Rethinking Pasture and Hayfield Lime Application

Rory Lewandowski, Extension Educator, Athens County

One of the major agricultural limestone providers in Athens County recently announced a big increase in the cost of delivering/spreading limestone. At $50/ton the price has doubled compared to a year ago. Comments from several farmers regarding the economics of lime application prompted me to read through the liming section of the Ohio Agronomy Guide, and to send some questions off to Dr. Robert Mullen, OSU Extension soils specialist, about soil testing and lime application in pastures and hayfields. Continue reading Rethinking Pasture and Hayfield Lime Application

The Winds of Change

Stan Smith, Program Assistant, OSU Extension, Fairfield County (reprinted from the Ohio Cattleman’s Association Magazine, Early Fall, 2008)

Back in ‘the day’ as a youth, I cut teeth on an Allis Chalmers Roto Baler. I never really asked why we had a round baler when no one else in the community did. I simply knew that when it was time to make hay, Steve and I were expected to be there.


Grandpa, dad and my uncle had created a pull type, ground driven bale elevator that conveyed the bales, which had been dropped to the ground after they were rolled and tied, onto hay wagons for transport to the barn. The first task we learned as boys was Continue reading The Winds of Change