Methods in China-India Studies special issue

We are pleased to announce the publication of a special issue of the International Journal of Asian Studies on “Methods in China-India Studies”.

The issue reflects on the recent growing interest in studying China and India together, and opens a space of dialogue and reflection on the intellectual stakes, limitations, and possibilities of such work. Several articles in the issue focus on modern Chinese literature and culture and may be of interest to MCLC members.

International Journal of Asian Studies 19.2 (2022)

Introduction: Methods in China-India Studies
By Adhira Mangalagiri and Tansen Sen (available open access here)


China in Medieval Indian Imagination: “China”-inspired Images in Medieval South Asia
By Jinah Kim

Three Plays and a Shared Socio-spiritual Horizon in Modern Buddhist Revivals in India and China
By Jessica Zu

Trans-Himalayan Science in Mid-twentieth Century China and India: Birbal Sahni, Hsü Jen, and a Pan-Asian Paleobotany
By Arunabh Ghosh

Returning to “Asia”: Japanese Embraces of Sino–Indian Friendship, 1953–1962
By Yasser Ali Nasser

From The Good Earth to Mother India: Esthetic Circulations of Peasant Womanhood between India and China
By Anup Grewal

Suspect Narratives: “Sinifying” an “Indianized” Japanese Story
By Krista Van Fleit

The Challenges of China–India Comparative Urban Studies
By Mark W. Frazier

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