As you know, Hong Kongers are fighting brutal state violence in an ongoing struggle for self-determination. Many of us in the diaspora have been watching livestreams wondering what we can do. To that end, the mission of Lausan 流傘 is to publish English-language discourse about protests that bypasses oversimplified mainstream narratives by focusing on historical complexity and the radical potential of the movement.

We aim to share English-language writing about Hong Kong from an anti-capitalist, decolonial and intersectional perspective — that holds both Western and Chinese imperialisms to account. Lausan 流傘 as a publication shares and translates radical critiques and commentaries on Hong Kong from a left perspective. Our goal is that this can be another small step toward building solidarity with similar resistance movements around the world.

Please feel free to take a look at: and sign up for our newsletter (the form is on our homepage). We are looking for translators at the moment, if that is of interest to any readers of MCLC. This is a really difficult moment for all Hong Kongers. But it is also a moment of new possibilities — requiring all of our critical imaginations.

Christopher Chien <>

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