Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

“The science and art of living and working well in our complex world”
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Lucas County teacherslist of FCS lessons that OSU Extension can offer to middle school/junior high and high school students. This list is designed to partner with FCS teachers in Lucas County but might be applicable to other classes as well.

Northwest Ohio FCS Teacher In-Service, annual one-day in-service: go.osu.edu/fcsteachers

History of Family and Consumer Sciences in the USA and Lucas County, Ohio:

  • Why FCS OSU Extension? one page 
  • Using Danielle Dreilinger’s 2021 book, The Secret History of Home Economics: How Trailblazing Women Harnessed the Power of Home and Changed the Way We Live to highlight FCS history 
  • Brief history of FCS in Lucas County Ohio with alignment to national history (link coming soon)

FCS Educator Day Blog posted on Urban Extension, Making a Difference Through Family and Consumer Sciences 


Note: CTE = Career and Technical Education

Image from: https://www.leadfcsed.org/career-pathways-through-fcs.html

Documents related to FCS in the classroom and community: