OHCFR Members – You are Invited to a Calm Holiday Season

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Dear OHCFR members,

Every year, Ohio State University Extension’s, Live Healthy Live Well team offer 2 online email challenges focused on health and wellness. The challenges are most often promoted and coordinated through the local county extension office but the OHCFR board discussed the topic and wondered if it might not be of interest to OHCFR members?  This year, the winter challenge focuses on stress and wellness. Two of OHCFR’s board members, Katie and Patrice are Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educators and we have found a way to offer this free, online challenge statewide to OHCFR members. Also, OSU Extension targets this for those who live in Ohio but since it is an online challenge, it is open to any adult who is interested. So, if there are NCFR members reading this who are not in Ohio, feel free to sign up if you’re interested!

There are more details below including the sign-up. If you have any questions, please email Patrice Powers-Barker at powers-barker.1@osu.edu

Count CALM Down for the Holidays Challenge

For many, the holiday season is a busy, stressful time of the year, and it’s not uncommon for our health goals to take a backseat to the celebrations and obligations of the season. Do you want some tips and ideas to relax and enjoy the holidays in a healthful way this year? Join the Count CALM Down for the Holidays email wellness challenge for healthy living tips and encouragement to help you make you most of this holiday season.

When? November 19, 2018 – January 2, 2019

What does it cost?  Nothing – Participation is Free! 

Who can participate?  Any adult with an email account

Includes?  E-mail challenge messages sent 2 times per week, a health tracking log to help you make changes, and lots of encouraging tips!

Sign up for the OHCFR CALM Down for the Holidays challenge at: http://go.osu.edu/calmocfr18

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DOVIA of Northwest Ohio Partnership

DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers In Agencies) of Northwest Ohio 2019

Respecting the Tough Work, Patrice Powers-Barker

February  28, 2019, 12-1:30 pm 
Metroparks, Toledo Botanical Gardens Conference Room



Previous Presentation

Friday November 2, 2018

DOVIA of Northwest Ohio 2018 Conference

Breakout Session #3: Respecting the Tough Work, Patrice Powers-Barker

Resources & Links discussed in the presentation:

Tough Work: Understanding and Serving People in Poverty While Caring for Yourself is a volunteer training written by Kathy Michelich, Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Warren County, Lebanon, OH. 2013

  • total 4 hours of training for volunteers
  • Early Spring 2019, OSU Extension, Lucas County will be looking for host sites to promote and offer to volunteers
  • Contacts: Holly Ball at ball.2129@osu.edu   or Patrice Powers-Barker at powers-barker.1@osu.edu

How to find your local county Extension office?  https://extension.osu.edu/lao#county

Live Smart Ohio, OSU Extension’s Family and Consumer Sciences Blog https://livesmartohio.osu.edu/

Count CALM Down for the Holidays 2018, 6-week email wellness challenge https://lucas.osu.edu/lhlw

Mindful Wellness https://lucas.osu.edu/mindfulness

Dine-In Day 2018 https://lucas.osu.edu/DineIn

OSU Extension, Lucas County http://lucas.osu.edu