Is the Glass Half-full or Half-empty?

John F. Grimes, Extension Educator, Highland County, Ohio Valley EERA

Governor Ted Strickland recently announced that an agreement has been reached between Ohio agriculture leaders and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). As a result, HSUS agreed to drop their ballot initiative for 2010 that they had been in the process of getting placed on the November ballot. The proposed HSUS ballot initiative was requesting voters to approve specific language that would have established specific criteria on how certain species housed and managed their animals.

The recently announced agreement does contain some very specific guidelines that will impact animal agriculture in Ohio Continue reading

Feeding Late Cut Infected Fescue Hay

Chris Penrose, ANR Educator, OSU Extension, Morgan County

This year much of our first cutting hay was made much later than usual. Many of us made a lot of hay that was overmature and loaded with endophyte infected fescue. Will this be a problem with our cattle this winter? Unfortunately, most of the endophyte accumulates in the stem and seed heads, elevating the concentrations in our hay. Are there some things we can do to reduce the effects if we suspect a problem? Fortunately we have a couple things Continue reading

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