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MCLC Resource Center Publications publishes translations, interviews, and film reviews, as well as essays with a strong multimedia component and miscellany that do not neatly fit the academic mandate of the print journal. The publications in this series are “editor reviewed.” Proposals for publications should be made to Kirk A. Denton (denton.2@osu.edu). All materials are copyright of MCLC Resource Center.


The Two Versions of So Long, My Son.” By Thomas Chen (Lehigh University)

Happy Together 春光乍洩 Script: Cantonese Transcription and English Translation.” Translated/transcribed by Sabrina Yu, Nicholas Kaldis, Kin Wing Kevin Chan, and Cecilia Liao.


Teahouse,” Meng Jinghui adaptation of Lao She’s drama; translated by Claire Conceison.

Paris in the Springtime,” by Shao Xunmei; introduced and translated by Paul Bevan.

Navigating Transmedia Storytelling and Franchising in Chinese BL: Heaven Official’s Blessing,” by Linshan Jiang.

Chinese Fables of Wealth and Power: The TV Drama Well-intended Love,” by Marco Fumian.

Old Lady Wang and Her Piglet,” by Lu Ling; translated by Kirk A. Denton.

A Novel Amusement,” by Lu Ling; translated by Kirk A. Denton.

Autumn Night,” by Lu Ling; translated by Kirk A. Denton.


Introducing the Chinese TV Series The Invisible Companion,” 1990s TV series based on the novel by Zhang Kangkang; introduced by Richard King (University of Victoria).

Qiyue and Ansheng,” by Anni Baobei (Qing Shan), translated by Linshan Jiang.

Donning Cosmopolitanism: Expressions of Modernity in Chinese Symbolist Poetry,” introduction to and translations of poems by Li Jinfa, Fei Ming, Dai Wangshu, Bian Zhilin, and Ji Xian, by Su Ming Marian Chia.

Into the Tiger’s Den,” part of a lianhuanhua (serial comic) adapted from the novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest, by Qu Bo; translated by Julia Keblinska (The Ohio State University).

Qi Wang, “Literary Shamanism in Liu Qing’s Fiction of Northeast China.”


Tong King Lee, “Incest: Translating Impossible Desires.”

Judith Pernin, “Filming the Individual and the Collective: The 2019 Pro-democracy Movement in Hong Kong Independent Documentaries.”

Zheng Yi, illustrated by Chen Yiming, Liu Yulian, and Li Bin. “Maple.” Trs. Lena Henningsen and Joschua Seiler.

Wang Zengqi, “Butter Pancakes.” Trs. Xuezhao Li and Travis Telzrow (The Ohio State University).

Guangchen Chen, “The Sufferings and Greatness of a Vulnerable Artist: In Memory of Fou Ts’ong.”

Zheng Wenguang, “Communist Rhapsody.” Tr. Adrian Thieret (University of Manitoba).


Lena Henningsen. “Little Smarty Travels to the Future: Introduction to the Text and Notes on the Translation.”

Ye Yonglie et al., Little Smarty Travels to the Future. Trs. Adrian Ewald, Lena Henningsen, Lars Konheiser, Elena Mannich, Federica Monchiero, Franziska Roth, Joschua Seiler, and Sen Wei (Freiburg University)

Riccardo Moratto. “Water and Ear: An Interview with Li Er.”

Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel, eds., “The Wandering Earth: Gender, Sexuality, and Geopolitics” (with Petrus Liu, Laura Trajber Waisbich, Zeng Lu, Zairong Xiang, Lisa Rofel, Maria Amelia Viteri-Burbano, Jesse Crane-Seeber, and Cai Yiping)

Qi Wang. “Shadows and Voices: Shuang Xuetao’s Fiction of Northeast China.”

Chiara Cigarini, “Pandemic and the (Fanta)scientific: A Prism of Voices from Today’s China.”

Hao Jingfang, “Limbo.” Tr. Ursula D. Friedman.

Qi Wang, “Homecoming, Postsocialist Memory, and Subjects: On the 9th Reel China Biennial.”

Jin Liu, “A Cinematic Presentation of Trash: An Interview with Wang Jiuliang.”

Haiyan Lee, “Déjà Vu: Revisiting Hu Fayun’s SARS Novel during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Shiqi Lin and Kaiyang Xu, eds. “In the Clouds: COVID-19, Dystopian Reality and Online Carnival” (panel discussion with participants: Jenny Chio, Belinda Kong, Shiqi Lin, Carlos Rojas, Kaiyang Xu)

Haiyan Xie, “An Age without Classics and the Writer’s Anxiety: An Interview with Yan Lianke.”

Hongwei Bao, “Diary Writing as Feminist Activism: Guo Jing’s Wuhan Lockdown Diary (2020).”

Marco Fumian, “To Serve the People or the Party: Fang Fang’s Wuhan Diary and Chinese Writers at the Time of Coronavirus.”

Yu Kwang-chung, “Dear Music: Spare My Innocent Ears!” Trs. Sunny Tien and Ivan Wong.

Zheng Junli, dir. Crows and Sparrows. Tr. Christopher Rea.

