Insect-Transmitted Disease: It’s That Time of Year Again

William Shulaw, Extension Veterinarian, The Ohio State University

West Nile virus and eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus (EEE) have been killing horses and birds for several weeks now across the USA. Last week we received reports of a new outbreak of EHD virus in deer in Montana that was killing deer “in droves.”(1) This is reminiscent of the 2007 outbreak of that disease in Ohio deer. And last Saturday I saw my first horse fly of the season in Hocking County.

These observations serve to remind us that the fall season of insect-transmitted disease is in full swing. West Nile virus and EEE virus are Continue reading Insect-Transmitted Disease: It’s That Time of Year Again

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Direct Marketing Meat

Rory Lewandowski, Extension Educator, Athens County and Buckeye Hills EERA

As the interest in locally produced and marketed food grows, livestock owners may find non-farm neighbors and friends asking if they can purchase meat products from them. Possibly livestock owners are wondering how they might add value to their livestock and market some of their livestock as meat to the public. Some basic factors that need to be considered include: regulations regarding meat processing and sales, finding a processor, pricing your product, risk management, and customer relations. In this article I will cover the regulations governing meat processing and sale to the public. Continue reading Direct Marketing Meat