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Hong Shen special issue–cfp


Guest Edited by Siyuan Liu and Xiaomei Chen
Deadline: March 1, 2015

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a special issue on Hong Shen 洪深. Often considered a pioneer in modern Chinese theatre and film, Hong Shen was an important agent in the development of both fields, as a playwright/screenwriter, translator/adaptor, director, educator, and theorist. However, compared to Tian Han 田汉 and Ouyang Yuqian 欧阳予倩, the other so-called huaju (spoken drama) “founding fathers,” Hong Shen has received far less attention in both scholarly studies and the general narrative of modern Chinese theatre, as exemplified in the 2007 huaju (话剧) centennial celebration. The case of Hong Shen reveals much about the complex and fluid nature of the modern Chinese cultural field in which intellectuals moved easily among different media and negotiated positions often thought to be rigidly opposed: progressive/popular; May Fourth/Butterfly; leftist/Nationalist; modernity/tradition; and China/West.

In light of the 2011 publication of an extensively annotated chronicle by his daughter Hong Qian and the 2013 Hong Shen Project at The Ohio State University, which included a production of his play The Wedded Husband, a screening of his film Shanghai Old and New (新旧上海), and the symposium “Hong Shen and the Modern Mediasphere in Republican Era China,” this special issue seeks to reevaluate Hong Shen’s role in modern Chinese cultural production. We invite original articles that provide new perspectives on the following topics:

His theatre studies and production experience in the United States

  • His role in establishing the director-centered production system for huaju
  • His impact on huaju’s gender performance through his plays and productions
  • His role in the literary translation versus localized adaptation debate in huaju translation and production
  • His role in early Chinese cinema, especially its transition from silent to sound film
  • His dramaturgy and its impact on realistic and modernist drama
  • His contribution to theories of playwriting, performance and directing for stage and film
  • His complicated relationship with the left and right ideological conflict and its key figures
  • His interactions with various Republican era media
  • His contribution to theatre education

The submission deadline is March 1, 2015 (for a projected publication date of fall 2015). Please adhere to MCLC STYLE GUIDELINES. Send electronic submissions to *both* guest editors, Siyuan Liu (liu44@mail.ubc.ca) and Xiaomei Chen (xmchen@ucdavis.edu欧阳予倩. Send an electronic copy to the MCLC Editor, Kirk Denton (denton.2@osu.edu), and a paper copy with cover letter to:

Editor, MCLC
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值得注意的是,洪深研究近年有了新的進展:2011年其女兒洪鈐發表《中國話劇電影先驅洪深: 曆世編年紀》;2013年俄亥俄州立大學舉辦洪深紀念專題,公演其話劇《為之有室》,放映他的電影《新舊上海》,主辦《洪深與民國現代媒體域》學術研討會。本專刊旨在借此機會重新評估洪深在現代中國文化生產中的地位。我們歡迎對以下主題提出新觀點的原創文章:

  • 他在美國的戲劇學習及演出經歷
  • 他對建立話劇以導演為中心的演出體系的貢獻
  • 他通過劇作和導演對話劇性別表演的影響
  • 他對話劇翻譯和演出中直譯與轉譯爭論的影響
  • 他對早期中國電影,尤其是從無聲到有聲電影過渡的貢獻
  • 他的話劇創作及其對現實主義和現代主義戲劇的影響
  • 他對話劇和電影創作、表演和導演理論的貢獻
  • 他與左、右翼意識形態衝突及其關鍵人物的複雜關係
  • 他與民國各種媒體的關係
  • 他對戲劇教育的貢獻

本專刊預計于2015年秋季出版,投稿截止日期為2015年3月1日。來稿請用英文,中文原稿務必由專業人士翻譯成英文, 遵循《中國現代文學與文化》論文格式。 電子版同時寄給兩位特約編輯劉思遠 (siyuan.liu@ubc.ca) 和陳小眉 (xmchen@ucdavis.edu),以及《中國現代文學與文化》主編 Kirk Denton (denton.2@osu.edu), 同時郵寄一份打印稿至下列位址:

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