Grazing Oats Through the Winter – The Conclusion

Stan Smith,OSU Extension PA, Fairfield County

Conceivably, the most famous oats field in recent Ohio history netted over $100 per acre to it’s owners, and never saw a combine! Yes, we are still responding to inquiries regarding this past winter’s oat grazing project at the Wolfinger’s, here in Fairfield County. You recall that two bushels of bin run oats were no-til seeded into a harvested 30 acre wheat field on August 5, 2002. Immediately ahead of the grain drill, 100 pounds of urea was spread as a source of nitrogen. On November 8, the Wolfingers began to strip graze 44 bred cows and one mature bull on the oats that had grown to an average height exceeding 30 inches, and possessed an estimated dry matter yield of Continue reading