Is early grazing an option?

Chris Penrose, OSU Extension Educator, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Morgan County (this article first appeared on-line in Progressive Cattleman)

Considering the winter we’ve experienced, the title of today’s article may seem strange to many. Regardless, the weather prognosticators are now telling us “normal” weather is just around the corner so we’re going to go with that for the purposes of what I’m about to share.

When we think of extending the grazing season, we usually think of how long we can go into the fall or winter without feeding stored feed.

Another option often overlooked is how soon we can stop feeding Continue reading Is early grazing an option?

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Preparing Cows for Breeding

– Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky

A successful breeding season actually begins with management decisions made at calving. Cattlemen can impact rebreeding efficiency by focusing on body condition score (BCS), early assistance during calving difficulty, scheduling a breeding soundness exam for the herd sires, planning their herd reproductive health program, and developing a plan to regulate estrus in their first-calf heifers and late-calving cows.

Reproductive management begins with Continue reading Preparing Cows for Breeding

During this Cold Weather, Is Your Bull at Least out of the Wind?

Stephen Boyles, OSU Extension Beef Specialist

During cold and windy weather, producers need to be aware of the potential for scrotal frostbite in bulls. During normal winter conditions frostbite is not a common problem with breeding bulls, but prolonged exposure to extreme cold and wind increases the incidence of frostbite. If frostbite occurs it can cause bull infertility the next breeding season. It can occur in bulls that don’t have adequate dry bedding or protection from Continue reading During this Cold Weather, Is Your Bull at Least out of the Wind?

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