There’s now a maple syrup that was made on Kelleys Island

CFAES’ Buckeye Yard & Garden onLine website recently told the story of a new project on Kelleys Island, which lies in western Lake Erie. Two CFAES educators, Thomas deHaas and Les Ober, were among the project’s collaborators, and in the end the team’s work all boiled down to a first: the first-ever run of Kelleys Island “Glacially Groovy” maple syrup. (Photo: A shoreline scene on Kelleys Island, Getty Images.)

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How to transition fairly from coal

“Our research found coal mining-dependent economies have generally struggled in the last century compared to Appalachian communities that have not been tied to coal extraction.”

That’s Mark Partridge, CFAES professor and C. William Swank Chair in Rural-Urban Policy, quoted in a recent article about a study he co-authored.

“Remaining tied to coal mining is exactly the opposite of how more prosperous communities have evolved,” Partridge says in the article, “and it risks the future viability of Appalachian counties.”

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