A Time to Buy or Sell

John F. Grimes, OSU Extension Beef Coordinator

Conventional wisdom tells us that the proper strategy to investing in a business or commodity is to “Buy low and sell high!” I have heard that phrase for years and would agree that it is sound advice. However, the current outlook for the beef industry might put a different spin on the traditional investment advice.

There is little doubt that there is plenty to be excited about in the beef cattle industry. Nearly every Continue reading

Machinery Maintenance: Thinking Ahead for Silage Safety

Dewey Mann, OSU FABE Safety Research Associate

While injury and fatality statistics for silage harvesting and storage are not easily tabulated, few operations present more hazards. The USDA – National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) estimates the Ohio dairy herd to be 267,000 head. With all of those hungry mouths to feed, now is the time for operation managers and custom harvesters to start planning for a safe, efficient corn silage harvest.

Here are some tips Continue reading

Manure Spill Response Kit

Rory Lewandowski, OSU Extension Educator, Wayne County

Handling and hauling manure is tied to livestock production. Manure application involves the farmer juggling a number of factors such as weather conditions, soil moisture, soil nutrient level, crop nutrient needs, application method, soil type, and slope to insure that manure is applied correctly and in an environmentally friendly manner. In every situation there may be factors outside of the farmers control and sometimes those factors result in a Continue reading

Plan Ahead For Late Fall And Winter Grazing

Rory Lewandowski, OSU Extension Educator, Wayne County

For those livestock producers that are pasture based, August management can determine what, if any, extended season grazing will be done in the late fall to winter months. There are two main options that can be used to extend the grazing season; stockpiling perennial forages and/or planting cool season annual forages.

Stockpiling forage is the most economical option to extend the grazing season. Stockpiling is simply the process of Continue reading

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