Spring is Here But Winter Isn’t Over!

John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator

Spring may have officially arrived last week but the weather in Ohio early this week gave us a reminder that winter is not going away without a fight. I am sure that every cattle producer has grown weary of battling the challenges that this winter has thrown their way. Even the most routine daily tasks around the farm have been more difficult to complete given the tough winter. The arrival of typical spring weather will hopefully allow us to quit worrying about tractors starting, water lines and waterers freezing, and keeping ears intact on baby calves.

No question this winter has been tough on producers but let’s not lose sight of the plight of the brood cow. She has truly been on the “front lines” of the battle with Continue reading Spring is Here But Winter Isn’t Over!

A Breeding Soundness Exam: Insurance for Your Breeding Season

– Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky

I received the call on a Monday. I seem to receive this call 6-8 times each year. This particular rancher had just finished getting his cows diagnosed for pregnancy. He had 43 fall calving cows. The previous fall, those cows were synchronized for artificial insemination and were exposed to one bull for about 5 weeks and a second bull for 7 weeks. Only 22 cows conceived and all of them conceived to the AI. The first question I asked this rancher was the obvious one; did you Continue reading A Breeding Soundness Exam: Insurance for Your Breeding Season

Safety around the Barnyard Babies

– Kathy Mann, OSU Agricultural Safety and Health Program Coordinator

Spring is right around the corner bringing new life on the farm. Who doesn’t love seeing the cute and cuddly baby animals? Although some farm animals are pets, most animals on the farm are considered livestock. And while livestock may look cute and cuddly, they can pose a hazard when working around or handling them. It is important for children to have adult supervision whenever they are near livestock.

Livestock exhibit certain behavioral traits. Recognizing and Continue reading Safety around the Barnyard Babies