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75th Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association Annual Convention
Chinese Literature and Film since 1900 Session
Call for Papers:

Relationships of Crisis

At the present moment, between pandemic and war, as societies shudder and are torn apart by racism, the erosion of democratic institutions and civil rights, and the reliability of information and common ground for public discourse are questioned daily, the study of modern Chinese literature and film takes on a new light. By the time of the 75th RMMLA in Albuquerque, NM in October 13-15, 2022, the world may have changed significantly again, yet we nevertheless look forward to convening in person to renew our endeavors, and explore the relations between our work and the world. Our fields connect in new ways to current events and our call for papers in the Chinese Literature and Film since 1900 Session reflect this. We have gathered some themes around critical oppositions that resonate with concerns familiar to modern Chinese culture:


  • Identities: Privilege and Margins
  • Ethnicity and National identity
  • Trust and Disinformation
  • Peace and War
  • Love and Hate
  • Enemy and Family
  • Collectivism and Individualism
  • Gender and Sexuality


  • Ecocriticism and Egocriticism
  • Human culture and physical environment
  • Human and Nature
  • Human and Animal
  • Human and Posthuman
  • (Post-)Pandemic: Zero Tolerance and Anti-Vaxx

Please submit your abstract along with a short biography to Yinyin Xue <xuey@rhodes.edu> by June 6th, 2022. The language of the session is English and Chinese.

Important dates:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 2022/06/06
Notification of Acceptance: 2022/06/30
Please direct any inquiries to: xuey@rhodes.edu

Session co-organizers:

Lavinia Benedetti,
Charles A. Laughlin,
Yinyin Xue

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