Introducing Mindful Wellness to OSU Extension FCS

Ignite Mindful Wellness 2018

Thursday October 26, 2017, Mindful Wellness Breakout Session #1

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Presenters: Patrice Powers-Barker, Shannon Carter, Marie Economos, Kathryn Green, Melinda Hill, Pat Holmes, Christine Kendle, Terri Worthington, FCS Educators

Short History

In 2013, OSU Extension FCS Educators had a very unique opportunity to participate in a new partnership on the topic of mindfulness.  FCS Extension Educators participated in an eight week mindfulness training and additional team meetings.  Eventually, a four week session of lessons was created to teach in the community.  One unfortunate challenge of this 2013 program was the lack of opportunity to train more OSU Extension staff to teach it.

The six presenters were trained on the 2013 mindfulness program and have continued to teach about mindfulness in their counties as well as personally practice it. We are excited to share that OSU Extension has a new mindfulness curriculum in peer review that has been designed by – and for – Extension staff!

PowerPoint 10/26/17  Mindful Wellness Intro FCS 17 


Handout Mindful Wellness ,FCS Conference


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Ohio Council on Family Relations 2017 Webinars

The Ohio Council of Family Relations (OHCFR) is the state affiliate of the National Council of Family Relations.  It is an organization for practitioners, academicians, and students serving Ohio’s youth, individuals, couples, and families over the lifespan through research, education, and practice.

In 2017 the OHCFR board decided to host professional development webinars as a way to reach and connect with members across the entire state. The following information is about a two-part webinar hosted in the fall of 2017. For more information about OHCFR please visit the website or follow on Facebook @OHCFR

The Effect of the Opiate Epidemic on Ohio Families (Part 1 of 2)

Presenter: Dr. Philip Atkins, Executive Director, Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County

  1. Understand the scope and scale of the opiate epidemic in Ohio.
  2. Apply aspects of self-care in the context of their own experience of compassion fatigue when working with families affected by opiate abuse.
  3. Identify the stages of change in the Transtheoretical Model of Change and learn to recognize these stages in their families
  4. Differentiate between varying intensities of intervention and current treatment and recovery support practices in order to assist families in recovery.

Wednesday Sept. 20, 2017, 12-1pm EST

PowerPoint OHCFR Opiate Training 9.20.2017

Webinar Recording

Link to Evaluation for Part 1 of 2:


Part 2 of 2, The Effect of the Opiate Epidemic on Ohio Families. Thursday, November 30, 2017, 12-1pm EST by Dr. Atkins

Webinar part 2 Recording