Organ harvesting

A new summing-up of what we know on Chinese state-managed organ harvesting. Suggests the reason they are targeting Uyghur detainees now is that they ran out of Falungong victims. Includes comments from Abduweli Ayup, a linguist, poet and Uighur-language activist in exile in France:

China’s ‘XXX Files’: ‘25 Thousand People Disappear Each Year, Their Organs Are Harvested.”

China experts and activists claim that the repression of minorities in Xinjiang has escalated in recent years, with thousands of Uighur Muslims in ‘reeducation camps’ being murdered and their organs harvested for wealthy Chinese and foreign patients. The Chinese deny all such allegations. David Stavrou, Haaretz, Dec 3, 2020.

–fwd by: Magnus Fiskesjö,

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