Grazing Harvested Corn Residue, a Feed Alternative

Stan Smith, PA, OSU Extension, Fairfield County

With Ohio farmers expecting to harvest over 3 million acres of corn this fall, the potential for the brood cow herd feed supply being extended well into fall by utilizing crop residues is huge. Corn crop residue is practical for feeding dry, gestating beef cows in mid gestation providing they have average or better body condition. Managed correctly, one acre of corn residue can yield up to 60 animal unit grazing days (60 days of grazing for a 1000 pound animal).

Grazing “efficiency” will determine exactly how much Continue reading Grazing Harvested Corn Residue, a Feed Alternative

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Preg Check Your Cows . . . Please!

Dr. Les Anderson, Beef Extension Specialist, University of Kentucky

Well, it’s that time of year for me to plead with our producers to pregnancy diagnose their cows. This year appears to be even more important than the last few. The University of Kentucky has about 2500 cows on various Applied Master Cattleman projects throughout the state. Many of these farms have participated in these projects for two years. Cows in all of these projects are subjected to estrus synchronization prior to either natural service or to AI. These projects are designed to either demonstrate to producers how to shorten the calving season or the production and economic efficiencies of AI. Most of these cows have been diagnosed for pregnancy and, if these farms are any indication, pregnancy rates will be unexpectedly low this year. The last couple of years, these farms have averaged Continue reading Preg Check Your Cows . . . Please!