Hello, kitty. Let’s talk

Conservation biologist Pete Marra, author of Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer (2016, Princeton University Press), speaks twice at Ohio State next week: at the Tuesday, Nov. 7, breakfast program by the Environmental Professionals Network (EPN), and at the Wednesday, Nov. 8, annual conference of the Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative.

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Seats going fast for ‘An Evening with Grizzly Bear 399’

Only about 250 seats remain out of the original 1,000 available for “An Evening with Grizzly Bear 399” on Oct. 24 at Ohio State. So says CFAES’s David Hanselmann, coordinator of the Environmental Professionals Network, which is hosting the event. Read more here. Register here.

Ohio State hosting talks on famous grizzly bear, Ted Turner’s green impact in West

T. A. Moulton BarnTwo special events at Ohio State will look at two big personalities — a famous grizzly bear and media mogul turned environmentalist Ted Turner, who was born in Ohio — and the mark they’re making on the American West. Continue reading

Americans’ growing love for animals, including big fierce ones

Great white shark fings and teeth“Americans love animals more than they used to — even ‘scary’ ones,” says the headline of a Sept. 20 story in the Washington Post. It’s on a recent study by CFAES scientists called “Changes in attitudes toward animals in the United States from 1978 to 2014,” which the journal Biological Conservation recently published. Americans’ changing attitudes, the scientists wrote, “may be indicative of growing concern for the welfare of animals — both wild and domestic.” The scientists are with the Department of Animal Sciences and the School of Environment and Natural Resources. Read their study here. (Photo: Great white shark by Ramon Carretero from iStock.)

‘We were knee high in mud. But it was worth it’

Ohio’s Division of Wildlife recently honored Medina County Career Center graduates Dan Phillips and Emma Trapp for their work developing a WILD School-designated wildlife garden at the center. Both are now students at CFAES’s Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster. Ann Norman of northeast Ohio’s Sun News has the story.