages to prosper.

World Literature Today (Norman, Oklahoma)

A Bimonthly Magazine of International Literature & Culture Published at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. Founded in 1927.

Writing Chinese: A Journal of Contemporary Sinophone Literature (Leeds University) (2021-)

Our journal showcases the latest peer-reviewed academic research on contemporary Chinese-language literature and its translation and global reception, alongside features on practitioners. Our combination of academic articles and practice-based notes provides a platform for, and facilitates dialogue between, both primary and secondary actors in the field. A key objective of our journal is to engage directly with scholarship in East Asia, and to this end one section in each issue features newly commissioned English translations of the latest Chinese-language research. The journal is proud to be entirely Open Access.

Xin wenxue shiliao (Historical materials on the new literature).

Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature (Bloomington)

YCGL is dedicated to the publication of theoretically informed research in literary studies with a comparative, intercultural, or interdisciplinary emphasis. We invite articles on the comparative study of the arts, film studies with a focus on literature, international literary relations, pedagogy, and the theory and practice of translation, as well as on the study of genres and modes, themes and motifs, periods and movements.

Zhongguo xiandai dangdai wenxue yanjiu (Research on modernand contemporary Chinese literature).

Zhongguo xiandai wenxue yanjiu congkan (Collection of researchon modern Chinese literature). [available online through Wangfang shuju]

Zhongguo xueshu (China Scholarship)

Zuojia (Writer)

Zuojia wenzhai diancang (Writers digest)

Film and Media Studies

Asiascape: Digital Asia (Editor Florian Schneider, Leiden University)

Asiascape: Digital Asia explores the political, social, and cultural impact of digital media in Asia through both critical, theoretically-minded research and innovative digital methods. Bringing together inter- and multi-disciplinary research in the area studies, arts, communication and media studies, information and computer sciences, and social sciences, this peer-reviewed journal examines the role that information, communication, and digital technologies play in Asian societies, as well as in intra-regional and transnational dynamics.

Asian Cinema

Asian Cinema is a seminal journal, which has been published since 1995 by the Asian Cinema Studies Society under the stewardship of Professor John Lent. From 2012 Asian Cinema will be published by Intellect as part of our Film Studies journal portfolio. The journal currently publishes a variety of scholarly material — including research articles, interviews, book and film reviews and bibliographies — on all forms and aspects of Asian cinema. The journal’s broad aim is to advance understanding and knowledge of the rich traditions of the various Asian cinemas, thereby making an invaluable contribution to the field of Film Studies in general..

Asian Journal of Communication

Since its inception in 1990, the Asian Journal of Communication (AJC) has been a flagship publication of the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) in conjunction with the School of Communication and Information (SCI) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The vision of the AJC is to create a world-class academic journal to advance the understanding of communication issues related to Asia by publishing articles that develop communication theory, report empirical research, and describe advances made in research methodology. Published by Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, the Asian Journal of Communication is a refereed international publication that aims to facilitate the understanding of the systems and processes of communication in the Asia-Pacific region and among Asian populations around the world. All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous editorial screening and double-blind peer review.

The Asia Media Journal (Media Partners Asia)

Published by Media Partners Asia Ltd (MPA) on a quarterly basis, The Asia Media Journal (AMJ) magazine offers exclusive and authoritative analysis of the companies and individuals that shape media developments across Asia. Written and designed for an audience consisting of senior media management and strategists, AMJ is committed to editorial independence, clarity and accuracy. It combines incisive reporting from across the region with broad perspective and insight from AMJ‘s editorial team and exclusive research from MPA’s analysts.

bc magazine (Hong Kong, general entertainment magazine; see also their Singapore edition)

Beijing dianying xueyuan xuebao (Journal of the Beijing Film Academy).

Bright Lights Film Journal

Bright Lights Film Journal is a popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political. A prime area of focus is on the connection between capitalist society and the images that reflect, support, or subvert it — movies as propaganda. Published quarterly in Portland, Oregon by Gary Morris and Gregory Battle. ISSN: 0147-4049.

Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture and Media Studies (Project Muse link for back issues)

Since its inception, Camera Obscura has devoted itself to providing innovative feminist perspectives on film, television, and visual media. It consistently combines excellence in scholarship with imaginative presentation and a willingness to lead media studies in new directions. The journal has developed a reputation for introducing emerging writers to the field. Its debates, essays, interviews, and summary pieces encompass a spectrum of media practices, including avant-garde, alternative, fringe, international, and mainstream.

