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The MCLC Resource Center is the online face of the print journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. It publishes online articles (see “WEB PUBS”) and book reviews (see “REVIEWS”) and sponsors the MCLC LIST (see “BLOG”). It also houses bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film/media, visual arts, music, education, and culture. An image archive (see “Bibliographies”) is comprised mostly of images originally published with essays in issues of the print journal. The Video Lecture Series hosts lectures by leading experts on facets of modern Chinese literature.

The site is maintained by Kirk A. Denton at East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University. Send suggestions for bibliography entries to Clicking the MCLC logo to the right of each page will return you to this home page. Back issues (with a 1 year lag) of the print journal are available through JSTOR (see logo to the right). MAKE A DONATION to support MCLC and the MCLC Resource Center. MCLC is also on Facebook and Twitter!