For Our Teachers – Mindfulness and Self-Care

In recognition of teachers as professionals, educators, and caregivers, a session at the OATFCS – Ohio Association Teachers of Family Consumer Sciences conference focused on Mindfulness and Self-Care. This page has links to resources that were shared during the webinar.

Three recommended articles for teachers:

Mindful Mindset mini-lessons – this page was designed in partnership with a High School FCS teacher during remote learning. The links on this page were shared with staff as well as high school students with a sample of short online mindfulness practices as well as a link to Live Smart Ohio blog post on what to look for in a mindfulness app.

Mindful Practices depending on how much time you have, from 30 seconds to ten minutes.

Article Tech Tools to Support a Mindful Classroom

Check out Greater Good in Education – Science-Based Practices for Kinder, Happier Schools

Mindful Wellness is the Ohio State University Extension curriculum and series of lessons designed for adults. OSU Extension Educators teach in-person as well as remotely. If you are interested in offering Mindful Wellness to adults in your community (for example, worksite wellness), please use the following link to contact one our state representatives:

If you would like to contact the two presenters from the August 2, 2021 webinar, emails below:

  • Patrice Powers-Barker, Ohio State University Extension, Lucas County Family and Consumer Sciences,
  • Melinda Hill, Ohio State University Extension, Wayne County Family and Consumer Sciences,

If you or someone you know is experiencing Compassion Fatigue, Burn Out or any other struggles, please share information with others to seek help.

Ohio Care Line 1-800-720-9616

List of References for the webinar

Northwest Ohio FCS Teacher In-Service Day

Thursday, April, 7th 2022: Welcome Back!

2022 FCS Teacher In-service agenda

Resources: (listed in order of agenda) – More to be added throughout the day

Secret History for FCS Teachers Powerpoint – Patrice Powers-Barker, OSU Extension, Lucas County and Melissa J. Rupp, OSU Extension, Fulton County

Digital Detox slides notes and references from Digital Detoxing in a Social World – Susan Zies, OSU Extension, Wood County:

Nature and Wellness slides notes – Laura Stanton, OSU Extension, Warren County

What’s new in the Kitchen? Air Fryers – Katie Schlagheck, OSU Extension, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties

Careers in Food and Nutrition slides notes – Jennifer Little, OSU Extension, Hancock County

Personal Finance Programs and Resources – check out Melissa’s Picks Financial Education

FCS Teacher Sharing Time – What’s working in your classroom?

Our FCS teachers share the best practices, tips, questions, and stories!

Love it when students allow FCS teachers to bring items for “show and tell”. Example of plarn (plastic yarn created from plastic grocery store bags) and crochet bag.

crochet bag made from plarn


Textile class is over lunch (the long period) – the students prepped plyarn (yarn made out of plastic grocery bags). Some students already have experience with crochet. This is a good topic as an introduction to the FCCLA repurpose and design.



Take Charge Today, Financial Education for a Better Future, The University of Arizona

Created a substitute teacher grid with eight writing prompts for Human Growth and Development. The students can work on the assignments in class. They can receive the 25 points by writing their answer to the question, one page in length.

As one way to do an assessment for Principles of Foods, using these worksheets to introduce labels – the nutrition label as well as the ingredient list. This is a good activity to let them do a taste test (a small sample) and learn the lessons before they move into projects in the lab.








A Year in Real Live – an online lesson with a packet that corresponds with a year’s worth of income and expenses. The students have a hard copy of a calendar to track where bills land in the month. The online lesson uses spin wheels to help determine different statuses for different life situations (savings, credit, apr for credit card, credit card, number of children, how the baby is born and hospital costs, different types of vacation, etc). For more information on the program, email

What can we do with our FCS students to benefit families in Ukraine? We had a short discussion with some possible ideas. Although there is no single answer, we have some ideas:

  • Make cookies for a bake sale.
  • Donate proceeds to the World Central Kitchen
  • Investigate charity organizations, compare the percentage of donations that go directly to people in need
  • Use the FCCLA Planning Process with students
  • May 2022: short promotion of the AWJH brownie bake sale


Other FCS Educators in Northwest Ohio:

Casey Bishop, OSU Extension, Paulding County

Central State University is an 1890 Land-Grant Institution. One difference is the location(s) that are served. For example, Jewel Rollins, works in the Northwest Region of Ohio, not just one county. Follow their Facebook page or use the direct contact information below.

  • Jewel Rollins,  Northwest Region Family & Consumer Science Educator, Central State University Extension, Email:  Phone: 419-913-7111
  • Hannah Albers,  Northwest Region 4-H Educator, Central State University Extension Email:  Phone: 937-710-5381

2020 and 2021: We missed seeing Northwest Ohio FCS teachers these springtimes due to COVID-19. We celebrate the work they offer all school year and we want to send an extra “thank you” during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

FCS teacher with heart

Thursday April 4th, 2019 – the following resources are added in order of the day’s agenda:

Keynote: The Ice Cream Sundae – A Perfect Model for Food Science in the FCS Classroom, presented by Pam Snyder

CIFT Food Industry Credentials, presented by Rebecca Singer, President and CEO, Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT)

Tour of the NOCK Facility and its mission, Paula Ray, Site Manager

Thank you Danielle Arbinger for sharing about your business, Guac Shop, website (and find them on facebook and instagram guacshop419)






Success Story: Thank you Chris and Lin Lane for sharing about your business, Country Lane BBQ, LLC, facebook

Lunchtime Information: David Little, CVE Curriculum Consultant

Mindful Moments (resource from Yoga 4 Classrooms – you can purchase their deck of cards and request a free download of six cards)

Lightening Round of Resources from OSU Extension, FCS Educators


FCS Teacher Share Time

(sorry, not all linked but here are some of the resources shared by teachers)

Book on Truck Food Cookbook, make foam food trucks to decorate the room. Ties in with lessons on recipes, cost of business, etc.

NGPF next generation personal finance (podcasts for your own professional development)  (FinLit fanatics FB page for teachers using this curriculum)


Copy of weekly calendar, standard – kids can view it, it helps with subs and helps stay organized and “magic binder” with all information in one binder

Use Google – students use resources including running their own webpage for Childhood Development

Question of the day on whiteboard, up all day to see what other students wrote, 2-3 days a week, sometimes review questions, sometimes questions for fun

Lambsville, financial management class activity, Ms. Lamb is the mayor. Put it all into the packet this year.

Interior Design – made an edible color wheel – vanilla wafers, can work as team to use food colors

Documentary – The True Cost, on Netflicks, one hour 32 min, prepare students to see graphic things (how our clothes are made in third world countries). Message for our youth: you cannot disregard the clothes in your closet. If you don’t wear it, please share/donate with others who can use it.

Fill Your Bucket by Carol McCloud (books for babies, toddlers and youth). In class they decorate small buckets for this “children”

Compost Stew, (HS students like the kids’ book) for food supply unit, movie Ingredients, movie

Fetal Development, focus on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome since it’s preventable.

January is Board Appreciation Month, FCS class made the meal of 2 soups and then served to the board (including the superintendent and other administrators). They loved the meal and all of them stayed to clean up. Have made connections with them throughout the year (sometimes food, sometimes other information for them)

3 out of 5 Board Members following on FB

University of Findlay –  Adulting 101