Let’s talk: Q-and-As with conservation pros

CFAES’ Gwynne Conservation Area is hosting three series of talks during Farm Science Review—Woodlands, Wildlife and Aquatics, and Forages and Grazing—and a highlight of each series will be a live 30-minute session with professionals working in that industry. It’s a chance for you to ask questions and get answers from experts who know what you’re talking about.

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16 Farm Science Review talks about woodlands

If you own a woods and would like to know more about it, make it more sustainable, make more money from it, or all three, then check out these talks during Farm Science Review, Sept. 22–24. The Review’s Gwynne Conservation Area is organizing the lineup, along with series on forages and grazing and also on wildlife and aquatics. 

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CFAES reads for Sept. 10, 2020

Pandemic-related cooking and eating habits could help curb food waste—if consumers stick to them

Washington Post, Aug. 31; featuring Brian Roe, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Farming releases carbon from the Earth’s soil into the air. Can we put it back?

NPR, Aug. 18; featuring Rattan Lal, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR)

A watershed moment for U.S. water quality

Ohio State News, Aug. 13; featuring Mažeika Sullivan, SENR

What’s ahead for America’s national parks?

The next Environmental Professionals Network (EPN) webinar, set for 10 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15, looks at the future of America’s national parks, including the sufficiency of their funding and how they can be more inclusive.

Participating in the webinar is free and open to the public, but you have to register in advance.

EPN, a free professional organization, is a service of CFAES’ School of Environment and Natural Resources.

(Photo: Canyonlands National Park, Utah, Getty Images.)

CFAES reads for Sept. 3, 2020

A prophet of soil gets his moment of fame

NPR, Aug. 11; featuring Rattan Lal, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR).

Hunger in a land of abundance: COVID-19 intensifies rural food insecurity

Capital Press, July 27. Featuring Mark Partridge, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Farm-tastic! Wayne County part of unique agriculture-bolstering project

Wooster Daily Record, July 7. Featuring Shoshanah Inwood, SENR.