More biobased products, new jobs in Ohio?

The Obama Administration yesterday directed the federal government to increase its purchases of biobased products. Dennis Hall of the Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center, a part of our college, says new Ohio jobs should result. He’s available to talk to reporters. Also: Here’s Hall speaking on USDA’s BioPreferred program (video, 1:50) last summer. Yesterday’s directive is an expansion of that program.

Climate change and hybrid butterflies?

Michigan State’s Mark Scriber presents “Impacts of Climate Warming on Hybrid Zone Dynamics” this Monday (Feb. 20) in a seminar sponsored by our Department of Entomology. Scriber is a world authority on swallowtail butterflies with a focus in these two areas: hybridization and speciation at the limits of species distributions; and how climate change is affecting those dynamics.

Details: 10-11 a.m., 206 Thorne Hall, OARDC, 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, with a video link to 460 Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Road, on our Columbus campus. Free. All are welcome.

Here’s what E-C-O can spell

OSU Extension’s Jim Hoorman talks about a new system called ECO Farming, which stands for eternal no-till, continuous living cover, and other best management practices. It’s seeing wider use today through his and others’ efforts. (Cover crops, such as the red clover pictured here, are a part of it.) Benefits include richer soil, lower fertilizer costs, and less and cleaner runoff into nearby lakes and streams.

Ice cores and ‘the human fingerprint’

Just announced: Paolo Gabrielli, research scientist with Ohio State’s Byrd Polar Research Center, will give the keynote speech at this year’s Wooster Campus Scarlet, Gray, and Green Fair. His topic: “Ice Cores: Tracing the Human Fingerprint.” The fair, a celebration of all things sustainable, is April 17 at OARDC. He’ll headline the opening ceremony.

New sustainable ag major here

Ohio State’s Agricultural Technical Institute now offers a two-year Associate of Science degree in sustainable agriculture. Students gain “skills and knowledge … for the important role of providing healthy food to the community while protecting natural resources for future generations,” says the program’s website. In the process, they can complete about half the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in our college, if this is a step they’re considering too. ATI is a part of our college.

Exhibitor deadline looming for Scarlet, Gray, Green Fair

Want to exhibit at this year’s Wooster Campus Scarlet, Gray, and Green Fair? To teach something, sell something, or both? The signup deadline is Feb. 24. Click here then scroll down for an invitation, registration form, and payment options. Last year drew some 70 exhibitors and 2,000 people. The fair itself is April 17. Our college is a sponsor.