China Media Research (Zhejiang University)

China Media Research (ISSN 1556-889X) is an official publication of the American Chinese Media Research Association and Communication Studies Institute of Zhejiang University. The journal seeks to provide a platform for Chinese media research, as well as to serve as a bridge between media research done in China and in other parts of the global community. The journal welcomes articles, book reviews, news items, letters, interviews, or other types of submissions containing information or commentary on matters relevant to the journal’s mission.

CineAction (Toronto)

CineAction has been publishing continuously since 1985. We feature essays and reviews by film critics and scholars and we cover a wide range of filmmaking – classic and contemporary popular film, third world cinema, political documentary and experimental film and video. Based in Toronto, we often focus on Canada and Quebec cinema, but also look at films all over the world, from Asia to Hollywood. CineAction has become the leading film studies journal in Canada and well known around the world. Articles from the magazine have been published in numerous book collections and our contributors include many of the best known film experts from Canada, the United States, the UK and throughout the world.

Chinese Independent Cinema Observer (2021-)

Chinese Independent Cinema Observer is a bi-lingual peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of Chinese independent films and film culture. It publishes three times a year on the official website of Chinese Independent Film Archive (CIFA).


America’s leading magazine on the art and politics of cinema. Cineaste is a quarterly magazine (founded in 1967) which offers a social, political and esthetic perspective on the cinema. We are not affiliated with any organization or institution. We are interested in all areas of the cinema, including Hollywood films (old and new), American independents, quality European films, and the cinema of the Third World.

Cinema Journal

Cinema Journal is sponsored by the Society for Cinema and Media Studies and presents recent scholarship by SCMS members. The journal publishes essays on a wide variety of subjects from diverse methodological perspectives. A “Professional Notes” section informs Society of Cinema and Media Studies readers about upcoming events, research opportunities, and the latest published research. Cinema Journal is a member of the CELJ, the Conference of Editors of Learned Journals. It is indexed and/or abstracted in Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Extended Academic Abstracts, Film Literature Index, International Index to Film Periodicals, and PMLA.

Cinema Scope (Canadian journal devoted to International cinema)

Cinemaya, the Asian Film Magazine [online subscription necessary to read articles]

Cinevue Journal (journal of Asian CineVision)

Publishes on Asian American cinema.

Dazhong dianying (Mass film)

Popular PRC movie magazine that has be around since the 1950s.

Dangdai dianying (Contemporary film; 1984-) [scholarly]

Dianying zazhi (Film magazine; 1979-; formerly Dianying tongxun)

Dianying xinshang (Taiwan Film Archives)

Dianying yishu (early 50s-) [scholarly]

Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture (1989-) [Project Muse journal]

Discourse explores a variety of topics in contemporary cultural studies, theories of media and literature, and the politics of sexuality, including questions of language and psychoanalysis. The journal publishes valuable and innovative essays on a wide range of cultural phenomena, promoting theoretical approaches to literature, film, the visual arts, and related media.

East-West Film Journal (1986-1994)

Film Comment

The Film Journal

A central Ohio-based, independently produced, online film publication, which seeks to contribute to the community of serious-minded film websites by being a forum for eclectic film criticism, study and discussion. The Film Journal seeks to highlight local film events, as well as feature international film writing. Launched in March 2002, The Film Journal stresses the importance of an ongoing dialogue on both contemporary and classic cinema]

Film Journal International

Film Journal International, celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2009, is a trade publication and website covering the motion picture industry, with special emphasis on theatrical exhibition. Articles report on U.S. and international news, with features on upcoming movies, industry trends, theatre design, equipment, concessions, digital cinema, sound, screen advertising, and other industry-related topics. Each issue also includes the Buying and Booking Guide, with comprehensive feature film reviews that are indispensable for the theatre operator. Additional issues contain special guides to international distribution and exhibition, as well as equipment and concessions for the motion picture industry. And each year, the magazine gives extensive coverage to major industry conventions including ShoWest, ShowEast, Cinema Expo International and CineAsia.

Film Quarterly

Combining the best of scholarship and journalism since 1959, Film Quarterly publishes wide-ranging, well-crafted, incisive, and detailed writing for thoughtful movie lovers. In Film Quarterly, you will find: in-depth review essays on major recent films; punchy, provocative columnists; ommentary on digital technology and online moving images; coverage of television, documentary, and the avant-garde; an unrivalled book review section; contributions from filmmakers; debate and argument about what matters in film culture.

