When You Clean out a Feedlot Pen, Don’t Scrape Too Deep

Stephen Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist

The surface of a feedlot is actually a series of layers due to density differences, including, from the surface down: Manure Layer, Manure Soil Layer, Compacted Soil. The density of the top manure layer is 40 pounds to 58 pounds per cubic foot. The compacted manure/soil layers immediately below has a density of 62 to 106 pounds per cubic foot. Compacted layers of manure and soil usually provide Continue reading

Feedlot Mud Management

Stephen Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist

Mud could be the biggest environmental problem facing some Corn-Belt cattle feeders right now. Not only does it affect animal performance, but it can also affect feedlot owner behavior. Some cattle feeders may be less inclined to purchase/add cattle to an already muddy feedlot.

Mud reduces accessibility to feedbunks for cattle. The general effect of muddy lots is to decrease Continue reading