Calf Scours: Causes, Protection, Prevention

– Bill Shulaw, DVM, OSU Extension Veterinarian

Calf diarrhea, or scours, is a relatively common problem on many cow/calf operations. Although most cases result in only mild diarrheas, some may cause severe dehydration, depression, and possibly death.

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Metabolic Diseases of Feedlot Cattle

– Steven C. Loerch, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

There are four main metabolic diseases feedlot operators need to be aware of: polioencephalomalacia (polio), acidosis, rumenitis and bloat. Unlike respiratory diseases, these are not infectious diseases and therefore are not contagious. They do have one thing in common, they occur primarily in cattle fed high grain finishing rations.

Feedlot Polio. This disease is caused by a deficiency of Continue reading

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