Colostrum Is Important for Calf Health, Long Term Performance

– William P. Shulaw DVM MS, OSU Extension Veterinarian, Beef/Sheep

Absorption of antibodies from colostrum to the calf’s blood serum is extremely important to the health of newborn calves. Colostral antibodies only last for a few weeks but are crucial to getting the calf off to a good start. Timing of colostrum intake, amount fed, and antibody concentration of the colostrum determine the success of antibody absorption in the calf. For maximal absorption, colostrum must be consumed within Continue reading

Calf Scours: Causes, Protection, Prevention

– Bill Shulaw, DVM, OSU Extension Veterinarian

Calf diarrhea, or scours, is a relatively common problem on many cow/calf operations. Although most cases result in only mild diarrheas, some may cause severe dehydration, depression, and possibly death.

Causes: Scours are caused by Continue reading

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Use Grub and Louse Treatments Cautiously

– William P. Shulaw DVM MS, Extension Veterinarian, Beef/Sheep, The Ohio State University

Treatment for grubs and lice is a common procedure on both cow/calf operations as well as in feedlots. The life cycle of the cattle grub starts with a fly (the warble fly) that lays eggs on the skin of the cattle in the summer and fall. The eggs hatch larvae that penetrate the skin and migrate through the body during the fall and winter to eventually reach the Continue reading

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