Location: Hitchcock Hall 224

Time: 3:55 PM–5:15 PM, March 21, 2018

Attendees: Rachel Bobango, Matt Deminski, Jarred Fink, Molly Goergen

Topics Discussed: Performance Test 1

Objective: Complete the first performance test


  • Test the AEV on the track with the developed code (Matt, Rachel, and Molly)
  • Download the run data onto the computer (Matt and Jarred)
  • Complete Performance Test 1


  • The team decided to do their first official run at the beginning of class in order to ensure a full battery power
  • The team also decided to revise the code after the first official run was unsuccessful
  • The team will definitely be using position related code in the upcoming weeks


  • The team had a successful performance test 1 on the second official run
  • The success of PT 1 put the team in a good mood and the team is optimistic about trying a new code to make the AEV consistent