Location: Hitchcock Hall 224

Time: 3:00 PM–3:55 PM, April 3, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Bobango, Matt Deminski, Jarred Fink, Molly Goergen

Topics Discussed: Final Performance Test

Objective: Today’s main focus was to continue to develop the code for the Final Performance Test


  • Edit AEV code (Jarred)
  • Test the AEV on the Track (Molly, Matt, Rachel)


  • The team decided that the code is nearing completion but the braking power needs to be increased when the AEV is coming back down the incline into the starting dock in order to prevent the AEV from hitting the end of the track.


  • The team is still happy about the consistency of the AEV and believes they are in a good position for the Final Performance Test