Xiaomei Yu, “Why You Should Read Bi Shumin’s Novel Coronavirus.”

Yanlong Guo, “Negotiating Colonial Visuality: Gao Chengxian’s Reminiscence of the Manchukuo Arts Exhibitions.”


Qi Wang, “Frozen Waters and Deathly Wells: Ban Yu’s Fiction of Northeast China.”

Zhang Nanzhuang. “Which Classic? (ch. 1),” trs Yichun Xu and Frederick Bowman.

Liu Na’ou. “Scenery,” tr. Travis Telzrow.

Christopher Rea, trs, Long Live the Missus!

Megan Ammirati, “Spoken Drama in the Twenty-First Century: Li Liuyi’s Sichuan-dialect Adaptation of Teahouse.”

Tong King Lee, “Mobility as Method: Distributed Literatures and Semiotic Repertoires.”


Jenn Marie Nunes, “I’ve Got a Little Problem: Review.”

Hao Ran, “At Dusk.” Tr. Richard King.

Yu Zhang and Calvin Hui, “Postsocialism and Its Narratives: Interview with Cai Xiang | 蔡翔访谈.”

Petrus Liu and Lisa Rofel, eds., “Wolf Warrior II: The Rise of China and Gender/Sexual Politics.”


Maghiel van Crevel, “Walk on the Wild Side: Snapshots of the Chinese Poetry Scene.”

David Borgonjon, “Can We Talk about Dialogue? A Pre-script to Art and China after 1989.”

Chia Joo Ming, “Exile or Pursuit (an extract).” Tr. Wai-chew Sim.

Yuan Jinmei, “The Yangtze and My Father: A Love Story.” Tr. Paul E. Festa

Christopher Rea and Henry Jenkins, “The Ancient Art of Falling Down: Vaudeville Cinema between Hollywood and China–A Conversation between Christopher Rea and Henry Jenkins.”

Hu Fayun, “Old Fool: Elegy for a Monkey.” Tr. Paul E. Festa.

Ah Cheng, “On Listening to Enemy Radio.” Tr. by Yurou Zhong.

Mu Shiying, “Camel · Nietzschean and Woman.” Tr. by Sean Macdonald.

Mengtian Sun, “China and Chinese SF: Interview with Chen Qiufan.”

Maghiel van Crevel and Wu Jinhua, “Supplement to Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem, and Money: Citations in Chinese.”


Ah Ning, “A Bad Debt,” translated by Wu Jian and Jenn Marie Nunes.

Sebastian Veg, “Debating the Memory of the Cultural Revolution in China Today.”

Paul Manfredi, “Zhong Biao: ‘The Other Shore.”


Megan Evans, “Translating Instability: Adapting and Staging Madam X and Mister Q (based on Can Xue’s Five Spice Street).”

Anne McLaren, “Advance through Retreat: The Li Yi Zhe Manifesto.”


Jiang Zidan, “Blackie: A Dog Elegy.” Translated by Mei Li Inouye and Haiyan Lee.

Yang Jiang, “Indian Summer.” Translated by Judith M. Amory and Yaohua Shi.

Felicia Zhang, with Christopher R. McMahon. “Li Xiaoyin: Yu Dafu’s Lover or Muse?


Arif Dirlik, “Literary Identity/Cultural Identity: Being Chinese in the Contemporary World.”

Zong Pu, “Lulu.” Translated by Taylor Brady, Haiyan Lee, and Sylvia Yang.

Yiju Huang, “Plain, Time, and Catastrophe: An Interview with Chen Zhongshi.”

Wang Xiaobo, “Love in an Age of Revolution–Chapter 3.” Trs. by Wang Dun and Michael Rodriguez.


Liao Yimei, Rhinoceros in Love. Tr. by Mark Talacko.


Kun Qian, “Tracing Desire: Cell Phone and the Self-Reflexivity of Contemporary Chinese Media.”

Chien-hsin Tsai, “The Museum of Innocence: The Great Leap Forward and Famine, Yan Lianke, and Four Books.”

Rujie Wang, “The Asthetics of Retroactive Memory: Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock and the Historical Film.”


Ellen Johnston Laing, “Shanghai Manhua, the Neo-Sensationist School of Literature, and Scenes of Urban Life.”

Sebastian Veg, “From Meiji Modernity to the Nanjing Massacre: Yasukuni‘s Critical Perspective on History and Memory.”

Wang Xiaobo, “Love in an Age of Revolution–Chapter 2 .” Trs. by Wang Dun and Michael Rodriguez.


Xiaobing Tang, “Why Should 2009 Make a Difference? Reflections on a Chinese Blockbuster.” [on the 2009 film The Founding of a Republic]

Kaelyn Lowmaster, with John Crespi, Y. R. Chao’s New Poetry Songbook, (1) Introduction; (2) Translations of three essays by Y. R. Chao; (3) Audio recordings of three musical pieces (from the Songbook with Chinese and English lyrics). Tr. and introduced by Kaelyn Lowmaster, with John Crespi.

