To Hay or Not to Hay?

Allen Gahler, Extension Agent ANR, Fairfield County

It’s that time of year again when those of us engaged in crop production are either working diligently to get the planter and tractor ready, or have already begun our spring planting. But how many of us have begun work on the hay equipment and have the baler greased, the rake tines replaced, and the mower/conditioner cutter bar sharpened? Not many of us I’m sure, but no need to worry yet because there is still plenty of time to work on that equipment before the hay will be ready to cut. So for now our plans should be to focus strictly on getting the cows bred and the corn planted, right?

My answer to that question is yes, but with an asterisk. And that asterisk does not stand for a simple reminder that the hay equipment still needs work when a rainy day comes along. It also does not stand for a reminder that most of last year’s hay was made poorly so we need to really think about prioritizing and interrupting the corn planter or the bean drill to make sure first cutting is timed properly and made right. In fact, to illustrate Continue reading