Performance Test 2

Performance Test Two was accomplished to complete the loading phase of the code. The vehicle was required to travel from rest to the first stop sign, wait a set amount of time, travel to the loading zone, wait another period, and travel from rest again. This task was accomplished by using segmented code. The team would code and test one part of the track at once. This saved time and allowed the team to focus on specific problems. After every small segment of track had a working code, the codes were added together and tested as a unit. After the code was proven to work multiple times, the final performance test was completed with a TA.

The goal was to optimize code and minimize time to reduce the cost. The time spent on the track was a huge part of the final budget, 3 times the cost of energy per unit, so the code was altered in order to reduce it. An increase in power was the main change to the code. While that drove up the energy cost, it was determined that the benefits of saving time was more important than conserving energy expenses.