Strategic Culling Methods

– Jeff Workman, OSU Graduate Research Associate, HCRD and Stephen Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist

What are the reasons or criteria used by a producer to determine those cows that should be culled? The ultimate goal of a cow-calf producer is to have cows that wean live calves once a year. Therefore, a cow must breed relatively early in the breeding season; deliver a live calf; rebreed in an appropriate amount of time; and wean a live calf. Those cows that fail to meet this basic goal are Continue reading

Is Creep Feed Cost Effective?

– Stan Smith, OSU Extension PA, Fairfield County

There has been a variety of research done that confirms the advantages of early weaning beef calves, however, there is not a lot of written word about creep rations or even if creep feeding is cost effective. Regardless, Francis Fluharty, research scientist in ruminant nutrition at OARDC in Wooster, has done a significant amount of work with both creep feeding and early weaning at the research station. Fluharty’s thinking is that, especially during times of high grain prices, summer long creep feeding does not Continue reading