Mindful Mindset – mini-lessons for students

This page shares links to the topics we’ve talked about during online mini-lessons, while school (and work) was still virtual in winter 2021 and then in person later 2021 and now through the current school year.


JustBreathe is a small, simple graphic to help you sync your breathing. Watch and follow with your inhales and exhales.

Mindful Breathing: Roberto P. Benzo, Mayo Clinic including various breathing audio files including a short “3-minute mindful breathing for the daily journey

Learning to Keep Calm Handout (includes 4-7-8 Breathing)

Mindfulness Practices 

Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center Mindfulness – free practices 

Three Senses Mindfulness Activity for Kids, Teens and Adults

Lesson for Athletes, their coaches and supporters


What Mindfulness App Should I Try? 

Short list of Meditation Apps

blue wall with quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn


Set Intention for the day

From Headspace – Set an Intention with this mini-meditation series, guided by Andy Puddicombe. Let’s set a clear, actionable intention for this week. Less than 4 minutes.

Body Scan

Guided Meditations, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Additional Links


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