Funscreen Weekly (Fangying zhoubao)

Taiwan-based online journal in Chinese devoted to film, with good coverage of Taiwan film.

HK: Orient Extreme Cinema (Paris)

HK Orient Extreme Cinema est le premier magazine sorti en France qui parlai exclusivement de cinéma asiatique et en particulier de Hong Kong. Entre octobre 1996 et avril 2000, sont sortis 14 numéros de ce magazine hors norme. A noter qu’à partir du numéro 4, le magazine était vendu avec une VHS proposant un film HK inédit en vostf et comprenant des bandes d’annonces originales se rapportant au sommaire du magazine. Bien que les premiers numéros reste assez inégales et pauvres en couleurs, le magazine convaint par sa structure, une 100e de pages organisées autour d’un dossier, de portraits, de critiques de films et de interviews.

The Illuminated Lantern (“revealing the heart of Asian cinema”)

International Film Guide (published by Variety)

International Film Guide (UK)

Published by Wallflower Press, the International Film Guide is 450-page yearbook of world cinema, with surveys of film happenings in over 125 countries, as well as articles on new trends in technology, distribution and the film festival circuit. The 2009 edition of the Guide will be published in January 2009 and distributed at major international film festivals and markets, including Berlin, Cannes, Tribeca, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and others

Journal of Asian Pacific Communication

JAPC is an international refereed journal whose academic mission is to bring together specialists from diverse scholarly disciplines to discuss and interpret language and communication issues as they pertain to the people of Asian Pacific regions and impact on their Diaspora immigrant communities worldwide. The journal’s academic orientation is generalist, passionately committed to interdisciplinary approaches to language and communication studies in the Asian Pacific. Thematic issues of previously published issues of JAPC include Cross-Cultural Communications: Literature, Language, Ideas; Sociolinguistics in China; Japan Communication Issues; Mass Media in the Asian Pacific; Comic Art in Asia, Historical Literacy, and Political Roots; Communication Gains through Student Exchanges & Study Abroad; Language Issues in Malaysia; English Language Development in East Asia; The Teachings of Writing in the Pacific Basin; Language and Identity in Asia; The Economics of Language in the Asian Pacific.

Journal of Chinese Cinemas (Song Hwee Lim, editor)

Journal of Chinese Cinemas is a major refereed academic publication devoted to the study of Chinese film, drawing on the recent world-wide growth of interest in Chinese cinemas. An incredibly diverse range of films has emerged from all parts of the Chinese-speaking world over the last few years, with an ever increasing number of border-crossing collaborative efforts prominent among them. These exciting developments provide abundant ground for academic research.

Journal of Chinese Film Studies (Haizhou Wang, Haina Jin, editors)

JCFS is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal which focuses on the history, theory, criticism, practice and industries of Chinese film and provides a platform for cutting-edge academic research and debate. It is committed to advancing interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of Chinese films and cinematic practices across multiple genres and platforms. The journal is open to all areas of scholarship in Chinese film studies. We welcome academic work from multiple critical, cultural, and theoretical perspectives. The journal seeks original research articles that pursue innovative research directions and methodologies or engage with significant historiographical or interpretive issues of films from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Chinese diaspora. The journal also welcomes reviews of books and films of significance to the focus of the journal, as well as interviews with filmmakers and film scholars. It will showcase research both from established scholars and emerging new voices of Chinese film studies. Authors who have had their articles accepted are encouraged to submit video abstracts.

Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media

Jump Cut is run on a nonprofit basis by its staff and is not affiliated with or supported by any institution. Begun in 1974 as a film publication, Jump Cut now publishes material on film, television, video and related media and cultural analysis. As a print publication till 2001, Jump Cut circulated 4000 copies per issue in North America and internationally to a wide range of readers including students, academics, media professionals, political activists, radicals interested in culture, film and video makers, and others interested in the radical analysis of mass culture and opposition media.

Media Asia (Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore)

Media Asia is a quarterly magazine which serves as an important platform for the exchange of views and information on mass communication in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Each issue of the journal has valuable information, views and comments relevant to communication professionals, scholars and laymen.

New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film

The journal aims to provide a platform for the study of new forms of cinematic practice and fresh approaches to cinemas hitherto neglected in Western scholarship. It particularly welcomes scholarship that does not take existing paradigms and theoretical conceptualisations as given; rather, it anticipates submissions that are refreshing in approach and exhibit a willingness to tackle cinematic practices that are still in the process of development into something new.

New Frontiers: A Journal of Chinese Independent Cinema

New Frontiers is a bi-lingual peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of Chinese independent films and film culture. It publishes three times a year on the official website of Chinese Independent Film Archive (CIFA).

Offscreen (Montreal webzine)

Offscreen has been online since 1997, along with its French language sister journal Hors Champ. Based in Montréal, Offscreen is a wide-ranging film journal that covers film festivals, retrospectives, film forums, and both popular and more academic events. Part of our mandate is to cover the Montreal film scene, but within an international context. The scope of its content, and the type of material featured and promoted in Offscreen can be summarized as follows: personal and independent film above big budget, formulaic film; the under-represented (young, up and coming filmmakers); films with creative design and broad social commitment; local and Canadian films/filmmakers; Asian and alternative cinemas (horror, exploitation, esoteric, experimental, documentary, etc.)

Quarterly Review of Film and Video

Quarterly Review of Film and Video publishes critical, historical, and theoretical essays, book reviews, and interviews in the area of moving image studies including film, video, and digital imagery studies.Our scope is international and interdisciplinary. Contributions from diverse critical, theoretical, and historical perspectives are welcomed.

Senses of Cinema

Senses of Cinema is an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema. We believe cinema is an art that can take many forms, from the industrially-produced blockbuster to the hand-crafted experimental work; we also aim to encourage awareness of the histories of such diverse forms. As an Australian-based journal, we have a special commitment to the regular, wide-ranging analysis and critique of Australian cinema, past and present.

Screening the Past (an international electronic journal of visual media and history)

Screening the past is concerned with: the history of photography, film, television and multimedia; the representation of history on/in these media; the role of these media in social history; the history and development of critical and theoretical analysis in these areas. It publishes material of interest to historians of film and media, to film and media scholars, to social historians interested in the place of film and media within general history, to film makers interested in the history of their craft or in representing history through their productions, to film and media librarians and archivists. It encourages scholarly debate on all these, respecting the views of others even if disagreeing with them. It co-operates with other publications, both hard-copy and electronic, with related interests.

Sight and Sound (British Film Institute)

Discover the best world cinema. In-depth interviews with leading directors. Retrospective articles vividly bringing film history to life. All the latest film news.

Wide Angle

Visual Arts

Art Asia Pacific

Publishes on contemporary visual art, covering all of Asia. ArtAsiaPacific is published six times year in the months of January, March, May, July, September and December.

Asian Art

The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts in Asian. is dedicated to all aspects of Asian art. It is our ambition to offer a forum for scholars, museums and commercial galleries. We display highlights of exhibitions in public and private institutions and galleries; present new discoveries by scholars and connoisseurs; and, by providing space for private galleries to present their works, offer the visitor a selection of fine Asian art worldwide.

Asian Art News

Website devoted to contemporary art in the PRC. Includes scholarly articles.

Kongjian (Space)

Taiwan architecture and design magazine

Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

JCCA is a scholarly forum for the presentation of new research into and critical debate on or concerned with the subject of contemporary Chinese art. . . While the JCCA addresses contemporary art produced by artists from mainland China since the late 1970s as a significant focus for research and critical debate, it also seeks to engage critically with the relationship between contemporary art and Chinese cultural identity against the background of present-day globalization and trans-nationalism. The journal therefore not only welcomes contributions that address contemporary art produced in mainland China as well as Hong Kong-Macau and Taiwan, but also in relation to diasporic and trans-national Chinese cultural communities world-wide. The journal also welcomes contributions that address the relationship between Chinese cultural thought and practice and contemporary art of non-Chinese origin. . . The JCCA seeks to uphold open and respectful critical debate by welcoming intellectually rigorous contributions extending across the widest possible interpretative spectrum. The JCCA is conceived as a platform for the publication of high-quality writing in accordance with the established conventions of academic discourse. However, it does not limit itself solely to contributions from academic researchers. It is recognized that others working outside the Academy, including artists, curators and critics, have important insights into the nature and significance of contemporary Chinese art. Consequently, contributions to the JCCA from cultural practitioners and professionals working outside the Academy are strongly welcomed. There is also an understanding that while the JCCA seeks to uphold the highest academic standards in terms of editorial and peer-review, it should be open to innovative forms of presentation in support of differing interpretative perspectives. The JCCA’s engagement with cultural institutions and cultural practitioners outside the Academy is intended not only as a means of supporting knowledge exchange but also the development of collaborative relationships between academics, artists and curators.