Wang Xiaobo, “Love in an Age of Revolution–Chapter 1.” Trs. by Wang Dun and Michael Rodriguez.

Liu Zaifu, “Eileen Chang’s Fiction and C. T. Hsia’s A History of Modern Chinese Fiction.”


Maghiel van Crevel, “Avant-garde Poetry from the People’s Republic of China: A Bibliography of Single-Author and Multiple-Author Collections.”

Maghiel van Crevel, “Avant-Garde Poetry from the People’s Republic of China: A Bibliography of Scholarly and Critical Books in Chinese.”

Fiona Sze Lorrain, “‘Cinema, Too, Is Literature’: Conversing with Gao Xingjian.”

Mabel Lee, “Contextualizing Gao Xingjian’s Film Silhouette / Shadow


David Hawkes, “The Poetry of Liu Hongbin.”

Liu Hongbin. “Poems by Liu Hongbin.”

Peter Porter, “Introduction: A Day Within Days, by Liu Hongbin.”

Maghiel van Crevel, “Unofficial Poetry Journals from the People’s Republic of China: A Research Note and an Annotated Bibliography


Jonathan Noble, trs. New Youth, by Hang Cheng (a translation of and introduction to the play, with images).

Jonathan Noble, trs. Che Guevara, by By Shen Lin, Huang Jisu, Zhang Guangtian (a translation of the 2000 play, with images).

Pete Nestor and Tom Moran, trs. The White-Haired Girl–Film Script (a translation with stills of the 1950 classic Bai mao nu).


Tim McCahill and Tom Moran, trs. Girl Basketball Player No. 5–Film Script (a translation with stills of Xie Jin’s 1957 film Nulan wuhao).

Crespi, John A. “The Poetry of Slogans and Native Sons: Observations on the First China Poetry Festival” (essay on the First China Poetry Festival, a state-sponsored event held in Ma’anshan, Anhui in October, 2005).


Kraicer, Shelly. “Chinese Language Films at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival.” (review of 9 films from mainland China and Hong Kong)

Lo, Ch’ing. “Bizarre Manifestations of the Dharma” (法相奇怪集). (In Chinese, with translation by Joseph R. Allen; paintings by Lo Ch’ing. Originally published as an insert to Modern Chinese Literature [Fall, 1986]).

Sekine, Ken. “A Verbose Silence in 1939 Chongqing: Why Ah Long’s Nanjing Could Not Be Published.” (Introduces the novel Nanjing, by Hu Feng group member Ah Long, and offers an hypothesis about why the novel was not published around the time of its writing in 1940.)

Eileen Chow, tr. “New Woman–Film Script.” (English translation of the film script to the 1934 film New Woman [Xin nuxing], starring Ruan Lingyu; with numerous stills and video clips)

Michael Standaert. “Interview with Yan Li.” (interviewed in October 2003 at the University of Iowa International Writing Program)

John B. Weinstein and Carsey Yee, “Flushed with Wine.” (translation of and introduction to Ding Xilin’s one-act comedy, based on the story by Ling Shuhua; with images and video of a November 2002 performance at Simon’s Rock College of Bard)

Michael Standaert. “Interview with Yu Hua.” (interviewed on August 30, 2003, at the University of Iowa International Writing Program)

Bonnie S. McDougall. “Index to Letters between Two.” (this index supplants the incorrect index mistakenly published in the original English language translation [Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2000] of this collection of letters between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping)


Maghiel van Crevel. “The Poetry of Yan Jun.” (short essay, translation of “Against All Organized Deception,” and original Chinese texts of some poems with audio files of recitation by Yan Jun)

Maghiel van Crevel. “The Horror of Being Ignored and the Pleasure of Being Left Alone: Notes on the Chinese Poetry Scene.” (overview of the state of contemporary PRC poetry)

Li Chi [Ji], “Wang Kuei and Li Hsiang-hsiang” (online reprint of translation by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang; originally published by Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1964).


Kirk A. Denton. “Lu Xun Biography.” [part of MCLC Resource Center “Biographies” project]

Claire Conceison. “Fleshing Out the Dramaturgy of Gao Xingjian.” [published in conjunction with special Gao Xingjian issue of MCLC vol. 14, no. 2, Fall 2002)

Laura, McCandlish. “Stubbornly Illuminating the ‘Dirty Snow That Refuses to Melt’: A Conversation with Can Xue.”


Huang Xiang. “Nine Poems.” Tr. Andrew Emerson.


Li Yu. “Representations of Ethnic Minorities in Chinese Propaganda Posters, 1957-1983.”

Raoul David Findeisen, ed. “Amendments and Additions to the List of Pen-names of Modern Chinese Writers.”

Chen Sihe. “On ‘Invisible Writing’ in the History Contemporary Chinese Literature, 1949-1976.” Tr. Hongbing Zhang.

Zhou Zuoren. “Requisites for the New Literature.” Tr. Kirk A. Denton.

Fei Mu, et al. “Spring in a Small Town.” Tr. Andrew F. Jones. [film script]

Yuan Muzhi. “Street Angel.” Tr. Andrew F. Jones. [film script]