Transporting Cattle

Steve Boyles, OSU Beef Extension Specialist

Hauling cattle is an integral part of most operations. Whether cattle are hauled to the local livestock market or to a different pasture, ensuring that proper transportation practices are used can prevent injury to the cattle. Reducing cattle stress and injury can lead to more profitable operations.

Maintenance of Stock Trailer
* Trailers are repaired and kept in good condition.
* Tires have proper pressure and adequate tread.
* Wheels are greased according to manufacturer recommendations.
* A jack capable of lifting a loaded trailer, block and a spare tire kept with trailer
* Wiring and lights functioning
* Brakes are working
* Trailer floor in good repair (Wood floor lasts about 10 years. Will be less if don’t clean out after use)
* Clean trailer after every use. (Reduces slipping by animals, also a biosecurity measure) Continue reading