Leap: The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China

LEAP is the bilingual art magazine of contemporary China. Published six times a year in Chinese and English, it presents a winning mix of contemporary art coverage and cultural commentary from the cutting edge of the Chinese art scene. Its three section shang, zhong, xia (top, middle and bottom) are differently conceived. Shang offers short takes on a wide range of subjects including architecture, exhibition design, and film, as well as a number of standing columns like “Conference Room” which illustrates a recent discussion or panel, “Shop Talk” which asks an artist very direct questions about the more concrete elements of their practice, “My Miles” which interviews an art-world character about their travels and “Videos You Didn’t Finish Watching” which attempts to represent a time-based work onto a two-page spread. Zhong begins with a cover package of stories on a key topic (the first four issues have covered: the decade in review, spaces of production, the China-Africa connection, and China’s new “Art Youth” generation) alongside artist profiles, cultural features, an artist portfolio, and a fashion shoot. Xia, neutral and authoritative, contains reviews of recent exhibitions in and beyond China by noted critics. Edited in Beijing, printed in Guangzhou, and governmentally supported by the Anhui Federation of Literary and Arts Circles, LEAP is published by the Modern Media Group, China’s leading producer of lifestyle and fashion magazines with titles including Modern Weekly, The Outlook Magazine, and Life.

Orientations (The magazine for collectors and connoiseurs of Asian art; HK)

Published in Hong Kong and distributed worldwide, Orientations has been delighting collectors and connoisseurs of Asian art for forty years. Every issue is an authoritative source of information on the many and varied aspects of the arts of East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia and provides invaluable insights into the international Asian art market, analyzing activities at major auctions in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and other centres to reveal the latest price and collecting trends. Orientations is unique in its presentation and is itself a collector’s item, with the quality of its content matched by the excellence of its design and production. `Perfect bound’ with a strong laminated cover, it is renowned for its superb full-colour reproductions.Orientations is a magazine that you will enjoy at your leisure, and that you will keep to read and refer to, again and again.

Yi Shu: A Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art (editor Ken Lum)

Yishu – Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art is a leading journal in the coverage of Chinese contemporary art and culture. With each bi-monthly issue, you will find scholarly essays on topical matters, critical commentary of conferences, exhibitions and books in the Chinese art field. Yishu aims to provide an authoritative forum for dialogue and debate around the visual and literary forms being produced within an expanded understanding of contemporary Chinese art.


Asian Music (Journal of the Society for Asian Music)

Asian Music welcomes articles on all aspects of the performing arts of Asia. The journal is refereed; all articles receive consideration by at least two readers.

British Journal of Ethnomusicology

The British Journal of Ethnomusicology is the refereed journal of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. The journal seeks to provide a dynamic forum for the presentation of new thinking in the field of ethnomusicology – defined broadly as the study of “people making music”, and encompassing the study of all musics, including Western art music and popular musics. Music ethnography may be synthesised with a variety of analytical, historical and other methodologies, often entering into dialogue with other disciplinary areas such as music psychology, music education, historical musicology, performance studies, critical theory, dance, folklore and linguistics. The journal, like the field, is therefore characterised by its breadth in theory and method, its interdisciplinary nature and its global perspective.

Chime (Leiden, The Netherlands)

CHIME is a foundation for the promotion of Chinese music research, based in Leiden, the Netherlands. It was founded early in 1990 by European music scholars from four different countries. CHIME serves as an active world-wide network of researchers of Chinese music. We publish an annual journal (in English), a book series, and occasional monographs. We organize annual conferences and workshops, as well as concerts.

Ethnomusicology On-Line (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Ethnomusicology Online (EOL) seeks high-quality scholarly and general submissions in ethnomusicology and related disciplines, especially but not exclusively submissions which take advantage of the multimedia and hypertext capabilities of the World Wide Web. Articles for the online scholarly journal will be peer-reviewed. General articles on any ethnomusicology subject will not be peer-reviewed. Reviews, reports, dissertation abstracts, and other contributions will be edited in consultation with authors. First preference goes to submissions of high intellectual quality, whether or not they incorporate multimedia.

Association for Chinese Music Research Newsletter

The ACMR Newsletter is the official publication of ACMR. It includes original research articles, bibliography, review essays, translations, and book reviews. It also publishes information on recent publications on Chinese music and on recently complete Ph.D. dissertations and M.A. theses, announcements of upcoming and reports on past scholarly meetings and major performances of Chinese music, news of institutions and individuals, news of scholarly and performing activities from the PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and overseas Chinese communities, views and opinions on any matter relevant to ACMR.