Healthy Learning

Looking for fast, easy tips to encourage youth in their testing?

test day for students

Test day for students






Healthy Learning:Brain Breaks OSU Extension handout


Additional Brain Break Resources:

Eat Smart Move More Classroom Energizers (elementary school, middle school and afterschool)

ABC For Fitness A-B-C For Fitness™ stands for “Activity Bursts in the Classroom.”

American Heart Association In School Activity Breaks

Action for Healthy Kids

A set of twenty-one physical activity cards by Alliance for a Healthier Generation are ready to print with instructions for a variety of easy tasks to act out. A few of the tasks require a ball for students to complete the physical activity but most of them can be acted out without any props.

An online resource, GoNoodle is for teachers as well as parents. Anyone can create a free GoNoodle account and link to clips that lead youth in a variety of healthy activity games.

Infographic: Active Kids Learn Better


Water infused with fresh mint

Water infused with fresh mint





Water Infused with Ohio Produce OSU Extension handout


Additional Test Taking Resources:
“Test Anxiety!” Live Smart Ohio blog post