Stan Smith, PA, Fairfield County OSU Extension

OSU Extension Beef Team members have received many calls and inquiries in recent weeks regarding the feed supply situation for Ohio’s beef cattle. The responses are much the same as they were during the drought in 1999, and other years – we have many alternatives to consider, choose the most affordable one that best fits your situation. While most of this information has been published in this and other publications over the past 8 weeks or so, I think it merits repeating one more time with this issue of the BEEF Cattle letter being dedicated to taking another look some of these feed alternatives.

In Ohio, we are blessed with Continue reading

An Alternative to Hay for Brood Cows – Corn!

– Steve Loerch, Professor, Animal Sciences, OARDC, The Ohio State University

Much of the US and Canada is struggling with drought conditions and feed shortages that result from extended dry weather. Recently, the OSU Extension Beef Team received a call from a Nebraska rancher looking for an opportunity east of the Mississippi to market half of his 800 head cow herd due to feed shortage. Also, I’ve been made aware that Alberta will be moving up to 500,000 cows out of the Province for similar reasons this fall – mostly in boxes.

Many Ohio cattlemen are experiencing similar concerns this year. However, unlike some other parts of the country, here in Ohio we have an affordable alternative feeding strategy Continue reading

Castration Is a Profitable Management Tool

– Amy Radunz, Ohio FSBI Coordinator (Source: Kent C. Barnes, Oklahoma State University)

In recent weeks we’ve discussed a variety of management tools a producer can utilize to maximize the return orvalue of the calf at weaning. Some producers may conclude that kind of calf produced, and management doesn’t matter, since market fluctuations and confounding effect of various characteristics on price per pound make it difficult for cattlemen to distinguish the true value of their efforts.

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Maybe it’s not ‘officially’ a drought, but it’s darn dry!

Stan Smith, PA, Fairfield County OSU Extension

This 301st issue of the BEEF Cattle letter begins the 7th year of publication. As I look back to those early newsletters, the irony is that I see we were dealing with many of the same concerns then, as we are today – adding value to feeder calves, calf and fed prices that are not what we want them to be, and drought related concerns.

Over the weekend, one of the TV meteorologists said we weren’t officially in a drought because we haven’t been 30% or more below normal in precipitation for 3 months in a row. In addition to that, the Long Term Palmer index says that northern Ohio is only in “Moderate Drought” while the rest of us are “Near Normal.”

Well, let me tell you what “near normal” looks like in northwestern Fairfield County – not pretty! As I looked back Continue reading